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So there's not a lot of action in this chapter, per say, but there are some developments in the Bellamy and Clarke relationship! Hope you like it! Please leave me some feedback x. Raven was smirking at Clarke across the breakfast bar. She'd been with the Griffins and Bellamy and the rest of the crew for almost two days now, and unluckily this was the only time Raven had managed to corner Clarke alone to interrogate her about the thoroughly what-the-fuck plan her best friend had going on. If anyone knew Clarke, it was Raven and if anyone knew anything at all about Clarke's relationship with Bellamy, it was Raven.

On this occasion, he presents the plan to go to Mount Weather as an infiltrate but she denies it because it could be dangerous. Bellamy says he needs a better reason, and she tells him she can not lose him, too.

After Finn's funeral, Lexa tells Clarke that to overcome the pain of loss she must see love for what it is: weakness. If she stops worrying about everyone, she will not put those she loves in danger. During the banquet, Gustus is poisoned.

When tensions begin between the Sky People and the Grounders, Bellamy acts as a shield for Clarke, protecting her. Clarke understands that Gustus was poisoned by one of his clan and Bellamy senses that he was the one who poison himself, wanting to undermine the alliance. Later he reveals that he understood why the two are very similar: as Gustus would protect and done everything for Lexa, Bellamy would have done the same for Clarke. Clarke then sends Bellamy to Mount Weather and when he tells her that he thought this plan would kill him, Clarke responds by saying that she was weak and that it is worth the risk.

Bellamy is visibly hurt by these words. Later, Clarke says that love is weakness, implying that she had to sent Bellamy away in order to dismiss her weaknesses and therefore the source of her affection.

Spencer Gray: daughter of Caleb and Katherine Gray got locked up for assault and is sent to the ground with 99 other prisoners and one person who shouldn't have even been on the Dropship, but he was. Bellamy Blake went to save his sister, but maybe we was sent down for something more. The two have t. Clarke doesn't know what to make of Bellamy Blake. He's smug and arrogant but his kisses take her breath away. Clarke learnt self defence and combat techniques from her Dad and now she gets to use them - sometimes with hilarious results. Starts with the dropship landing and follows similar plotlines to season 1 but may diverge later when Ark. Bellamy and clarke fake dating - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, rapport can provide. How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Find single man in the US with relations.

After the gorilla attack, Clarke schedules an action plan to conquer Mount Weather but she needs Bellamy to get to Mount Weather. Lexa asks if she trusts him and Clarke says she does because she knows that he will succeed. Meanwhile, Bellamy manages to escape from the harvest chamber with Maya's help. Clarke is on the verge of breaking down when she distrust her abilities and position as a leader when she hears Bellamy's voice on the radio. Clarke is visibly relieved in hearing his voice, and the two have a brief conversation about the situation in Mount Weather.

After talking with him, Clarke regains confidence in herself and plans a diversion. In Bodyguard of LiesClarke mentions to Lexa how worried she is about Bellamy, and how she needs him to be able to turn off the acid fog. There, the group splits up, with Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty going off to find Dante.

When they find Dante, he leads them to the control room. When Clarke sees what's happening to her friends, she calls Cage and threatens to kill Dante, which she does, shocking Bellamy and Monty. When Bellamy and Clarke are left with no choice but to irradiate Mount Weather, Bellamy holds Clarke's hand as they pull the lever to kill everyone and set free their friends. When returning to Camp Jaha, Clarke is in too much pain to remain in the camp after everything she has done.

Bellamy tries to convince her they did what was necessary, but Clarke just can't not think about it and look at all of the people she saved every day, knowing how she got them there. Clarke then kisses Bellamy on the cheek then hugs him, telling him to take care of everyone.

Bellamy and Clarke have their goodbye as Clarke walks away from Camp Jaha, off to an unknown destination. In Wanheda Part 1Bellamy is on a mapping run when he is called by Kane to meet him. He brings Monty. Once they arrive, they are met by Kane and Indrawho informs them that Clarke is being hunted and they need to find her.

