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These are the lovey, friendly, and brotherly preferences. Online Users. So, not all of them will be within the band. Yeah, I had someone request thisso, yeah! Of course it was a big deal.

Ever since, you two began dating: fans liked you, love you, disliked you, and hated you so much. You got used to it. He on the other hand, would hack your Twitter,, and sometimes Facebook too, to see if you were getting hate from fans. He was away, recording, or doing whatever the boys were doing. You began writing not knowing what exactly to write. You had a list, but you did not know which to write first.

You completely stumped at ideas. Ideas were running through your head, but you did not know how to write it. Suddenly, you heard someone fumbling with the door. You knew it must have been him. Suddenly five boys came walking into your flat.

All of them were loud.

Harry And Francesca's Rocky Relationship From Too Hot To Handle

They were chatting about recording something, then going out to eat afterwards. He came into view, and ran towards you, quickly pecking you. You smiled at him and the other boys as well. He glanced at your laptop, and noticed was open. One came up with a dirty idea, although that was slightly creepy. One came up with a funny idea, although that did not do much but help you laugh.

He was making popcorn in the kitchen, so you had checked your twitter. Nothing intresting, as usual, but as you scrolled through your notifications something caught your eye. HAS ONE DIRECTION MEMBER NIALL HORAN FOUND A NEW PRINCESS? You roll your eyes, figuring this was just another rumor somebody had created for fame. #1 The one where you think he doesn't like you but he does #2 The one where he has to convince you to be his girlfriend #3 The one where you watch one of his matches and he teaches you how to play football #4 The one where he doesn't support your hobby (dancing) #5 The one where he's protective over you on tour. #10 BSM:You're dating another band member and he cheats ?ooty?ul QUeen Louis-You were at the mall with your brother,Louis,and you were looking for a dress to thing there were no Paps or fans that noticed you,so you guys weren't crowded.

One of them thought of a scary one, honestly, that one scared you. One thought of brother-sister moments, which you actually liked. Suddenly you were writing about usual arguments between the fan reading, and the boy.

authoritative point view

You came up with, this. Only a week ago, you found out about your new family member, Harry Styles. His band mates knew of a sister, but none of them has met you.

Today was the day you were meeting them. Harry was taking you, and the lads, for dinner. Harry was taking you guys to a fancy restaurant though. You knew it would involve dressing up a little.

You just put on your favourite dress [this is where you imagine your favourite dress on you. You both hopped in the car, and he drove off. Ah Liam Payne. Ah, Zayn Malik.

Your One Direction Boyfriend!

Ah, Louis Tomlinson. They all became your best guy friends. Louis the most. You met the lads instantly.

Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Which Former Member Of One Direction Should You End Up With? Pick another . Some one direction imagines,preferences and other stuff. Published September 8, ated October 20, Your dating one member and another one fancies you. Fan tweets a photo at Charity Cheer Comp. 1D Imagines One Direction Preference: Your dating one member and another one fancies you. Apr 01,   Of course it was a big deal. You were known in the celebrity world. Actually, you were dating one of Harry's best mates, no not a member of One Direction, although I would think he was the sixth member. You were dating Ed Sheeran. I mean it when I say you were, the two of you broke up, you two were just no feeling the love to keep together.

Of course, Niall was furious at Harry. You and Harry, well, you had a secret fling, meaning, only the boys knew.

Fuckingfuck buddies. Only one person was missing, Harry. Once that door flung open, you saw the familiar curls. Harry stop walking once he saw you.

You became best friends with the lads. Niall was totally fine with you and Harry dating. Once she finished, Liam just smiled and embraced you into a hug. Liam brought you to his place. He wanted you to meet Danielle formally. Including the lads as well. You just giggled. It was a nice day, you and the lads got along perfectly fine.

obviously were

Obviously you and Zayn got along great. You met Perrie, whom you got along with as well. Danielle and Eleanor loved you too. Danielle loved you especially because your reminded her of Liam.

BSM Pref: You're pregnant [Harry's Part]

When the day came, when you could leave, he took you back to a hotel. The lads, and Perrie, were in town for Zayn. You had a cast on your leg, so you had to have a wheelchair.

