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While the public may feel secretly relieved because Sulli is single, the supporters of their relationship feel sad because, objectively speaking, the couple did look adorable and refreshing to see, contrary to the secretive star lovers who are usually seen. So, keep reading! According to media outlet Star News, the lovebirds have broken up after dating for two years and seven months since August Prior to their breakup, Sulli was reported to have attempted suicide in late November as she was taken to Seoul University Hospital due to a minor injury. After receiving emergency treatment, Sulli underwent an x-ray scan.

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On the other hand, media outlet News Post reported that Sulli was with her manager when she came to the hospital and was in-and-out of the place within 30 minutes. On March 9, the former f x member shared several photos showing her smiling widely along with her friends.

Jul 13, † Dynamic Duo's agency has denied Choiza and Sulli are dating again. On July 13, the label denied rumors the two have reunited following reports Choiza started following Sulli on Instagram once. Sep 09, † Sulli and Choiza dating again? Dynamic Duo singer reveals the truth Choiza and Sulli decided to end their relationship in March after dating since August Mar 18, † Netizens accused Sulli of being a hypocrite and a liar while Choiza was insulted for dating someone out of his league. Many fans expect Sulli to date another idol or a rich businessman or a Hollywood actor or a Prince. They felt she is stupid for dating Choiza while Choiza is an opportunist for hooking up with someone so young and kokusai-usa.coms:

The netizens put encouraging comments to cheer her up, saying how she has always been pretty and that her appearance looks more mature. Many fans think that the reason Sulli posted strange photos in her Instagram account was that of her past relationship with Choiza.

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In early SeptemberChoiza personally requested the reporters to avoid questions irrelevant to Show Me the Money 6implying that he acknowledged the rumor of him getting back with Sulli once again. Before becoming the lovers, Sulli and Kim Min-joon were friends before deciding to date as romantic partners.

Following Dynamic Duo rapper Choiza (??; real name Choi Jae Ho) and Sulli (??)'s split in March, the former f(x) member quickly got back into the dating scene. On 10th May, SM Entertainment confirmed that the actress is currently in a relationship with a non-celebrity brand manager named Kim Min Estee Ang.

The close source of them also added that the couple enjoys dates in the public, never intended to keep their relationship in secret. She is being careful because he is a non-celebrity.

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It was a normal relationship between the two of us. Kim Min-joon also requested the public to not make up stories of his past relationship with Sulli which are not true. Well, we wish the best luck for both Sulli and Kim Min-joon in the future!

Sep 08, † Choiza is asked if he's back together with Sulli. A reporter asked the rapper about the rumors saying the two stars are dating again. Choiza rejected the question and responded. Jul 13, † Is Sulli Meeting Choiza Again? Rumors may be rumors, but this one seems to be legit. Netizens are speculating that Sulli and Choiza are back together again ever . Sep 09, † Choiza and Sulli announced their breakup this past March after dating for two years and seven months since August Sulli got the public's attention once again when she .

I do not want to remain in the sea. On the other hand, Choiza said that he does not see similarities in the people he has dated, causing him to not really know about his ideal type. Two months later, Sulli went to Germany to film the show.

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People hurt me, so everything fell apart. Does this old photo down below ring any bells?

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If you didn't know, this photo is a shot of Sulli and Choiza on their very first date together and also became a hotspot for the two to visit now and again. Fans believe Choiza could only look so happy if he was meeting with Sulli again. Choiza also started following Sulli again on Instagram ever since he breakup.

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But this isn't the only proof. Fans deemed that they spotted Sulli and Choiza on another date and holding hands together.

Choiza Talks Openly About Dating Sulli

Check out the photo in question down below. What do you think of all the conclusive evidence altogether? Reunited or simply coincidence? Stay tuned for more ates on this relationship.

Jul 13, † Choiza and Sulli parted ways in March after two years and seven Dynamic Duo's Choiza Denies Recent Rumors About Dating Sulli Again but she . Jun 18, † In early September , Choiza personally requested the reporters to avoid questions irrelevant to Show Me the Money 6, implying that he acknowledged the rumor of him getting back with Sulli once again. Despite his request, the reporters said that it would be best if Choiza made his stance clear so the rapper replied, "I will talk about that. Apr 27, † After taken a long time to film, the teaser of Jinri's Shop is finally released in mid-October and will air in V Live the teaser, Sulli frankly talked about various matters that bothered her all this time, starting from social phobia, panic disorder, and many more, "Some of .

Following the announcement of BLACKPINK's return that will be going to take place this upcoming June, fans and netizens can't help but think about the anonymous account that sends death threats to the group's member, Lisa.

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