Later, in their car, Indra explains the legend of "Wanheda" and how the person who kills her will supposedly command death.

Bellamy shakes his head, expressing disapproval. Once inside, he spots a tied up Clarke and rushes to her. When he sees her, his face breaks into a smile and he tenderly moves a strand of hair away from her face, as if to ensure that she is real. Clarke, her eyes wide, says his name but it is muffled by the gag. Bellamy reassures her that he will get her out as he gently removes the gag.

Immediately after doing so, Clarke calls out for Bellamy to look out and Roan appears from behind and knocks him to the ground, holding the tip of his sword to Bellamy's throat. Clarke begs Roan not to kill him and promises to do anything he wants if he lets Bellamy go. Roan backs off of Bellamy and Clarke's face fills with relief but it is quickly replaced by horror when Roan stabs Bellamy in the leg and punches him in the face so he will not be able to follow them.

Later, Bellamy is limping through the forest and grimacing in pain as his leg bleeds out, still searching for Clarke. Kane, Monty, Pike, and Hannah eventually catch up to him, but he ignores their pleas to give up the search, unwilling to let Clarke die. Monty stops Bellamy and tells him that it is no use; they have no trail and he can barely walk.

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Bellamy, frustrated and desperate, cries out that they can't lose Clarke. Then, shocked by his own outburst, repeats himself more quietly to Monty, on the brink of tears. Monty promises Bellamy that they will find Clarke, but not "like this". But when they arrive in the throne room, Bellamy realizes that Echo betrayed them.

After learning that Mount Weather was attacked, Abby fears that Arkadia might be next and Lexa commands them to leave. Bellamy tells Clarke to leave with them while Lexa offers Clarke protection if she remains as Skaikru ambassador. Clarke replies that she will be staying in Polis to make sure Lexa keeps her word. Bellamy warns Clarke that Lexa will always put her people first and begs her to come back home.

Despite Bellamy's insistence, Clarke apologizes to him and stays with Lexa. In HakeldamaClarke demands to see Bellamy before Lexa makes a decision about the fate of the Sky People after slaughtering an entire army of Grounders sent there to protect them. She believes that, since Bellamy saved Indra's life, he is still redeemable despite being part of the massacre. Octavia agrees to sneak her into Arkadia to see Bellamy. Once in Arkadia, Octavia manages to bring Bellamy in a room where Clarke is waiting.

Octavia leaves, slamming the door behind him. Bellamy seems surprised to see Clarke, who says they need to talk. Bellamy, sarcastically, calls her "the mighty Wanheda" and points out how she turned her back on her own people but now wants to talk.

Clarke ignores the comment and proceeds by telling him that the Ice Nation paid a price for their attack and that what he did with Pike could create yet another war but this time, the Sky People against Lexa and the 12 clans.

Bellamy replies smugly that he would like to see Lexa try. Clarke asks him if he wants to go to war and Bellamy replies that they have been at war since they landed and Pike understands that. Clarke tells him that Pike is the problem and that all of this isn't who Bellamy is. Bellamy says that she's wrong, that this is who he has always been but he has let her, Kane and Octavia convince him that they could trust the Grounders but he now knows who they truly are and he won't let anyone else die for that mistake.

Hopelessly, Clarke tells Bellamy that she needs him, that she needs "the guy who wouldn't let [her] pull that lever in Mt.

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Weather by [herself]". Bellamy snaps at her that she left him, that she left everyone. He blames her for making a deal with Lexa, who abandoned them at Mount Weather, which forced them to change plans and to irradiate the entire level, killing most of the Mountain Men.

He adds that she is not in charge anymore, which is a good thing because people only died when she was in charge. Clarke is left speechless by his outburst and both begin to tear up. Sitting down, Clarke apologizes to Bellamy for leaving but adds that she knew she could because they still had him. Clarke drops her head, shamefully. Bellamy crosses the room and kneels down in front of her, taking her hands. They look into each other's eyes and Clarke smiles at him.