Zayn groaned, and so did you. You two kindly smiled at the paparazzi. Once you reached the car, with a couple security guards, he helped you into the car. You finally reached the hotel room, and there were 4 boys, and a pink haired girl. I have to go with Perrieanniversary dinner. After that day, you became best friends with Liam. Danielle got to know you after a while too.

You became best friends with all 3 of the One Direction girlfriends. You ended up meeting a guy while you were healing, and you two begun dating.

Sweet guy he was, or is. Once Louis found out, he hugged you for the longest time. Once he pulled away, he yelled for the lads.

apologise, but, opinion

Scaring the people on the same floor. Niall just stood there, awkwardly.

thought differently

Liam, Zayn and Harry ran in looking like Louis screamed for his life. Louis suddenly dragged Niall out of the room. About 15 minutes later, they returned. Niall was flushed of redness. Louis must have said something. Then, out of nowhere, Niall randomly kissed you. Well, I guess, you made a new friend, a special one, a boyfriend, that day. Ever since then, you two have been dating. This kind of sucks.

I promise. Anne had another daughter. Ever since then, Harry never knew of his sister. One day, Anne could not handle it, and introduced them. Since when?

I have a twin sister no one told me about? You met heras a childhood friend. Bobby had another daughter, a year younger than Niall. One night, Bobby went drinking, got drunk, and accidentally decided to impregnate a woman.

Bobby supported the woman. Niall never knew, neither did Greg. Maura knew, and that is why they finally divorced. Today was the day; Niall was going to find out about his sister. Your mom knew about it, but when you were fiveshe no longer could handle the secretand we divorced. She moved a lot. I never saw her muchbut we would talk over phone or lettersor sometimes e-mails. Niall would just nod his pretty little head every time. Suddenly a knock came. You walked into the house, full of smiles.

Your parents adopted you, so they are your adopted parents. So, they put you up for adoption. You are only a year and a half younger than Liam is.

Liam never knew about you, neither did Ruth and Nicola. Karen and Geoff never said anything about you. They figured you were happy with your adopted family.

You knew you were adopted, but you looked like you were related to your family. Actually, you knew you were adopted, but never knew who your birth parents were.

You were a huge directioner, Liam was actually your favourite, you never knew why, and he just drew to you. One day, your parents were flying you out to a concert, a One Direction concert. They smiled at you. Once he had Liam, you four drove off to a fancy restaurant. You four arrived at the restaurant, before you could order, Karen and Geoff coughed lightly.

A year older than Zayn. She was not adopted.

One direction preferences bsm youre dating another member and he cheats

She was not kept. She became an orphan. She was pronounced dead, but they never got a call saying she was alive.

You were badly injured, but seeing, as she had no legal guardian during her minor years, they found her birth parents. When Yaser and Tricia got the call, they jumped in happiness. It just so happens, Zayn was home from tour, and visiting. Zayn question his parents, but they just shook their heads and ran out, dragging Zayn with them. The three boarded a plane.

opinion you are

Zayn had slept the entire way, while Yaser ad Tricia discussed telling Zayn. Once they landed, Zayn woke up and all three walked off the plane. At the hospital. Between you and Doniya. Apparently, she survived, but they never told us.

She ended up moving here. Now, she got badly injured and needs us. They walked to your room. They opened the door, and you were sitting there watching gossip shows. Do you? You were 16, and moved away.

opinion you are

You ended up meeting new friends. One of them being, none other than Niall. Yeah, you met Niall while you both vacationed at the same place. Niall introduced you to the lads, but only once. After that, he became worldwide famous, Niall Horan. He would Skype you, text, or call you once in a while.

seems me

One day, your dad called you, and told you to tell your brother your secret. You decided to ask Niall to fly you out, he agreed. Niall flew you out, not knowing what you were planning to do.

You flew to where they were, and met Niall at the airport. Niall smiled at you, and brought you back to the hotel rooms. You knocked on the door.

