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Passion, intrigue and sexy hook-ups may be par for the course at Seattle Grace Hospital, but the stars of Grey's Anatomy are, for the most part, a lot less conflicted and embroiled in scandal when it comes to their real-life loves. Here's a brief look at the stars' relationship status:. Patrick Dempsey: McDreamy has been married to the woman he calls his best friend, Jillian Dempse y, for seven years. They have a young daughter, Tallulah , and are currently expecting twin boys. Jillian is well-known in Hollywood as a hair stylist and cosmetics expert. Sandra Oh: Her divorce from Sideways director Alexander Payne was finalized last week, though the two had been separated since March Sandra says she is learning to love again, though, thanks to a new man, whose identity for now remains a mystery.

We were just missing Alex. So many more pics to come but link in bio to the article. Our first wedding location was destroyed in the Malibu fires and we had just 4 months to replan and organize an entire new wedding!

It was a dream to wear. Hair justinemarjan makeup melissa. Turns out, Chambers has been married to his wife Keisha Chambers sinceand they have five kids together. It turns out, our wish has been granted in season 16 when they finally move in together after the birth of their child. It's not really hard to see why the ladies gravitate toward Alex - while he's rough around the edges, the peds surgeon is quite a feast on the eyes and has a huge heart.

TINDER IN REAL LIFE **dating game**

Sure, you'll probably remember his two great loves as Izzie and Jo. But Alex has actually been in the dating pool a few times on the medical drama, embarking on both flings and intense relationships long before we shipped Jolex.

something is

Need a little refresher on whose hearts he's stolen in the past? Here's a breakdown of all the souls who have been mesmerized by Grey Sloan's resident rugged romantic, Alex Karev. View On One Page.

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Photo 0 of 8. She started to avoid Alex by going to work while he was in the shower. He found her at work and told her she could tell him what had happened, but she used a grant application for her fellowship as an excuse to go find Bailey, who would resume her Chief duties the next day. Jo and Dahlia got ready to stitch up her face lac, which she claimed was caused by a cabinet door. However, as soon as Andrew showed up with a message from Bailey, Abby tightly grabbed Jo's hand upon seeing him.

Jo caught that there was something going and had Andrew tell Bailey that she would be a while.

After noticing that Abby was experiencing abdominal pain, too, Jo had Dahlia close the curtains and sent her away. Abby then revealed bruises all over her body and Jo promised her she was not going anywhere.

Dahlia and Jo took her private exam room and Teddy joined them.

Are alex and jo dating in real life

They asked if they could call someone, but Abby didn't want to bother her husband on his business trip. Teddy got consent to check for internal injuries with an ultrasound. Jo held her hand throughout the procedure. Teddy diagnosed a tear in her diaphragm, which would require surgery. Abby consented as she really wanted it to be over. Teddy asked Jo to speak privately, but Abby refused to let her go. Suspicious of a possible sexual assault, Teddy had Dahlia book an OR and inform the nurses to hold off on antibiotic prep as to not erase any evidence.

The doctors offered to get her a counselor, but Abby didn't want any more doctors. Abby continued to make up excuses for her bruises. Jo then bluntly said she thought her husband was abusing her, possibly sexually assault.

Abby firmly defended her husband and asked to be taken to the OR. Jo stressed that that would mean washing away all the evidence. Abby denied she had anything to report. Jo informed her they could gather the evidence and seal it away until she was ready to report the assault.

Abby said women are never believed. She admitted she was raped after getting drunk at a bar after a fight with her husband with laundry, but the short skirt and tequila would make it all her fault while her rapist's drink would be his excuse. Abby broke down and said the kit wouldn't prove that she wasn't flirting or that she wasn't making this up to cover up her cheating on her husband.

Jo, still holding Abby's hand, then shared how her husband abused her for years. She, too, was convinced no one would believe her. She never had the chance to hold him responsible so she couldn't imagine what Abby was feeling at the moment, but one day, she might feel different and want justice. Jo just wanted her to have everything she would need to get it.

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Abby said her husband could never find out and then consented to the evidence kit. Jo continued to hold her hand as Abby consented to every step of the kit. As soon as it was over, Abby started shaking and sobbing and Jo comforted her. With Abby's condition worsening, they had to take her to the OR, but Abby started panicking. She couldn't bring herself to leave the room.

She said every man had her rapist's face. It's all she could see. She begged the doctors not to make her see his face. Jo promised her she wouldn't have to.

