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While Colton has assured Becca that what he had with Tia is completely in the past, thanks to Bachelor spoiler extraordinaire Reality Steve, fans now know that Colton and Tia will likely both be on Bachelor in Paradise this season. So is the second time the charm? Clues that Colton and Tia are together after The Bachelorette are really starting to pile up, suggesting that their love story is far from over. But before we look too far into the future, let's double back a bit to the past to figure out how this all started. Their relationship was first brought to the audience's radar after Colton confessed to Becca that he and Tia had a romantic history together. As you can imagine, this revelation didn't exactly sit well with Becca, who knows all too well what it's like to share a guy's feelings with someone else. Looking at you, Arie!

Looks like these two just can't stay away from each other. There's no word yet on if this date turns into something more post-Mexico, but it's certainly a good sign and a step in that direction.

Tia Gets Over Colton By Dating Chris! - Bachelor In Paradise

In the promo for this week's Bachelorette episode, Tia shows up to talk to Becca about something that, she says, "makes me sick in my stomach. Perhaps Tia is confessing that she still has feelings for him. That would certainly pave the way for them ending up together after the show.

Jul 11,   Are Colton Underwood and Tia Booth dating? That's what fans are wondering after spoilers from The Bachelorette revealed that Colton is eliminated after Author: Samantha Maffucci. Sep 04,   After a very rocky fourth episode of Bachelor in Paradise on Aug. 21, Colton and Tia finally decided to commit to one another, and things seemed to be going well. After . The pair, however, did not leave filming as a couple, according to Reality Steve. If Underwood left Paradise without a partner, he may be eligible for a shot at being The Bachelor next January Author: Kelly Wynne.

Not long ago, a Twitter user noticed that one of Tia's captions on Instagram was almost a word-for-word replica of a tweet Colton had posted, thinking it could be a hint that they're currently together. Tia responded to the fan, claiming that she doesn't follow Colton and it's just a coincidence. To be continued Tough break.

Does this mean they want to give each other another chance and do this thing for real? Well, thanks to the master of spoilers, pictures surfaced of the two going on dates and getting real cozy with one another in Paradise.

It was a game musical chairs and then the girls split off from the guys to talk.

Jul 11,   Full-blown Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have not emerged yet, but Reality Steve has shared some scoop on some of the couples that are together post-filming. While he didn't address the potential Colton and Tia situation in his initial couples-related blog post, he Author: Stacy Carey. Jun 13,   Colton Underwood is on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette, but his life got complicated when her friend from her time on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor appeared during filming. Colton and Tia Booth have admitted that they had a relationship of some sort prior to his decision to join Kufrin's season, and now gossip king Reality Steve is sharing some ates on what Author: Stacy Carey. Jul 10,   Are Colton & Tia Dating After 'Paradise'? Here's Everything We Know About The Dramatic Duo Spoiler-y alleged BIP photos surfaced in June - courtesy of Reality Steve .

Told you this was coming. Will the two end up together?

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Will he propose at the end of Bachelor in Paradise? Only time will tell. And well, fans can't be sure where it ends.

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The trailer also shows Tia sharing an intimate make out sesh with Colton's Bachelorette brother, Chris Randone. In a rather bold statement a few seconds later, Chris proclaims his love for her.

Aug 07,   Tia Booth and Colton Underwood reunite on Bachelor in Paradise, but yhile the couple may be excited to finally get together, it looks like Booth also gets romantic with another previews Author: Lauren Weigle.

It appears that talking to Colton to iron things out remained a priority for her in Paradise. It looks like they got their chance to talk things over in Mexico, but whether or not they live happily ever after is unclear. Since filming for BiP has come to a close, Tia has stayed quiet on social media, and hasn't really interacted with any of the guys from the show, which is probably required of her to avoid spoilers.

Aug 07,   What isn't obvious is who Tia is dating after Bachelor in Paradise. After all, the season's trailer revealed that Colton wasn't the only contender, which means that it could be Kayla Blanton. Jul 16,   Obviously, that doesn't end up working out if Reality Steve's tweets are to be believed and Colton will once again be looking for love, this time on Paradise. So will he and Tia be drawn to each Author: Kelly Schremph. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers are out and the fans want to know if Tia Booth and Colton Underwood are still together. This couple dated before he ever went on The Bachelorette with Becca Kufrin. Then Tia came on that show and shared that she still had feelings for Colton. Not long after that, Becca decided to send Colton home and she ended up with someone else in the end.

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