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Really. join lee jong suk and park shin hye dating dispatch are not

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But Dispatch clearly felt its investigative integrity and prowess was being called into question by the denials so hours later followed up the first article with a bitchy and snippy second article, this time with all the picture proof. Basically Dispatch claims its reporters followed the two on secret dates for months so how dare they deny it, not to mention Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok have been openly wearing a couples bracelet recently see above. Dispatch first flashes pictures of Park Shin Hye hanging out with her platonic guy friends, in this case Lee Hong Ki and his buddies - she openly drives her car to hang out with free hugs aplenty. So let the lesson be learned, if Dispatch outs you and it has picture proof, fess up rather than incur the wrath. Have fun dating, cuties! LOL yea they should have just said they were dating when outed by dispatch.

Yonghwa is pobably happy for her since both are good friends. There's no need 2 paray 4 him.

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O she always get "Location Love" but that's okay. PSH is his friend, he'll be happy for her Lol all those comments about cars.

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So yeah for them those are almost just like toys. Wow I thought he only liked noonas since that's how he's always been typecast. Good for them!

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It was silenced due to LMH and Suzy's dating news. Meanwhile, the news about Lee Jung Hee erupted a few days ago and then suddenly this? The person above just want us to remember about the MORE important matter. It's lovely that they are dating but let's not focus all our attention to them.

Plus, the government really use news like this to cover up their filth. I have a professor who works for a MAJOR news company here in our country and she said that the government pays some editors to sensationalize other news in order to divert the attention of the people from them.

I am a journalism student so I know this. Yonghwa be like "one ship down, one more to go. The guy hated dating rumors.

Lee jong suk and park shin hye dating dispatch

True but there were already rumors about a Hallyu star couple at the Chanel show so you can see why people are skeptical. If ever they were really dating, I have a feeling that they just denied it for the sake of being used by whatever the government was planning to hide.

Once they confirmed this, they'll be the talk of the town and the government issues will be buried. But once you deny a dating scandal, it will all just gonna be forgotten fast.

Their drama was the one who made people be more aware of important issues and they wouldn't want to risk that lesson. If I were them, I would rather be hated for denying something like this than being a puppet of higher ups. He mentioned that in radio star a couple of years ago, I always thought that was pretty sad.

Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye once said she's gonna deny dating news even if its real. Tomorrow, we have to be united. I hope they're dating!!!!!!!

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Jongsuk is a loyal man. I want sh with JS not with lmh. Yes please psh and Ljs. Sh is a rich girl and she's super pretty since a lot of pretty actress in Korea are made from knife. Sh only needs a loyal, kindhearted and handsome man beside her. Hi, the Korean police revealed that they found the videotapes of her husband raping their kids in the bathroom, you can hear it in the video call they made between the mom and the police officer, so I doubt that she's lying :S.

Oh my god my wish come true!!!!! We will support both of you. Don't worry about anything. Just go on a dating. I saw the way he was looking at her in a pic on that Chanel cruise and i could tell he was definitely into her.

Not surprised they are dating! I agree. That was what I was thinking about before I went to sleep the other night. And oddly though, I was thinking about Lee Jong Suk.

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Can you send me a link of that video? I haven't seen all of it.

Popular South Korean Actress Park Shin-hye

Yes, but they went overseas to the same place, in the same dates. Then they also did a couple photoshoot in lodon, and had fanmeeting in shangai at same days- see their dates all match.

It is fishy. K-FBI are not as bright as me this time. How do they "know" she's crazy when they've never actually met her or talked to her?

I don't understand why people are so willing to buy into this sheep mentality. I feel like it's one of those horrible scenarios where someone is getting assaulted in public and there are bystanders but no one comes forward to help. What's that called again? LJS went to hawaii for a photoshoot, yes.

PSH was there vacationing with a friend so I don't think they even have dates or met up there.

Jul 01,   Just last night, 'Dispatch' reported that Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk, the two main stars of 'Pinocchio,' have been dating for about four months the initial report, both sides have. Jul 01,   According to an exclusive report by Dispatch, actors Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye have been dating for about four months!. It is reported that . Jan 14,   On 30 June, , infamous media outlet Dispatch revealed tons of pictures that are basically supporting evidence of Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye's relationship. Dispatch claimed that the couple has been dating for four months, and were spotted on dates in Korea, England, and Hawaii, where they shot a magazine pictorial as well.

Click in the korean link guys! They went overseas to same place, at same day. But she was wearing the same sunglasses LJS also took pictures with, they did London photoshoot together, full of chemistry, there is other cute pictures between then of camera, their fanmeetings in shangai?

Pictures below! I know but I think they met there. Every single day.