Oct 15,   After the touching proposal in the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy Season 16, we really want to believe that Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo . Jan 03,   Passion, intrigue and sexy hook-ups may be par for the course at Seattle Grace Hospital, but the stars of Grey's Anatomy are, for the most part, a lot less conflicted and embroiled in scandal when Author: Steve Marsi.

She came up with a plan and asked female staff to line the hallway from the room all the way to the elevator up to the OR floor. She held Abby's hand as they wheeled her all the way along the wall of women to the operating table. Jo promised Abby she would stay by her side. She held Abby's hand while Teddy fixed the tear.

Teddy shared that she had seen many rape victims who had no clue how to talk about it. What Jo did today was not protocol, but she thought that it should be. In post-op, they informed her the surgery had gone well and that they would keep the kit here until Abby decided to report it, if ever. While that decision was hers to make, the doctors urged her to talk to someone.

Abby talked about she kept going through the night to see what she could have done differently to avoid it.

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Teddy firmly said it was not her fault. She did nothing to deserve this. Teddy left Abby with Jo. Abby said her husband would look at her and see a broken person. She thought that would be all he'd ever see if she were to tell him. Jo told her this did not define her. Whether she would tell people or not, she was a survivor. Jo shared that men in expensive shoes still make her nauseous because that's how Paul made her kidney bleed.

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For years, she thought she got what she deserved, that was responsible, that she could have avoided it if she had done some things differently. Abby told her that was not her fault and then realized the same was true for her. She then asked Jo for a phone to call her husband and asked for Jo to stay with her. Jo promised she'd stay as long as Abby needed her to. Later, Jo stood in the doorway as Abby gave her statement to the police with her husband by her side.

Alex caught up with her and asked to go out to dinner to celebrate his no longer being Chief. She told him she had had a rough day and didn't feel like celebrating. She wanted to go home and crawl into bed. Alex wanted to join her, but she told him to go celebrate with Meredith. Alex tried to get her to open up about her birth mother, stating he wouldn't judge given his family history, but Jo insisted she didn't want to or could talk about it.

She said she needed to go home alone and sleep and walked off without him. The whole Pittsburgh experience triggered her abandonment issues and it made Jo clinically depressed. She kept Alex to leave her alone if he loved her and she claimed that she was sick so she could stay home from work and lie in bed all day. Worried about her, Alex sent over Link. He came by with chicken soup and forced her to let him in. While he grabbed bowls and spoons, she just climbed back into bed, disinterested in anything he had to say.

He then started doing laundry for her.

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She told him to go, but he recalled a time a girlfriend dumped him and he drank for three days and he was so miserable, but she wouldn't leave him then despite his objections and she did his laundry for him, too. Jo then fetched a bottle of vodka from the freezer. They got drunk together and she told him that that girlfriend had done him a favor by dumping him.

She said she had done many people that favor, too. She talked about dating this guy named Logan while working at another restaurant. They dated for a while and the first time he told her he loved her, it made her feel the opposite of what it should. She felt like he was wrong for loving her, that she could not be loved, so she left, moved to another part of town and got a new job like none of it ever happened.

She did the same thing to a guy in high school. And then she met Paul. She said her mother was and is a runner, too. She claimed she loved Jo, but she couldn't stand to be in the same room as her. She briefly tried to talk about her father, but she teared up and instead got another bottle of vodka. When Alex came home, he found her laughing hysterically at a cartoon. While he thought she was doing better, Link told him she was in a rough shape unlike anything he'd ever seen before.

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He was convinced she needed help, but he didn't know how to help her. Alex convinced Jo to come back to work but her colleagues couldn't behave normal around her. Jackson found her buried in a mountain of work in her lab as a result of Bailey's being Chief again and her absence.

To take her mind off it, he invited her to help him out on his spray-on skin project. She accepted, but continuously called the work boring and shut down every attempt Jackson made at asking about her birth mother, only telling him that he had been right to advice her not to do it.

He pointed out she must have needed it to try since she did it. Looking back, she didn't understand why as she had everything to be happy and she just threw it all aside for nothing, and now it felt impossible to get that happiness back. She was convinced talking to Alex would only hurt more. Jackson revealed Meredith had asked him to check in on her.

Jo says her coming to work was a sign of her doing her best. He knew that she came to work drunk and had vodka stored in her water bottle. He was glad she at least had the decency to do research instead of see patients today. He invited her to talk, but she declined.

