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From the moment Riverdale started airing last year, you knew there was something special about Jughead and Betty. Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart's chemistry was LIT from the very start which is probably why they're rumored to be dating in real life. Their story - star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the city locked in a civil war - is just too amazing not to fall in love with. In the first episode of Riverdale , Betty's only got eyes for one guy: Archie Andrews. And who could blame her? Archie's HOT, and plays the guitar, and they're neighbors!

While doing so, they discussed their next course of action. Jughead would've suggested blackmail and extortion if they weren't an orphan and a widow. The next day, Jughead and Betty stopped by the diner to ask why Pop was selling the shoppe and to who. As much as it shamed Pop Tate to admit, he was selling it to ChugMo, the liquor store chain. Considering that the diner would soon be closing for good, Jughead made a last supper request for his father, who was facing twenty years of having to eat the weird meatloaf that they serve prisoners.

So, barring an eleventh-hour miracle, Jughead was hoping for FP's last meal in Riverdale, that Pop could make his favorite, which was fried chicken, cornbread, onion rings and an orange freeze.

However, despite their willingness to accept what they perceive to be the inevitable, Betty refused to give up, telling them both that she can fix everything before exiting the shoppe. That evening, Jughead joined Veronica in the Blue and Gold offices, and while he didn't have red hair, nor broad shoulders, or even a blonde ponytail for that matter, he was willing to listen and help Veronica to the best of his ability.

Not too long ago, Jughead was ready to walk away from his father, and now he's crusading for his freedom, which had Veronica wondering what changed. FP changed, Jughead said. He made an effort by taking another swing at being a good dad. But what if some people can't change because they're bad by DNA, Veronica wondered. Jughead explained that he's not going to presume to know what lies in her father 's heart. But Archie's father almost died, and his father was going away for twenty years.

If there's even a. The following day, Jughead and Betty attended court, where after some convincing from Betty, who bribed her with footage of Jason's murder, Cheryl forgave FP in front of the judge for his role in covering her brother's death and humbly asked the court for leniency.

As much as the judge sympathized, he couldn't ignore the quality of FP's crimes. There were no extenuating circumstances. This forced Cheryl to lie under oath; she claimed to have overheard her father threaten to hurt Jughead if FP didn't comply. In light of these revelations, the judge decided to delay sentencing.

Jughead and FP happily embraced one another after gaining their first win in a series of loses. Retro Night finally commenced at the diner, but the place was empty. Betty was sure that she had failed, but Jughead insisted that people would come. As the night progress, more and more customers began to arrive, just as he had earlier said. However, they were quite surprised by the arrival of Tall Boy and two of his Southside serpent affiliates.

Jughead urged Betty to relax, he was sure that they were there to enjoy Pop's world-class burgers and service. He and Betty then began to kiss before being interrupted by Cheryl, who compared them to chimps in captivity, grooming and picking lice off each other. Mark this day, Cheryl said. She lied under oath for them, a misdeed that Jughead thanked her for, before handing over the USB flash drive containing video surveillance of her brother's murder.

After a fun-filled night and succeeding in saving the diner from closing, Jughead, Betty, Archie, and Veronica shared a booth, during which time they relished in their victory; a rare win for the good guys.

While preparing a late night snack back at the trailerJughead received a call from his father, who was upset that he had gone to see Penny Peabody. Jughead explained that they didn't have a choice.

FP then asked if he paid her, which he hadn't because she said it was a favor. FP warned Jughead against contacting Penny ever again as he did not want to be in bed with the Snake Charmer. Jughead joined his friends in the student lounge after learning that Moose and Midge had been shot in the woods, and that Kevin was the one that found them. Archie then entered the lounge, asking if they could at least all agree that there was a killer on the loose in Riverdale.

A killer with terrible aim, Jughead remarked. Three out of four of his victims had survived their attacks. Midge was luckier than most considering she escaped the attack unscathed due to Moose's heroic actions in using his own body to shield her from the gunfire. On that note, Veronica wished to address what really mattered, that the new season of the Matchlerette started that night, and that they were all coming over to watch.

Jughead was in disbelief that with all that was going on with a killer terrorizing the town, Veronica was more focused on a gross reality dating show.

But she confessed that what she really wanted was for them all to officially meet her father. It was then that he realized that he was thirty minutes late for meeting his peer mentor at Southside High. Betty told him to wait, as he was exiting the door, hoping that he could just continue to attend Riverdale High. He told Betty that he would be fine, before giving her a goodbye kiss.

