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Everything about it was beautiful, raw, powerful, and magical. Us Olicity fans can talk about it all day, but specifically, we NEED to talk about one line in particular:. For a short time, the plan was Oliver and Laurel, adhering to comic book canon. Whether any of these moments were scripted as having romantic undertones or not, the actors Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards natural and undeniable chemistry created magic on our television screens, and consequently, the ship of dreams. This is the first time Oliver and Felicity have a discussion about furthering anything romantic between the two of them.

Those who have been watching the final season of Arrow have more than likely noticed that one of the core (and our personal favorite) characters, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), is absent from the kokusai-usa.come being one of the main characters, the actor decided to leave the series. So, with only a few episodes remaining, could Felicity be making a surprise appearance?Author: Sara Belcher. May 22,   Longtime watchers of Arrow know that the romantic plan wasn't always Oliver and Felicity. For a short time, the plan was Oliver and Laurel, adhering to comic book canon. And because the plan needed to change, there's a lot of moments in the show where we can create valid arguments as to when Oliver fell in love with Lynsey Neill. What if Felicity Smoak stopped instead of walking down to the Bat cave she decided to interfere and talk to Tommy Merlyn now that he knows about Oliver and Team Arrow. AU version on what could change. some things stay the same a lot of things changes. In the Starling City of Earth-2, Oliver reminds himself of his mission, and his reasons to.

In classic Felicity fashion, she gives Oliver a much needed pep talk in order to come up with a plan to stop Slade. We loved Felicity in that moment, and so did Oliver. He could have said it, I mean, why not?

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I think the real question is when did he know it, and when did he trust the depth of his feeling. Felicity always knew what she felt for Oliver was love, but you can also speculate when she trusted the depth of her feeling as well.

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However, he could have told her at any time before that. Not having the extra time with the love of his life, and not being honest with himself and with her sooner.

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And I could be wrong, Oliver could have known he loved Felicity in an off-screen moment while they were talking over some Big Belly Burger. He could have known during a moment in one of your fabulous fan fictions. Loving Felicity Smoak is a constant state of being.

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For everyone. We just knew it before he did.

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She loves to read If you ask her what she's doing she will most likely respond "I probably should be writing. Yes, yes, people come back from the dead, and yes, something or other becomes heir to the whatever. Who cares?

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The Plot. Team Arrow accompanies Oliver to Nanda Parbat, where she is brought back to life.

The Flashback. Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu stop the delivery, but it was a decoy; the virus is actually on a food cart headed for the center of town.

Arrow 3x01 - Oliver and Felicity First Kiss

They find it, but not in time. During the fight, the vial with the virus smashes on the ground.

Olicity Forever. To save you the trouble: Yes, the Internet did blow up. Arrow Olicity. Raylicity No More.

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Is there no room on The CW for nerd love? Our last hope rests with Laurel somehow getting together with Cisco; just think of all the beautiful Canary tech they could make together!

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Pet Sematary. And how helpful will Malcolm be?

Oct 06,   Well that turned out to be a major bummer. Not only are our main Arrow players no longer teaming up together against Star City's big bads, but it looks like Felicity has started dating someone on Author: Kelly Schremph. Jul 16,   Olicity fans will have plenty to celebrate when the Arrow Season 3 premiere rolls around this fall, because it looks like Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak will finally be going on a date. And here Author: Kelly Schremph. Apr 23,   After three seasons of will they/won't they, they did in this week's episode of Arrow, "The Fallen." Naturally, Oliver and Felicity were immediately torn apart, but for a brief, shining Author: Robert Chan.

The Good News. Inside Comics Moment. Tatsu displays her rarely seen sword technique this episode, which is strange.

Arrow ran for eight seasons and featured a lot of memorable couples, but the two most prominent were Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak and Oliver and Laurel Lance, also known as the Black Canary. In the end, Oliver and Laurel broke up and he got together with Felicity, but both of the couples had their reasons why they were perfect.
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