He told her she would not be met with compassion if she came to work drunk ever again. Alex found out about her being drunk at work and threatened to go to Pittsburgh himself to find out what happened. She told him she would leave him if he ever brought that up again and again told him that she would talk to him when she was ready to.

Apr 12,   Fans of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why lost their minds last week when rumors started to fly that Miles Heizer (Alex Standall) and Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) might be dating in . Nov 23,   Alex Karev's surgical cohort once pegged him as quite the devilish flirt, but now he's known for being one of the sweetest guys on Grey's's not really hard to Home Country: Bay Area. Aug 14,   Natalie Drye and charlie Heaton - find out whether they are still dating in real-life and why they capt it in secret. Millie Bobby Brown - aka Eleven has a very sweet romance with Finn.

They made a deal that he would tell Bailey if she came to work drunk again, so she promised not to do that anymore. While she was building with Gus, a nurse came to fetch Jo to answer a call from the Head of Trauma at a hospital in Winnipeg.

The doctor told her they had an Rh-Null patient and found Gus in a database. Excited, Jo told the doctor that she would find Alex and call her right back. She ran into Lori on her way to find him and shared that they found a donor.

She also told Alex, who called her a good luck charm and gave her instructions to prepare Gus for the OR. Jo then called the doctor back and found out that the doctor was calling to see if Gus could donate for her patient, not the other way around. Upon returning to Gus's room, she overheard Lori making a call to her husband to share the news. Jo broke down and ran off. Ben found her sobbing in the hallway and tried to comfort her, but she ran off.

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She found Teddy and told her what happened and begged her to call in a favor from the military to correct the mistake. Teddy told her it wasn't a matter of jumping the line; there was no line to jump. Teddy tried to calm her down but found that Jo kept spiraling, so she asked Jo if she was doing okay. She offered to come talk to Lori with her, but Jo declined.

Jo delivered the bad news. Lori lashed out because she had to call all these people back with bad news.

Jo then broke down and Alex and Bailey found her sobbing in Lori's arms. Alex took her away and left her with Ben, who comforted Jo while Alex vented his despair over Jo's state of being in Bailey's office.

Alex switched places with Meredith in hopes that Meredith could get through to Jo. Meredith was determined to stay at the loft until Jo talked to her and ignored Jo's attempts to push her away. Meredith talked to her about understanding of pain, which came from deep experience, in an attempt to make Jo see that she would be able understand her pain. Jo told her that unless her father raped her mother and she looked just like him, she couldn't understand this.

Jo then finally opened up and shared this experience of watching a girl who hurt herself in the playground be comforted by her mother. Ever since she was a kid, she imagined that her mother would hold her like that mother held her daughter if she ever found her, but now she knew that would never happen. She said she never should have existed in the first place and that everything that Paul had put her through was just her birthright.

That was proof that violence was not her inheritance but something she had overcome. She told Jo she had an enormous heart and capacity for survival.

She had survived something dark and used that experience to help other people, and if her mother couldn't see that, then that was on her. Meredith told her about her drowning and how she gave up, but the people who loved her pulled her through.

That's why she was there with her. She asked Jo if she wanted to stop or if she just needed a few more days. Jo replied the latter. Meredith then told her they were going to talk to Bailey and Alex to get her a proper leave of absence so she could get the help that she needed. They arrived at the hospital and found that Bailey and Catherine were in a meeting.

Jo asked Alex to go talk to Alex as she couldn't bring herself to do that, while she would wait for Bailey to finish her meeting. Meredith ordered Andrew to stay by Jo's side, but Bailey called him into the conference room. Meredith's insurance fraud was discovered and Andrew had taken the fall for her. With him arrested and several attendings out, Bailey asked Jo if she could work.

Jo said she could and went to the ER. She and Link waited for ambulances to bring in victims of the car pile-up that was caused by the fog. Link used the fog as a metaphor to tell Jo that despite her current state, the sun would shine again. They laughed at how bad that was. Bailey soon joined them and she agreed to talk with Jo later.

The first ambulance brought in Owen and Frances Pinfiel Gus's agoraphobic blood donor from London. Jo and Levi took her to get her blood drawn and Frances talked about how there was something freeing about being forced to walk through your worst fears. Jo then took the blood to Gus in the hyperbaric medicine lab. After the transfusion, she stayed behind to tell Alex, whom Meredith had informed about the cause of Jo's depression, that she was not fine despite her knowing how to rise when she had to.

