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Last ated on September 1, The Australian based Hollywood actor Jacob Elordi is the one who portrayed the very character. Also See: Emre Can. Jacob met his girlfriend a year ago while filming the movie in South Africa. At first, they initially would talk about gross things as friends but later their likeness toward each other grew, and they started dating.

'The Kissing Booth' Stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi Are Kissing In Real Life

I just want a Noah Flynn! Where can I buy one!

Can't handle it: Since finding out about their relationship, fans have taken to Twitter to share their excitement over the news. Too cute: One person tweeted 'the fact that Joey King and Jacob Elordi are actually a couple in real life'. Short and tall: And someone else used the social media platform to bring to attention to Joey and Jacob's height difference.

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Mom and dad: Another person said that Joey and Jacob are their new parents after finding out about the relationship. Complete: And another fan said she was 'complete' after finding out the two are actually in love.

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More fans shared their happiness over their relationship with one person who tweeted: 'I thought I was complete after watching The Kissing Booth, they are actually in love I'm actually complete. And another fan took to Twitter to share that she wasn't surprised to hear that the two were dating because of their 'realistic chemistry.

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Chemistry: Another fan wasn't surprised about their relationship because their chemistry was so realistic. Full heart: Twitter user brockkabigail said that knowing Jacob and Joey are dating made her happy.

Adorable: Someone else tweeted that 'the fact Noah and Elle go in real life' was heartwarming. Joyful: And someone else admitted that their relationship gave them more joy than it probably should. And another tweet said: 'The fact that Jacob and Joey are dating in real life just makes my heart.

Joey King and Jacob Elordi Dating & RelationShip Cute Moments

But they weren't the only person who swooned at the idea of the pair dating with one person who said: 'The fact that Noah and Elle go in real life is the most heartwarming thing ever. Someone else tweeted their excitement over the couple and their love for the movie with a tweet that said: 'So spoiler alert!

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I'm in love with Netflix's kissingbooth - it's like my inner year-old is screaming with glee over Noah! And for one person simply knowing that Joey and Jacob were dating made the movie that much better.

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Starting slow: The Ramona and Beezus actress revealed that it wasn't love at first sight but rather a relationship that started out as a friendship. Handsome: Joey also said that when she first met Jacob, she thought he was 'very cute'.

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More than a friendship: Joey said that they talked about gross things with each other and before long, she realized she liked him.

Quality: Of the experience, she said it was 'interesting' because the pair would spend the majority of the day together.

May 20,   Peeking at Jacob Elordi dating life, he is currently dating his The Kissing Booth's girlfriend, Joey King. He is in a happy relationship with his year-old girlfriend, Joey, who, in fact, is the sister of Kelli King. Feb 15,   In "The Kissing Booth," Elle Evans and Noah Flynn fall in love and start dating (behind Lee's back), but did you know the actors Joey King and Jacob Elordi are actually a couple in real life? Here. May 15,   The actors behind Elle Evans and Noah Flynn are dating in real life. 'The Kissing Booth' Stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi Are Kissing In Real Life. By Meghan O'KeefeAuthor: Meghan O'keefe.

It seems impossible that a person this sexy isn't taken, so the question is: Who is Jacob Elordi dating? Reportedly, he has a new lady in his life: American model Cari Flowers.

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Reps for Elordi and Flowers did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment by the time of publication, but these two are looking pretty Instagram official to me.

On June 7, Flowers posted a series of seven photos on her Instagramfour of which include Elordi.

American actress Joey Lynn King, a.k.a. Joey King, is currently in a relationship with Australian actor Jacob duo portrays the roles of Shelly Evans and Noah Flynn on Netflix movie The Kissing Booth. Recently the pair revealed that they have started dating through the show and the fans cannot seem to get more of the cute couple. May 30,   Joey King, 18, and Jacob Elordi, 20, are the actors that play Elle Evans and Noah Flynn in the movie. he pair have been dating for . Jul 18,   Luckily, in real life, Elordi is nothing like either of those characters and - as I've gathered from his interviews - is actually a super-sweet guy. It definitely doesn't hurt that he's 6'4.

The first pic shows what could be just a platonic kiss on the cheek, but the last pic - which shows the two in a passionate lip-lock - leaves far less room for ambiguity.

All of them are rocking glitter on their faces and, as Flowers points out in her photo caption, all of them really do have great eyebrows.

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Though Elordi has yet to post any pics of Flowers on his own Instagram, this isn't the first time Flowers has alluded to their relationship on social media. They have not gotten into any scandals or controversies which is why details about their past relationships and affairs are difficult to find.

Does joey king and jacob elordi dating in real life

But, year-old King, on the other hand, is rumored to have dated fellow American actor Nolan Gould. Even though their affair is just a rumor, the duo has been spotted getting very close to each other which might be the reason for the speculations. Nonetheless, as of now, both King and Elordi are taken, and fans could not be happier for them.

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Sabina Gartaula Wed May, Watch the trailer for The Kissing Booth.

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