Clarke and Bellamy

She tells him that she knows they can fix this but Bellamy replies that he's sorry too. He then handcuffs her to the table. Clarke becomes dumbstruck, struggles against the cuffs. Bellamy turns his back and leaves the room. Later, Bellamy drags a cuffed Clarke in the halls with another guard, bringing her to Pike.

Clarke begs him to not to this and Bellamy tells her that he's doing it for her own good.

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Octavia comes around the corner and knocks out the guard. She tells Bellamy to let Clarke go and Bellamy replies that he can't do that. They hear people coming their way and Bellamy asks Octavia to go.

Clarke uses that moment of distraction to grab the guard's shock stick and shocks Bellamy with it. She then unlocks her handcuffs and runs away with Octavia. In Nevermorechipped Raven constantly uses Clarke as a way to get to Bellamy. Referring to him as the "good little knight by his queen's side" and saying that it's unfortunate he was never as devoted to Gina.

At the end of the episode, Bellamy and Clarke are outside Niylah's trading post when Bellamy asks Clarke what you're supposed to do when you're not sure if you're the "good guy". In response, Clarke echoes her mother's words, "maybe there are no good guys. Bellamy goes directly to the armory to get more weapons while Clarke, Raven, and Sinclair stay in the hangar bay.

After successfully discovering the passphrase for the flame Clarke leaves to go meet up with Bellamy, however along the way she encounters Emerson. She runs outside and tells Bellamy that Emerson is there and Raven and Sinclair are still inside the hangar bay. They go to the hangar bay and find Sinclair's body and discover that Raven is missing.

Clarke concludes that Emerson has taken her friends to the airlock. She radios Emerson and tells him she'll give herself up if he frees her friends which he seems to agree to. Bellamy refuses to let her go on her own and follows close behind her with a weapon. However, Emerson notices and orders Bellamy enter the airlock so he can be chained up like the others. Bellamy complies with Emerson who locks Clarke's friends in the airlock and turns off the oxygen so they will suffocate.

Clarke and Emerson fight as Emerson tries to make Clarke beg for mercy but instead, Clarke shoves the flame in his neck killing him. She is then able to free her friends.

Bellamy and clarke dating fanfiction

They find themselves by the sea but don't see anything present. Octavia then gets angry and blames Bellamy for Lincoln's death and Bellamy walks off. Sensing that he's upset, Clarke follows Bellamy and tells him that Octavia will forgive him eventually and that she's offering him forgiveness. They embrace each other for a moment before both being captured by the Boat People. Later when the Boat People offer safe passage, Clarke and Bellamy drink it at the same time before both falling to the ground.

In Perverse Instantiation Part 2Bellamy enters the throne room to find Clarke and Abby immediately pointing a weapon at the latter before Clarke reveals she is unchipped.

Later, when Clarke says she needs to enter the City of Light to stop A. At the end of the episode, Bellamy tells Clarke she doesn't look like someone who saved the world and Clarke replies, "because we didn't, not yet. Clarke and Raven start to talk about how food will be rationed. Raven smugly reminds Bellamy about what destroying the hydro-generator did. Due to his actions last week, the lack of water will affect their crops as well and their overall chances of survival. Outside the gates of Arkadia, Floukru Grounders show up with sick people coughing.

Eliza Taylor & bob Morley /2019??

They decide to take them inside to Alpha Station to investigate further. Bellamy sees a bunch of the sick Grounders vomiting black liquid. The radiation is from fish that they ate.

Luna asks if she deserves what she has for refusing the flame. Clarke says that they will do everything they can. Outside of the med bay, Bellamy finds Thelonious Jaha getting into a vehicle and tells him to get out. After exchanging some words, Jaha explains that he may know of a place that can hold thousands of people instead of only Raven doesn't trust him, but Clarke tells her that if Jaha is wrong then she will make a list of the that need to survive.