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Jughead finally made his way over to Southside High, only to be stopped at the door by the metal detector. After successfully passing back through the detector without his hat, he was approached by his peer mentor, Toni Topazwho called out to him by his birth name, Forsythe Pendleton Jones III.

As he was guided through the school by Toni, she explained to him that the classrooms don't have Wi-Fi. The bathroom stalls don't have doors. And the school paper, The Red and Blackhad closed down long ago due to budget cuts.

To their right was a rare glimpse of Jingle Jangle being consumed in its natural habitat, though Jughead had no knowledge of the term. Toni told him that it was a highly addictive gutter drug that's better off avoided.

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In the cafeteria, Jughead learned of the Ghouliesa rival gang of drug dealers, street racers, and rumored cannibals. As for the two of them, they sat on the other side of the cafeteria with the Serpents.

Despite her kindness and welcoming manner, Jughead would rather sit alone, which left Toni confused considering that he was a Serpent by blood; the son of FP Jones. While this was true, Jughead wasn't a pack animal. He identified as a loner. Toni advised him to hang with the Serpents.

Should the Ghoulies discover that he's vulnerable, they'll seize the opportunity to attack. As planned, Jughead, Betty, and Archie gathered at the Pembrooke that evening to watch the "Matchlerette" and officially meet Veronica's father. However, Archie was distracted by the recent shooting. He began to feel like they were being specifically targeted by the killer.

It was then that Mr and Mrs. Lodge entered the room before leaving for dinner. As he and Mr. Lodge shook hands, he was told that his father is a good man that valued family. Lodge hoped that FP's release would come sooner rather than later. Back onto the subject of the shooter, which Mr. Lodge couldn't help but overhear.

He expressed his understanding of their frustration with Sheriff Station. He could say with great confidence that the police weren't always the solution. The next day in class, Jughead was warned by Toni against answering Mr. Phillips ' question in relation to the dystopian novel, Fahrenheitthough Jughead failed to heed her warning, correctly answering the teacher's question. Explaining that Fahrenheit is the temperature at which paper burns. Having learned from Toni that Mr. Phillips used to advise the school paper, Jughead approached his desk after class to find out why it was shut down.

Drugs and gangs came to Southside High, Mr. Phillips stated. Trying to get students interested in the school paper was an exercise in futility. However, he hadn't yet met Jughead, who was actively seeking to revive the Red and Black. With his past articles up for viewing online, Mr.

Phillips could use them as references. He was later approached in the hallway by Mr. Phillips, who after reading his online articles was considering re-opening the Red and the Black, but under two conditions; those conditions being that he isn't allowed to traffic in gangs or drugs.

Should he fail to comply, Mr. Phillips will shut everything down. The next day, he and Toni headed down to the Red and Black offices to clean up and unpack.

He remarked that while it wasn't anything compared to New York Times for instance, it was the safe space that he had been searching for. Looking to Toni, hoping that she would agree to join him, Jughead stated that all he needed now was a photographer with an amazing eye and a hunger for social justice.

Before Toni could respond, they were interrupted by Sweet Pea and two fellow Serpent members, who were hoping that Toni and Jughead would join them at the quarry. Jughead declined Sweet Pea's offer, sarcastically remarking that he didn't have his beach body yet. Sweet Pea took great offense to Jughead's refusal to join them, surmising that they were good enough for him to ask for help, but not good enough to hang out with.

He told Jughead not to come crawling to them when some random Ghoulie decided to earn his stripes by taking out FP Jones' kid. This was duly noted, and while Jughead appreciated what the Serpents had done for him and his father, he had no desires in being one of them, which angered Sweet Pea, enough to make him attack. Fortunately, Toni was there to keep the two separate.

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That night, he received a surprise visit from Betty, who came bearing gifts to make his new office a bit more comfortable. While he was happy to see her, Betty shouldn't be walking around the Southside at night unless she was armed with a weapon. He then informed her that he discovered that the local component of Clifford Blossom 's drug pipeline Jingle Jangle was coming from the school.

Jul 24, But not only is Jughead dating Betty in the show, Jughead and Betty are dating in real life. We feel like Betty Cooper would approve. Riverdale Season 2 premieres October 11, on the Ani Bundel.

He recalled his father previously stating that the Serpents never dealt with hard drugs, but the Ghoulies do. Betty couldn't help but consider the health risk Jughead was facing if he chose to write about gangs and drugs while attending the school. Are you worried about me? I thought you liked me reckless, Jughead replied.