He promised her they would figure it out. He took her to the in-patient psychiatry department, where Dr. Olivia Fowler got her checked in after she said goodbye to Alex. During her checking in, Jo was rid off all things that might be a danger to her and she brought to her room, where she lied down and cried. After a week, she and Alex decided to have her committed into a psychiatric facility. Alex dropped her off and she told him she didn't want to be another name on his list of crazy people.

She reminded him they weren't married and offered him an out. He didn't respond, so she just walked away and checked herself in.

'Grey's Anatomy': Have Any Cast Members Dated in Real Life?

She met her therapists, one of whom was Carly Davis. She failed to mention how it illuminates your capital T, trauma, so Carly made her stay. Jo denied having undergone trauma and commented on Carly not sharing any of her almonds, which Carly attributed to maintaining boundaries with her patients. When asked about memories that gave her the same feeling, Jo admitted she kept replaying her mother pulling her hand away at the diner over and over.

Carly stated they'd work on that. However, Jo didn't feel like doing the work and tried to sneak out in the middle of the night. As the therapist on guarding duty, Carly caught her. She had suspected Jo would run off. Jo admitted she didn't know why she wanted to run as she was feeling shame for things she didn't do but instead for things that were done to her. Carly pointed out Jo was used to being exceptional while at this point, she was like everyone else in the facility, mentally, stuck in one moment that seemed like it was defining her entire life.

Carly thought it was not about her mother walking away from her and told her she would need to move through the fear and shame to anger. Jo told her she couldn't do that, meaning she would be stuck there forever. After three weeks, she and Alex met with her doctor present. Jo told him that during her depressive episode, she felt fear, shame, and pain. She was ashamed that she had lost the ability to receive the love that he was giving. She had pushed him away and she was afraid she would never be able to regain his trust.

Jo thought he had had enough crazy for a lifetime and said he deserved someone stronger than her. Her doctor pointed out that her decision to come to the facility made her stronger than most, in spite of what society made her believe.

The next day, Jo reached that stage of anger and burst into Carly's office to tell her she hated everything; her mother and her pulling away, her rapist father, and Paul. With a smile, Carly pointed out she had made a breakthrough by moving into the anger.

Jo told her she couldn't get angry because she was afraid she could never stop being angry and then she would become like Paul. Carly informed her she needed to learn what healthy anger looked like. Jo thought she was preparing her for another EMDR session and said she couldn't have that now. Carly was proud of her for finally asking for what she wanted. She brought out a bucket of soft toys and started throwing them at the wall. She invited Jo to join her and told her they were consenting adults who were okay with throwing things at walls instead of people.

That set them apart from Paul since they were feeling the anger yet still controlling their behavior. She then started throwing the toys hard and started screaming until the anger had left her body. They sat down and Carly shared that she used to be a Safe Haven volunteer. No matter how fast she would get to a fire station after a call, the baby was always wrapped up in a warm blanket, surrounded by love, when she got there.

She explained that while Jo didn't have a memory of her mother abandoning her, her brain and body had a memory of her pulling away, which was triggered by what happened at the diner.

However, despite that, it was important for Jo to remember that, just like as a baby, she was still surrounded by love. At the end of her treatment a week later, she was surprised when Alex showed up to pick her up. He got on one knee and admitted he had thought about leaving her because he was scared, but he had come to realize that he was stronger with her by his side, in sickness and health.

She reminded him she wasn't magically fixed, but he didn't care and asked her to marry him again. She happily accepted and they shared a kiss. On her first day back to work, Jo prepared herself to be looked at like she was a fragile bird. Alex wanted to smooth things over and offered her a job at Pac-North, allowing her to run her own fellowship, but Jo's therapist had told her that she needed to return to her life without making too many changes, so she went back to Grey Sloan.

Bailey was surprised to see her and, upon hearing Alex's offer, made her the exact same one. Jo took the day to think about them and ran into Link, who told her that Amelia was pregnant with his child. While she listened to his concerns about raising a child, Alex called her to check in on her and offered to make her an attending general surgeon after hearing about Bailey's counteroffer. She returned to Link and assured him he would be a great dad if he wanted to be one. Afterwards, she found Bailey and requested to be made attending general surgeon at Grey Sloan, stating she knew her worth and would be an asset to any hospital, which Bailey could decide could be her hospital.