Clarke, Jaha, and Bellamy leaving to look for the bunker that was built by a doomsday cult, known as "The Second Dawn. He also tells Bellamy that he keeps Clarke centered and that he made the right choices in the past despite the outcomes.

Clarke finds something, and it's a staircase. They go down the stairs and after sifting through some cobwebs, they find skeletons. He knocks on a door and wants to know if anyone is there. Bellamy finally breaks a hatch off the door and they go inside. Bellamy lights a flair and they find thousands of skeletons. Sadly, it looks like the bunker won't be their salvation after all. They return to Arkadia and Clarke starts working on her list of designated survivors.

She writes Bellamy's name as number 99 but is stuck on choosing the th person. She starts to cry and then Bellamy walks up to her.

He says that if he's on the list, then she's on the list. Bellamy also warns that he'll write her name down if she doesn't. He then takes the list and writes Clarke's name on it as the th chosen survivor. After she asks about what they should do next, Bellamy says that they should put it away and hope they never have to use it. In We Will Riseeveryone is in shock over Alpha Station's destruction in Arkadia, Monty tells everyone how bad the current damage is.

The only good news about Alpha Station's destruction is that no one died. However, they'll need to deliver hydrazine to Raven and Abby. Roan offers his security detail as protection for their journey since it will be a perilous one. During the hydrazine delivery mission, Clarke and Bellamy discuss his relationship with Octavia. She tells him that it'll take more time for Octavia to forgive him. Suddenly, they approach a group of Grounders that looks to be a Trikru checkpoint.

Clarke gets out of the truck and Bellamy follows. One of the members tells her that they're victims of an Ice Nation attack. As a result, one of their fathers has an injured leg and needs help. However, a curious boy starts to peek around the back of one of the trucks. He notices Roan and Ice Nation in the back of one of the trucks.

He yells out to the group that Ice Nation is within the convoy and Trikru begins to attack. The convoy eventually escapes their attackers, but then approach a river that's clearly an obstacle.

Clarke and Bellamy

Roan says that he will find a path upstream. Clarke offers that Bellamy and Roan go in one of the rovers to move quicker. Everyone else is left with the convoy to protect the precious cargo. Afterward, Bellamy and Roan attempt to contact Clarke over the radio, however, they receive no response. Clarke is driving it and notices them approaching. She begins to let her foot off the gas, but the Trikru member forcing her to drive tells her to speed up. During all of this, one of the Trikru members is trying to dump one of the barrels of hydrazine off the bed of a truck.

However, Roan decides to jump onto the back of that truck to stop him, They begin to fight as one of the barrels gets dangerously close to the edge. Roan kills him and stops the barrel from falling. Bellamy then circles around the vehicle and blocks it. He kills the person forcing Clarke to drive with a well-aimed shot through the windshield. At this point, all is well and the hydrazine is once again secure. Bellamy gets out and starts lamenting about how Octavia hates him.

Clarke consoles him and says that she'll come around to see how special he is. Suddenly, someone says that there's a problem. There's an arrow in one of the barrels and it's empty as Roan kicks it over. Bellamy feels that it's a hopeless cause, but Clarke gets him to accept it. Octavia shows up on a horse and she says that she's there for the war.

It's official that Octavia will fight for Skaikru. Bellamy wake up inside of Second Dawn. It then becomes clear that Jaha and Clarke are responsible for his abduction. He is furious at both of them for stealing the bunker and more notably for leaving his sister outside.

Abby enters and asks about Kane. Jaha explains to her that Bellamy is the only person that his search party found. Abby still insists on using her radio to contact Kane. Clarke tells Jaha that their decision to lock the bunker's door is wrong. Jaha then asks if it's worth it to open the hatch. Abby says no but also says that she's not able to live with herself for it.

Jaha then tells Clarke that she's stronger than her mother and that they'll figure everything out. He also mentions that they need someone to guard the door and Clarke says that she knows the right person.