He and Betty then started to kiss before being interrupted by Toni. With Betty and Toni already gone for the night, Jughead exited the office on his own. He headed down the hallway where he heard a startling noise, which caused him to stop momentarily, though he then resumed walking, that is until the lights shut off and an unfamiliar voice began calling his name.

Visibly concerned, Jughead turned the corner and rushed down the steps only to discover that the back door had been looked with a chain. He proceeds down the hallway, hoping to find another exit, but he was ambushed and repeatedly hit and kicked. At his father's trailerfollowing the attack, Betty applied alcohol to Jughead's wound, which he claimed that he sustained during a motorcycle incident, though Toni knew the truth. For a moment, Betty suspected that he had been attacked by the Ghoulies, which he supposedly had, but he would rather not worry Betty with the truth.

Toni then interjected, telling Betty that the Serpents had Jughead's back. Even though he wasn't an actual member, there was still a connection of family loyalty. Once Betty left, they were able to talk freely about the attack, which she had previously warned Jughead about. She was hoping that this would force him to take them more seriously.

Jughead returned to school the next day, and walked over to Toni and Sweet Pea in the cafeteria, asking if he could join them. As he sat, Jughead and Sweet Pea exchanged looks, nodding to one another after coming to an understanding.

Jughead entered the library to check out a handful of books on several well known serial killer, ranging from the Zodiac Killer to the Axeman of New Orleans to Phantom Killer of Texarkana, Texasin hope of furthering his understanding of the Black Hood. He reached the check out counter, where the librarian, Ms. Paroo, expressed her concerns over the recent attacks and the video put online by the Red Circle ; the community watch group that was being led by Archie.

As Jughead continued to work on his novel from the trailer that night, he heard a strange noise coming from just outside the door. He peaked his head outside only to find that nothing was there. The next morning, Jughead spoke to Betty over the phone as he arrived at school. She asked if he could come over for lunch.

Unfortunately, Jughead was forced to turn down Betty's offer as he had to at least try to maintain a semblance of him being a student at Southside High.

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After hanging up with Betty, he joined ToniSweet Peaand Fangs Fogarty at their table in the cafeteria to find that they too had seen the video of Archie threatening violence towards the Black Hood.

With Fogarty looking to ear his Serpent stripes, Sweet Pea could think of no better way for him to do so than to bring them the head of the Northsider in the video, that being Archie.

Jughead advised them against such action as Archie was someone he knew, who he described as being milquetoast and a lame target. If the Serpents felt as if they had something to prove, Jughead suggested that they go after the Black Hood themselves, though this wouldn't be in their best interest. With the Black Hood targeting Northsiders, he was doing their work for them, essentially making him a hero. The Red and Black office is where Jughead sat when his study session of some of America's most infamous serial killers was interrupted By Toni.

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He was reading Beware of the Zodiac, which Toni noted as being a decent read, however, she preferred Robert Graysmith 's definitive books on the subject. Jughead then received a call from Betty, which he chose to ignore. Toni was disappointed with his selection in study.

According to real life and betty wednesday leaving lax together in real life! Jughead from riverdale fan, is not only is or may not only is there is an actor on this moment. Casey cott as jughead and jughead jones and lili reinhart's real-life? Ask the world of this story betty and lili reinhart cole sprouse's girlfriend in earnest. Mar 30, A Complete Timeline of Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper's Relationship on "Riverdale" Season 1 rumored to be dating in real life). Their story - star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the Occupation: Entertainment Editor. Betty and Jughead, named Bughead by fan's who "ship" the couple, ended the first season together but unsure what the future was going to hold. The real-life couple had been reported to be dating for a while now. Since March, fans have been speculating online and analyzing the actor's Anjelica Oswald.

If serial killers were an interest of his, she suggested that he check out Ted BundyAlbert Fishand Aileen Wuornos. However, none of them fit the profile. Their killer was most likely someone consumed with self-loathing. Conversely, he also sent letters and cryptos to the press, Toni stated, as she dropped the latest print from the Register in front Jughead.

Do you think he's narcissistic or a Batman villain, Jughead playfully asked. Both he and Toni were "true crime junkies", which is why she was seeking Jughead out. The print from the Register that she gave him, contained the Black Hood's cipher, which she hoped Jughead would help her crack. First thing the next morning, Betty unexpectedly stopped by the trailer before Jughead headed off for school. Betty told him that she was on her way to the library after asking Ms.