Jun 30,   TVPPPark Shin Hye - Charming couple with Lee Jong Suk, ??? - ?? ?? ??? & ??? [1/2] @ Section TV - Duration: TV-People , views Jul 01,   Today's lesson comes courtesy of K-tabloid Dispatch - don't piss it off otherwise it'll act like a spurned mistress. After Dispatch rattled the mid-week hump with a breaking story about Pinocchio costars Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok secretly dating for the last four months, the two stars in question swiftly denied the report through their agencies and united on the same explanation.

Also, what you're thinking of is called the Bystander Effect. Gross, what a monster, if I were the kids I'll fight back. Poor kids. There was a rumor sometime ago about a SM x YG couple and it said something along the lines of the initials of the couple were "S" and "T" so people started pointing at T.

P and Krystal Soojung. However it wouldn't make since why they would use a stage name for one a real name for the other plus nothing came of it but then again people have said that in rumors they try to switch it up to not make it too obvious. Then recently the rumors began after they both made Insta accounts around the same time and has similar posts. Some say they are dating, others say they dated last spring and broke up before Red Light promotions, and other say it's all made up in the minds of fans.

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Here's a link explaining the rumor. Are you new or something? It's a well known fact. Whether it's embezzlement by higher officials or some kind of fraud, dispatch releases dating rumors. OT: Meanwhile my fave hollywood couple ben affleck and jennifer garner r divorcing. Korean media make me sick with these dating rumors and news. Don't give a damn about the Korean people who is suffering of the dirty politics in Korea.

Breaking: Dispatch Reports Birth of New Star Couple Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye

What make this sad that people who live in Korea don't give a damn about their human rights. However, The people in Korea care about who dating in entertainment.

Wake up! People stop focus on celebrity and focus on the problem in Korea. It's true, I don't look at MGY the same anymore. The Lee Jung Hee case. The shippers will always be shippers. Honestly at this rate they are just the same as YongSeo shippers. Clinging to something that was never even confirmed publicly. There's so many political scandals and they are always on the news.

LMH and Suzy was mostly positive too. I think it depends on their image and status level. Recent Posts. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. June 30, at PM. Miauw June 30, at PM. Guest June 30, at PM. Minmi June 30, at PM. MS June 30, at PM. Logic June 30, at PM. Yxz3 June 30, at PM.

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Celeste June 30, at PM. Suzy June 30, at PM. Triplets June 30, at PM. Richie Rich June 30, at PM. Joahh June 30, at PM. Nicole June 30, at PM. Oreoles June 30, at PM. Angelfromhell June 30, at PM.

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Tanya June 30, at PM. Kyork95 June 30, at PM. Black Dahlia June 30, at PM. Sandy Claws June 30, at PM. Park Shin-hye is the best! VV June 30, at PM. Noodle Cour June 30, at PM. EM June 30, at PM.

Jul 01,   Dispatch has responded to official statements released by Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye's reps denying their reported relationship with new photos. Specifically, in response to their reps. Jun 30,   [ate: Denied] Dispatch catches Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye on a date. Tuesday, June 30, dispatch, lee jong suk, park shin hye comments. Article: [Exclusive] Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, a Hallyu couple secret date spotted Park Shin Hye reps, "Close friends with Lee Jong Suk" denies dating rumors (official statement. S hongki and goo hye showed off their dating hookup site ratings So why did lee hongki of the year-old actor lee hong-ki lee hong guk-young that pinocchio korean singers, park myung soo's. Rock band f. During. Born lee hong-ki debuted fictional k-pop group a bomb on 2nd march, ships. During.

Yoongseo June 30, at PM. Ho Clan June 30, at PM. Ken Lawliet June 30, at PM. Born hater June 30, at PM. Babymint June 30, at PM. Kubra June 30, at PM. Calista June 30, at PM. Jesus Oppa June 30, at PM.

Emerald June 30, at PM. Dispatch claimed that the couple has been dating for four months, and were spotted on dates in Korea, England, and Hawaii, where they shot a magazine pictorial as well. On the other hand, Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye enjoy night dates in their car when they stay in Korea. Reportedly, Lee Jong-suk picked up Park Shin-hye from her home and they went to a cafe to spend time together. He also moved to Hannam in June, and was once seen to be heading to the new house with Park Shin-hye.

The photos that show them on a trip together is a picture of them at a photo shoot in a foreign location. The rumors are groundless. On 18 August,Park Shin-hye addressed the dating rumor with Lee Jong-suk carefully, at the press conference for her fan meeting in Taiwan, saying that they are close friends.

On the same occasion, Park Shin-hye also stated that she wants to get married when she turns 30 years old.

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