Abby arrives to treat Bellamy's wounds. Bellamy then convinces Abby to help him escape. Clarke goes to Bellamy's cell, and she finds an unconscious Murphy. She starts running to stop Bellamy and pulls a gun on him. She then fires a shot at the ceiling and says that she's doing what she has to do.

He then tells her that he needs to open the door, but Clarke believes that they're saving the human race. Bellamy then tells her that she'll have to kill him, but Clarke can't pull the trigger. Bellamy opens the door. Clarke agrees with him and insists on joining him. Kane accepts their wish and says that there will be a place for them when they get back. Suddenly, a figure jumps out into the road and Bellamy hits him, crashing the truck into a tree as a result.

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Grounders then ambush their convoy wanting their radiation suits and protective helmets. Just as things appear dire, we see Echo riding on a horse and put arrows through some of the attackers. She then kills more of them with a sword. Clarke and Bellamy finish off the rest. Bellamy tries to contact Monty. He gets in contact with him and asks for him to help them get to Becca's lab.

Monty obviously obliges and Harper tells him that they should save their friends. Suddenly, Emori begins to cough up blood, and it's clear that she's suffering from radiation exposure.

It appears that there's an issue with her suit, and Murphy intends to save her. He demands that Echo removes her suit, but that attempt fails. Suddenly, Clarke takes off her suit claiming that she has Nightblood. However, it's untested Nightblood and could prove to be a dangerous decision, Bellamy is worried about her, However, they proceed with saving Emori by replacing her suit and helmet with Clarke's.

Raven is staring at a screen.

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They then mention that they need to go out to space and live on the Go-Sci Ring. Therefore, they ask if Raven can get them into space before the death wave hits.

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She stares at the spaceship and says that the death wave can kiss her ass. Clarke then concludes the scene by saying that they're going back to the Ark. Once Praimfaya strikes Polis, the radio connection between the island bunker and the Second Dawn Bunker is broken, leaving Clarke heartbroken when realizing she will be unable to say goodbye to her mother.

Bellamy comforts her before they focus on their survival plan in space. While discussing their plan, Clarke notices Bellamy's attention has drifted. Clarke tells him about her mother's vision coming true, suggesting that she might not make it, which Bellamy won't let stand and assures her that nothing is happening to her. Clarke insists on telling him what she needs to. Clarke tells Bellamy to use his head and that he inspires people with his big heart. But he tells her that he's got her for that, before their conversation can get any further, they're interrupted.

Outside the bunker, Raven instructs Clarke and Bellamy to access the satellite dish to transmit the signal to power the Ark. Bellamy and Clarke are forced to separate and Clarke goes to the tower alone. Upon reaching the tower, she discovers the dish is not aligned with the Ark, so she must access it manually - from the top.

She attempbts to radio Raven and Bellamy, telling them not to wait for her. She accepts that she may die today, then begins climbing the tower towards the dish.

While ascending the tower, she notices the rocket launch in the distance, but still continues to climb. Bellamy, alone in the lab, is waiting for Clarke to come back. But the countdown hits zero and he's forced to make the decision to leave her behind. Clarke's speech to him made him make the "head" decision which is saving their friends instead of waiting for her or going after her.

Bellamy is hoping till the very last second Clarke appears, but she doesn't. When they get to space, the Ring still has no power, Bellamy believes Clarke will still succeed. After a while, with no much time and the Ring still without power, Bellamy is starting to doubt his decision of leaving Clarke, right when the Ring finally lights up. After they safely make it to the Ring, we see Bellamy hearbrokenly staring at the burning planet, determined to do everything to honour Clarke's memory.

Six years and seven days later, Clarke is revealed to have survived, thanks to her Nightblood. Her skin is perfect, clear of burns. Sitting on the hood of a rover, she admires the beautiful weather, while staring into the wasteland that once had many green trees.

She calls Bellamy on a radio, despite knowing if he is dead or alive. Bellamy thinks Clarke is dead for six years. She speaks into the radio, saying it has been 2, days since Praimfaya and has attempted to contact them ever since. Earth has been survivable for over a year, but she has not seen anybody she had known from the bunker since the death wave hit.