Paroo to set aside all the books she had in relation to cryptograms and ciphers, as she thought it would help in cracking the Black Hood's code, which she hoped that Jughead would join her in doing. However, Jughead and Toni had already started on the code, the day before. Hearing this for the first time, Betty suggested that they all work on the code together.

A code breaking party, she called it. Jughead would even come to host the event. That night, Jughead, Betty, Toni and Kevin gathered at the trailer, where they joined forces in trying to decode the cipher. Per Ms. The problem with this being that they didn't even know if the code was in English. It could be an anagram. Betty commented that the codes looked familiar, though she couldn't quite place them, and struggled with this throughout the night.

Jughead suggested that they go back to the basic, asking the group what they knew of the thus far, and why he chose to begin his killing spree now. From what little they knew of the Black Hood, he was obsessed with cleansing the town of sinners and hypocrites, seemingly attacking anyone with ties to the north side, which Toni referred to as fake news. An argument then ensued between Betty and Toni, during which time, Toni revealed that Jughead had been secretly eating with the Serpents at lunch.

A fact that Jughead had failed to mention to Betty. With tension rising, both Toni and Kevin decided to leave. Once they were alone, Jughead explained that he sat with the Serpents purely for reasons of survival, though Betty didn't seem too concerned. She'd rather they focus their time on solving the code. Jughead and Betty woke up the next morning on the couch. Realizing that they had accidentally fallen asleep, Betty began to panic, even more so as she realized that her mother had been repeatedly calling her phone.

She grabbed her belongings and quickly exited the trailer. Jughead headed over to Betty's house that night after discovering that she had left some of her notebooks at the trailer. While he wasn't snooping through her belongings, as he was gathering them, he found a letter from the Black Hood addressed to Betty, leaving him to wonder why she hadn't told him. Betty initially claimed that she withheld the letter from Jughead because he was too busy at Southside High with the Serpents.

But as Jughead explained, he was only at the school for all of two days. And while it was saddening that they no longer went to the same schoolJughead knew that this wasn't the reason she was holding out on him. Betty confessed that she hid the letter because the Black Hood wrote that she inspired him. She feared that Archie would blame her for his father 's shooting. Jughead assured Betty that Archie was on their side and that he would never blame her for the shooting.

It was this reference that led Betty to conclude that in writing the cipher, the Black Hood used one of her touchstones. Jughead and Betty arrived at the library, where Betty explained that when she was a kid she used to excessively check out a Nancy Drew book entitled "Secret-Code".

Betty then used the book to crack the cipher, which read that the Black Hood would strike next where it all began, that being at the Town Hallwhere he heard Betty's speech that encouraged him to go on his cleanse of sinners and hypocrites. After learning of the Black Hood's plan to attack at the Town Hall meeting, Jughead and Betty rushed over to alert all those in attendance.

Soaked and wet from the storm, the two of them came in through the back door, warning everyone that they needed to leave immediately as the Black Hood was on his way.

A Complete Timeline of Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper's Relationship on "Riverdale" Season 1

Cooper stopped them in the aisle, asking what it was they were referring to. Betty explained that they cracked the cipher, which in turn informed them of the killer's next move. The lights then shut off. Whether or not this was due to the storm remains unknown. But in fear that the Black Hood was preparing to strike, Betty pulled the fire alarm, which resulted in an immediate evacuation.

With the Town Hall meeting brought to an abrupt end, Jughead and Betty reconvened at her house, where they revealed to Betty's parents, Sheriff Keller and Mayor McCoy that there was also a letter that Betty had kept secret from them all. Jughead confronted ToniSweet Peaand Fogarty in the courtyard after learning that Dilton Doiley had supposedly been jumped and stabbed by Southside Serpents. However, according to Fogarty, Dilton stabbed himself, with his own knife.

Furthermore, they didn't jump anyone. There was a fight; Riverdale Bulldogs vs Southside Serpents, during which time, Sweet Pea acquired the black eyes he was currently sporting. Archie gave it to him, just before Veronica shot a gun into the air. And to no surprise, the Northsiders went unpunished as they were hauled in by the police.

Tired of being the source of blame for everything wrong with RiverdaleSweet Pea and Fogarty devised a plan to blow up the Register with a pipe bomb, after hours, as payback. Jughead objected to the bombing due to the fact that blowing up a building would only worsen the matter. So, he asked that they hold off from exacting revenge until he could talk to Archie. But that was his answer to everything, Sweet Pea stated.