Bailey and Jo talked in her office and Bailey conceded.

Josephine Alice Karev

Jo came home and told Alex that she had leveraged his offer to make Bailey hire her at Grey Sloan. Alex recognized that Grey Sloan was better for her career and advised her to demand a parking space, to which Jo replied that Bailey had given her his parking space. Bailey made a concession by allowing Jo to perform an ALPPS procedure in her first week as an attending to express her trust in Jo's capabilities. However, the patient didn't want to let anybody but Meredith operate on her despite Jo having been trained by Meredith.

Jo then got Bailey to consent to having Meredith supervise her every move through video chat, during which Meredith convinced the patient that Jo was great, which got her to consent. The surgery went well despite a small touch-and-go moment with an unexpected bleeding, which Jo handled. After she finished, Bailey and the entire staff applauded for her.

While Meredith was in the middle of congratulating Jo, Bailey hung up on her. She went to Bailey to request to be allowed to schedule more ALPPS procedures for her but Bailey was too busy handling the fall-out of the article to hear her. However, when Bailey commented she felt hot, Jo suggested the stress may have gotten to her heart, which worried Bailey. Later, Meredith pulled Jo into a staircase to find out how the hospital was coping with the negative press.

Jo admitted it had the residents panicking while the other staff was divided between supporting her and loathing her. Jo stated she was worried about Bailey's health and wished Meredith good luck when she heard Meredith wanted to clear the air between them. Afterwards, she ran into Jackson and told him it must be freeing for Meredith to do what she felt was right without worrying about the optics, which inspired Jackson to do the right thing with Clervie Martin.

At work, Jo came across Bailey and Levi as they wheeled Carly Davis into the hyperbaric chamber to treat a carbon monoxide poisoning. Jo recognized her and inserted herself onto the case, taking Levi's place. Once the chamber was sealed, Bailey found how Jo was connected to Carly. Jo explained she was just one of her three therapists at the center. Bailey inquired why Carly had wanted to commit suicide but Jo had no clue.

She noticed how her hands shook as she worked. She laughed about having forgotten everything Carly had taught her about keeping her nervous system calm. She continued to panic and stated she was back to square one. She wanted to leave but couldn't because the chamber was sealed. She wondered what it meant for her if the one person who was supposed to make her feel better could go off and attempt suicide. She started listing the steps of a chest tube, which was a trick she had learnt in therapy to calm herself.

However, as it didn't work and she kept spiralling, Bailey blurted out that she was pregnant in order to distract Jo, which worked. Bailey admitted to being excited but terrified. Jo corrected her and said both feelings could coexist at the same. Bailey started to panic, too, so Jo now had her recite something she knew by heart to calm her down, which worked on her. Carly then inexplicably started seizing after starting to get better, which lead to Jo suggesting she was diabetic, which she figured was the reason behind Carly's incessant almond eating.

They corrected her hypoglycemia, which improved her status. Carly was taken to the ICU and Jo insisted on seeing the case through. Before she headed into the room to check on Carly, Bailey told her she had watched Jo teeter on the edge and bring herself as well as Bailey back from that all the while saving Carly's life, which told her Jo was far from back at square one.

Carly then woke up and Jo informed her she was calling psych as was required for all suicide attempts. Carly revealed she hadn't tried to kill herself. Her CO detector battery had been dead for months and she passed out while reading a book. Jo then decided she couldn't be Carly's doctor anymore because of boundaries, which made Carly proud. At home that night, Jo told Alex she had had a rough day but didn't want to talk about it; Instead, she started throwing toys at the wall to get herself to an okay state of mind.

Alex joined her and the laughed as he hit a lamp. Jo had the day off on Halloween and she decided to stay home and scare trick-or-treaters with her bloodied bride costume, which had failed to scare Alex.

Jo tried to sneak up on him at Pac-North to scare him but to no avail. He told her a graveyard was discovered in the construction site outside and had her help out when several patients in the ICU started crashing simultaneously, which made Jo believe the hospital was haunted. Together, Alex, Jo, and Owen figured out all patients had received transfusions from blood that had been stored in a faulty fridge.

While Alex handled the crisis with investors walking around, Jo waited for him in his office. He came in and said he had impressed the investors with his ability to handle chaos, which is why they awarded him with the funding he had been after.

To celebrate, he took Jo to the courthouse to get married.

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