She still has hope that she will reunite with the people she once knew.

Browse through and read bellamy and clarke - stories and books. Sign up Log in. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile Settings. Bellamy Blake went to save his sister, but maybe we was sent down for something more. The two have t Add to library 12 Discussion The Good Grounder_The

In Sleeping GiantsBellamy and the group land on the ground, they immediately come face to face with the prisoners. In a surprise twist, Madi appears from the bushes and kills two prisoners in an instant.

Clarke said suddenly, as if Bellamy and Raven hadn't even touched upon her thoughts. She leaned on her elbows on the counter and peered up at Raven. Just then, the door creaked open a little and Bellamy emerged, looking somewhat worse for wear after what Raven could only imagine was light-hearted interrogation about his hopes and dreams and. Clarke is so busy taking care of everyone at camp that she neglects to take care of herself, letting an injury go untreated. Luckily Bellamy is there watching her kokusai-usa.coms: I Will Protect Her (Bellamy and Clarke) - This is a fan fiction about how Bellamy and Clarke find love for one another while trying to take care of Charlotte. Charlotte is the youngest member of the and Bellamy and Clarke have promised to take care of her, until her parents come down an #bellamy #clarke #cwReviews: 2.

Madi tells them that they need to hurry because Clarke is in trouble. They are shocked to hear that Clarke is alive. Madi and Bellamy arrive to the Valley just when Diyoza is dragging Clarke outside to torture her. In Pandora's Box Clarke, who is in a holding cell hears the door open and Bellamy and Clarke truly reunite for the first time in six years.

After a bit of talking, he tells her that Diyoza agreed to open the bunker. A journey that would take six days. During the journey Bellamy and Clarke share a few talks. She froze. From behind him, a tall, slim figure emerged. Long legs and dark skin, the woman fumbled with the buttons on the top of her dress, only to quickly adjust its length over her thighs. Her hair, though in braids, was ruffled, and she undid those next, letting the waves tumble over her shoulders in gorgeous, brown curls.

Her cheeks were flushed; her eyes scoured the room, determining whether anyone had seen them. His did the same. Clarke decides to attend one of Bellamy's many college parties, only to catch him hooking up with someone else. To her, he was just a far-off dream. Something she aspired for but could never possess. Spring Break during a pandemic sounded more fun than it is especially when you are vacationing with your best friends, friends, boyfriend who just so happens to be the love of your life.

Clarke Griffin meets a young, charming Bellamy Blake through mutual friends, a chipper, 'match-maker' of a sister; but he doesn't know what everyone else knows. What happened a year ago, what a strong, brutal, rich, big-headed boy named Finn Collins put her through. And when she suddenly is forced to be with both of them in the span of a week, what will Bellamy find out? What will he do to Finn? What will he do to protect his princess?

The liberation of Sanctum behind them, for the first time they see a real chance of ongoing peace for their people. Can they see peace for themselves? With no reason to fear the future, there is now nothing to distract them from their pasts. No one struggles with this more than Clarke, who in the space of a day loses her mother to death, Bellamy to her own foolishness, and her purpose to peace.

Now that the years of fighting to stay alive are over, what's left? This is a collection of moments that you don't get to see in The Ground. These are the missing scenes that I keep from you. Be a family, they said. Blood is thicker than water, they said. She's your mother - she's doing what is best for you. She had to build and defend her own walls and now, even with people with Clarke who would stand right beside and in front of her, Raven still felt like she had to go it alone.

Not every day, but most days. Ever since she was a kid and her parents stopped coming home. Routine was hard to break, especially when it was bred in disappointment. She watched Bellamy and Clarke with muted curiosity. He moved right over to her after coming through the door, stopping to mutter something quietly just between the two of them.

She nodded and he brushed passed her, one hand going to either side of her waist from behind so he could pass by and get to the refrigerator. Clarke's eyes followed him all the way. He retrieved three bottles of beer and offered each of them one, which they accepted. He pulled the tops off them all and then clinked the bottles together, before leaning gently on the cupboards in front of them.