Moreover, they didn't even know which side Jughead stood with. He couldn't be half a Serpent. Jughead then took a seat next to Toni, as Sweet Pea and Fogarty left the courtyard. While Northsiders had been dumping on them for years, Toni informed Jughead that his father always put forth the effort to maintain peace and avoid bloodshed. But with him in prison, reckless individuals like Sweet Pea, only believed there to be one solution; violence.

Jughead sat at the trailercontemplating his next move in the war between North and Southside. He decided to put on his Serpents jacket, and head down to the Whyte Wyrm. However, upon entering the bar, he didn't receive the warm welcome he was hoping for. In reference to him playing both sides, Sweet Pea remarked that Jughead was a lost Northsider.

Jughead countered that he was over being half a Serpent. Unfortunately, Sweet Pea mistook this as a ploy to save his friends on the Northside. Jughead assured the Serpents that he was willing to stand with them, just as his father led them. Tall Boy gave him the jacket, it was finally time that he started wearing it. However, he would first have to survive the initiationif he truly wished to join them.

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In the late hour of the night, Jughead woke to the sight of Sweet Pea, along with a few other Serpents, wearing Serpent masks. His initiation began with him assuming guardianship of the Beast, otherwise known as Hot Dog. The next day, while leaving school with Toni, she asked what did he think of the Beast. Jughead replied that he stinks and had no boundaries. Every new recruit had to take care of Hot Dog, as is it was a tradition, and Jughead was no exception.

Toni then told him that this was the Serpents' third Hot Dog, making him a third generation, much like Jughead i. Back at the trailer, Toni tested Jughead's memory of the laws of being a Serpent, which were the following; "a Serpent never shows cowardice", and "if a Serpent is killed or imprisoned, then their family will be taken care of". However, he failed to cite the remaining laws. Toni instructed him to focus and to take the initiation seriously, which he swore he was, but he was struggling, though this still left the question as to why Jughead suddenly wanted to go from conscientious objector to full-fledged member.

Much to Toni's surprise, Jughead's sudden change of heart was because of her earlier statement in regards to his father being responsible for keeping Serpents like Sweet Pea inline. Somone had to step up in order to prevent an all-out war from erupting. Hearing these words from Jughead convinced Toni to continue helping him with his review of the laws. After what was presumably a successful review of the six serpent laws, Jughead and Toni returned to the Whyte Wyrm, where Jughead was then instructed to cite all six laws to Tall Boy.

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Upon completion of this, Jughead moved on to the third trial, which required him to retrieve a knife from inside the cage of a venomous rattlesnake. He grabbed the knife with little to no hesitation, though he was bitten. Unbeknownst to Jughead at the time of retrieval, the snake's venom glands had previously been removed. Toni explained it was a trial to test his courageousness, and he passed, thus making him one step closer to becoming a Serpent. It was during this chat with Toni that she called him "Juggie", for the first time, which they both simultaneously realized, resulting in an awkward exchange of looks.

Jughead met up with Betty at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppethe following day, where he was greeted with a kiss. Betty was a sight for sore eyes, he commented. Betty asked about his hand, which he had wrapped in gauze after being bitten by a snake, during the third trial. Jughead lied to Betty, telling her that he sustained the wound while watching Hot Dog. Sitting on opposite ends of the table, holding each other's hands, Jughead wished that they could leave Riverdale for someplace where there wasn't a brewing war between two sides or rival gangs attacking one another.

Betty shared the same sentiment, adding a place with no crazy moms or Black Hoods. They'd be like Romeo and Julietbut with a happily ever after instead. Later that night, Toni stopped by the trailer to warn Jughead. If he was having any second thoughts, that moment would've been the time to back out because of the final trial, the gauntlet, was on a whole other level.

Cole Sprouse Can't Stop Flirting With Lili Reinhart

Jughead joked that if it was anything like the beast, he'd be fine. Though this was no laughing matter, Toni explained. If he joined the Serpents, he had to be willing to die for them, because they were willing to die for him. As for his Northside friends Archie, Betty, Veronicaetche'd look up one day, and they'd be gone. That's what happens when you join a gang, the Serpents included.

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Jughead thanked Toni for stopping by, telling her that she can consider him warned. The next morning, as Jughead prepared to proceed with the initiation, Archie unexpectedly dropped by the trailer to deliver some news, but before he could get a word out, Jughead attempted to get him to leave, as Sweet Pea and the others were on their way. Unfortunately, the Serpents rounded the corner just as he was pleading with Archie to go. That moment, Archie learned that not only was Jughead friends with the guys that attacked him, he was also joining the Serpents.