I need to talk to you. Who my band mate knew before I did. I knew we were friends, so you could get me here without telling him. I am not skinny. I am not average. I am slightly overweight. I could care less. I know they can sing. I know they look hot. I just do not understand it all. It was the weekend. Nothing special, nothing new. My best friends Janet and Kara were coming over today. Typical Saturday night, movies and food.

Read He cheats,you break up, and you get with another member from the story One Direction Preferences by Love_British with 47, reads. one, direction, Reviews: 6. BSM: You are dating one of the other boys and he doesn't approve it. BSM: Brother sister moment. Liam: Your parent's were out of town and your older brother Liam was on Harry's house having a boys night with the rest of the lads, so you were home alone. You were watching TV when you heard the doorbell kokusai-usa.coms: We all love the 1D boys but which of them is perfect for you?! Take this quiz! What would you expect you're partner to wear on a date? What are your turn ons? What are your turn offs? Favourite Name from the following? Farourite Number out of the following? How would you react if you met one direction? What is you're personality like? Pick any word! Which 1D member is .

I guess this is the part I tell you about how I look. Well, there is something about my eyes that I adore. I have hazel-brown eyes; they shine so bright in the light. I have thin dark brown, almost black, hair. My hair is stick straight. I have curves, but I am not skinny. I am overweight, although I already said that. A knock on my door that must be the girls.

I jumped up from the couch. I looked in the peek hole of the door, and sure enough, it was my best friends. In this case, a movie, and friendship. The three of us giggled as we skipped towards the kitchen. Typical thing for us to do, skip towards kitchens. But, he does still have Obama with him, just not as president. Obama seemed happy about that. Okay, I guess I forgot a big part of my life.

I forgot to mention, in the elections, my father became president of the United States of America. I have a twin sister named Tianna, yeah, she moved to the UK when she was 16 years old. My mother is half-British, half American. After the war ended, they got married, a few years later; they had my aunt, and then another few years later, my uncle, another few years later, finally my mother.

My mother is the youngest of her siblings. My father is full American. My mother, she was meant to have a son, but 4 month into the pregnancy, she had a miscarriage.

My parents were devastated, and never tried for another child. Now, my parents are 45 and Mitch is the person Janet has a huge crush on, but she will not ask him out. She and Mitch have a lot in common. I mean that when I say that. Well next weekend will be fun That was definitely realistic sarcasm. Anyways, just read at your own intention. A stormy evening in London.

I had been with my girlfriend ever since June Originally, it was just a summer love thing, but she ended up moving to London for University. You take a deep breath, but stay strong, not letting a single tear fall from your eyes. You start to pack up your things, gathering all your clothes and belongings and placing them all in your car.

You were planning to simply pack up and leave, giving Liam no chance to apoligize. He would tell you that he never meant it, and that he only wanted you. You would look into those brown eyes and your heart would melt, and you would forgive him just like you always do. But this time, he had gone to far.

Are you here? I got chinese!

are right, exact

Come back! You keep walking with your head held high, drowning out everything but the sound of your suitcase wheels scraping across the ground. Your dignity is the last thing you have, and your intent on keeping it. Niall: You and Niall were having a relaxation day, the first one in a very long time.

He had been on tour for over a month and this was the first time you two were seeing each other, so you are spending the day snuggling and doing nothing. He was making popcorn in the kitchen, so you had checked your twitter.

Nothing intresting, as usual, but as you scrolled through your notifications something caught your eye. You roll your eyes, figuring this was just another rumor somebody had created for fame. There, at the top of the page was a picture of Niall kissing a girl who was obviously not you. She had short, black hair, long legs and tan skin. She was beautiful. Much prettier than you could ever dream to be.

Let the chick flick marathon begin. Where are you going?! I love you so much, I-I. She was a mistake that will never ever happen again. Because you kissed that whore and screwed everything up! In 5 short minutes, your whole world came crashing down.

But that is all that happened, when i was sober and realized what happened I left her immediatley, I sware. But for some reason, when you looked in them this time you felt nothing.

No fluttery feeling inside your chest, or pounding in your heart like you usually do. You felt nothing. I really do, but this changes everything. I used to trust you, and thats why I fell in love with you. You were the one person that would always be there for me, and would never let me down. But you know, maybe you and Brandi can.

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