Raven observed her; she looked a little nervous. More sports, some TV and films. The occasional slip of the tongue about me and you, but to be honest I think your mom put him up to it,' he said, smirking at her over the neck of his bottle. Clarke was nodding along, looking at like he was made of stars. Bellamy all but spat his drink at her; the urgency in his eyes suggested she'd just ruined something very important.

Clarke looked confused. He rested his hand on the counter behind Clarke; Raven could barely contain a remark about how they just seemed to fit together that way. She wiggled her eyebrows. Raven shook her head. I'm done with relationships.

It was true.

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Finn had pretty much ruined her faith in men, and she was interested in going down that route again. They untangled their gazes long enough to look at her like she was crazy.

Bellamy scratched the back of his neck. Clarke rounded on him with her eyebrows raised high. They'd invited the two of them for a stroll around the neighbourhood while Raven helped Jake fix his computer. It's just not feasible. He turned to her with a quirked eyebrow, and she to him with a half-hearted shrug.

Her parents had such busy careers, and had done since she was a young girl, so it never left much room for even a sibling, let alone a pet. She'd had goldfish or two, but it was always so sad when they died. Given their life expectancy, she shouldn't be surprised. But Clarke had always been an innocent person, she liked to think, and so it was rare that she ever expected the worst. She was an optimist. Beside her, Bellamy was the opposite and she knew that very well. He was often her foil.

Lately she didn't mind so much. They came to a particularly icy patch of sidewalk, and Clarke reached out for Bellamy's hand as to steady them both. He took it without hesitation. She went first and guided him gently across it, and when they were back in side by side step, neither of them let go. Clarke breathed in from behind her scarf, happy that the chill wasn't seeping through the thick wool.

Clarke pushed out her bottom lip and he laughed, looking back ahead. Clarke felt the oddest sensation in her stomach then; fluttering, coupled with a kind of warmth that snaked up to her chest and through her arms. She felt it most in the back of her neck and had to look away for fear of blushing bright red. Bellamy's gaze was fixed on the way ahead, thankfully, but Clarke now found hers glued to him. He looked really quite lovely in his coat and scarf; it had threads of grey and black and a sunset orange, and with his grey coat and his mop of black hair, flaked with snowflakes and a little bit wet - well Clarke thought he looked pretty damn good.

She wondered why she'd never taken notice before. Wells and Maya had caught up to them, and Wells was offering her his arm. She smiled graciously and let go of Bellamy's hand, though begrudgingly, and she and Wells hung back as Bellamy and Maya carried on, talking quietly about the icy path. Bellamy glanced over his shoulder briefly and Clarke met his gaze, but Maya soon had his attention again and Clarke fell into step beside Wells.

Something she said made Bellamy laugh loudly, and Clarke's stomach clenched. She appreciated him for a second; it had been so long since they'd seen each other. She slipped his arm through his and they carried on.

Clarke's smirk fell a little and she turned her eyes forward. Bellamy and Maya had proceeded in making snowballs and were casually throwing a few at each other.

Maya looked back, eyes alight with mischief, and she aimed one at Wells' chest. It hit him nearer his waist and his mouth fell open. Maya giggled, and Wells started making his own ammunition. Clarke was still busy with Bellamy, who had one eyebrow raised and was looking at her like she was an easy target. He was about to speak again, when Maya's second snowball hit him on the cheek.

Clarke couldn't stop the laughter as it overcame her, and while Wells took off after his girlfriend, armed with snow aplenty, Clarke was oblivious to the snowball headed for her. Bellamy's aim was pretty good - he'd played basketball in school, after all, and so it hit Clarke directly in the side of the head. She touched her head; it was throbbing. There'd been a chunk of ice in the snowball, and it hurt.

She knelt briefly and placed a hand on the ground. Bellamy rushed over to her as quickly as he could, given the slippery space between them. He reached her, completely concerned.

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