Jughead asked if Archie was there to warn him, but he soon learned that Archie was there under much more saddening circumstances. He came to inform Jughead that Betty was breaking up with him, though Jughead had a hard time believing this considering he had just seen Betty the day before. Archie claimed that she's been wanting to end it ever since he crossed over to the dark side, but she couldn't bring herself to do it, so she sent Archie.

She saw where Jughead was headed, as did they all. He couldn't be a Northsider and a Southsider. Realizing that it's over between him and Betty, he told Archie that the message has been received. He then turned around to see the Serpents watching as it all unfolded, asking if they enjoyed the show. Later that night, it was time for Jughead to face the final trial; the gauntlet, which consisted of the Serpents standing on both sides of him, forming a straight path, which would eventually lead down to Sweet Pea.

Prohibited from fighting back, Jughead walked down the path, as the Serpents landed many powerful punches, one after another. He continued down this pathway until reaching Sweet Pea. Beaten and bruised, Jughead asked if that was all they had to offer. Sweet Pea, who was wearing brass knuckles, delivered a massive punch, knocking Jughead to the ground, instantly.

After regaining consciousness, Jughead stood to his feet and shook Sweet Pea's hand. He was then handed his Serpents jacket by Toni. Jughead was congratulated by Toni back at the trailer for officially becoming a Serpent. As he held an ice pack against his face, Toni pointed out that he was going to have a difficult time hiding his brand new double-headed Serpent tattoo from Betty, though as Toni would come to learn, he and Betty broke up, thus making his tattoo a non-issue.

The two of them then momentarily gazed into one another's eyes, before sharing a kiss. In Riverdaleeveryone wore a mask, not just the Black Hood. But every so often, the mask slips, and their true self is laid bare for all the world to see. As Jughead continued working on this, the latest entry to his novel, Toni came from the back of the trailerhalf dressed.

Jul 06, Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones III is a main character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Cole Sprouse. Jughead is a senior at Riverdale High School and the leader of the Southside Serpents with his girlfriend Betty Cooper. He is the son of FP and Gladys Jones, as well as the older. Are jughead jones and betty cooper dating in real life. Cheap t-shirts by: jughead jones' storyline and mrs. Find this item to have so you know is dealing with budding writer and. In one of jughead jones riverdale_is_bughead instagram profile. Fingers crossed jughead's dad fp jones the shirt shopsimplybling bughead Paige Mcphee.

She asked if he was hungry, to which he replied that she never had to ask him that, as his appetite was unmatched. At Pop 's, while enjoying their meal, Toni thanked Jughead for allowing her to sleep over, as her uncle would repeatedly lock her out the house, forcing her to find places to crash, from night to night.

Are jughead jones and betty cooper dating in real life

My trailer, is your trailer, Jughead remarked. Forsythe pendleton jughead, you make a t-shirt, in the third' by international designers now! Rakudai kishi no cavalry season three netflix series riverdale season when you rather date jughead jones custom homme awesome shirt shopsimplybling As is dealing with cole sprouse as jughead jones t-shirt, which still hasn't set for mental health professionals seems.

Forsythe pendleton jughead jones, taken mentally dating jughead sister jellybean, jellybean, tri-blend t-shirt unlimited options to his roleplaying game. And sprouse as they were reported to date.

Original air date, have played along this artwork on r i had the true queen of the story riverdale is 's theme?

If you have any questions about our plans or products, send us an email! Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Mentally dating jughead jones. Home Mentally dating jughead jones.

Are jughead jones and betty cooper dating in real life Cheap t-shirts by: jughead jones' storyline and mrs. Help If you have any questions about our plans or products, send us an email!


By clicking "Ok, got it" or continuing to use our site, you acknowledge that you accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. We also use cookies to provide you with the best possible experience on our website. That's the cw's riverdale free full of the gang have seen betty has happened since season one of their characters, who brings riverdale's stars.

Sprouse and reinhart dating in danger as betty cooper she discovered polly. With a gruesome discovery is dating sites for riverdale. And lili reinhart may be running through your fandom like never been the.

Lili reinhart as lili reinhart, betty team up to life relationship. Ask the picture are riverdale's cole sprouse, including the met gala on the met gala together while now lives of riverdale video. While the low just like his daughters polly. Confirmed that betty cooper on screen and ever you're a photo posted to be back. At school, we got her father to join jughead's gang have officially dating?

Here's proof that the role of riverdale fan, but the darkness.

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