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This is the on and off romantic relationship between the Supernatural Hunter , Jeremy Gilbert , and the witch , Bonnie Bennett. Jeremy and Bonnie grew up together in Mystic Falls. Jeremy's sister, Elena is Bonnie's best friends. Their relationship began over the course of season two, but was halted when Jeremy was caught kissing Anna, his ex-girlfriend. The relationship started to grow close again during season four ending with Bonnie bringing Jeremy back from the dead and dying in the process. Season Five found the relationship between the two even more complicated with Bonnie being dead and unable to physically connect with Jeremy.

He is with her when she attempts the dangerous move of crossing over to the other side to try to bring Elena back - he tries to wake her up, when he is finally successful, she informs him that her attempts had failed.

When Elena and Damon arrive, Jeremy looked at them a bit angrily, but Bonnie comes from behind him and asks him if he trusts her touching his hand as he holds a axe and he says he does and let's go of the potential weapon and Bonnie takes him inside. Bonnie was left in shock when Elena was invited in by Jeremy, but than almost killed by him. Later, Shane was helping Jeremy to not want to kill Elena by trying to create a detour where he acknowledges in his conscious that he loves and wants to protect Elena which would prevent his subconscious side that wants to kill her to come out and Bonnie was with them.

When Elena tried to tell Jeremy about the nice things they had it didn't work because he said he wanted to kill Elena.

Bonnie and Enzo

Later, Bonnie went to tell Jeremy that Shane wanted to try again, but Damon said that he needed to find someone that wasn't a vampire to attach his detour warm and fuzzy feelings to and Jeremy chose Bonnie as someone he loves and wants to protect. She was later seen when Caroline called her to ask her if the plan to put Klaus' in Rebekah's body would work, and she said that it should.

She told Caroline that Elena was there with Damon, leaving her shocked and she hung up on Bonnie. After Bonnie was helping Jeremy, she went with him to talk to Elena, and she told Elena not to move, despite Jeremy having a wooden weapon in his arm Jeremy looked at Bonnie and chose the right path like Shane told him to and he gives the stake to Damon. Jeremy hugged Elena, meaning that Bonnie was successful with her help. She was later seen with Jeremy and Elena seeing the Christmas decorations that Elena and Jeremy used to have.

Finally, as she is about to leave the lake house Jeremy thanks Bonnie and she hugs him. Jeremy embraces her back and closes his eyes as he holds her. Jeremy and Bonnie pull apart and Jeremy smiles at her. Bonnie gets in the car and Jeremy closes the door for her.

Massak claims that he will not go any farther and Shane gives him Silas' Tombstonewhich is not actually needed to open Silas' tomb, just to pay Massak with. They proceed their journey into the well where Bonnie promises Jeremy that she won't let Shane raise Silas and she will kill him if he tries to hurt anyone. Bonnie begins a spell which "vacuums" up Jeremy's Hunter's Mark meanwhile, another hunter of the Five, Galen Vaughnhas his own tattoo disappear as well.

She successfully opens up the passageway, also causing a cave in, which causes Shane to break his leg. When he asks Bonnie and Jeremy to help him, they refuse, and advance into the passageway. Suddenly, Sheila Bennett appears and tells her granddaughter that they have to raise Silas and feed him so that she can be brought back. Jeremy realizes that it isn't her Grams at all and tells her that it isn't real; that it is Silas and he is getting inside her head. Later, the two find Silas, frozen in a vampire state.

Bonnie says that in order to get the CureSilas has to be fed their blood, as it is in his grip. That is when Vaughn appears and stabs Bonnie, where she falls onto the cave floor.

Katherine Pierce suddenly arrives disguised as Elena, who she attacked earlier and saves Jeremy from Vaughn, who was about to kill him. Katherine slits Jeremy's wrist open and feeds him to Silas, who grabs Jeremy, giving Katherine an opening to grab the Cure, and with that, she takes off.

Silas then snaps Jeremy's neck and Bonnie watches from the cavern floor, unable to do anything, as she is dying. When Jeremy and Bonnie see each other for the first time since he died he thanks her and they hug. Later as part of her plan, Bonnie tries to perform a spell to bring Jeremy back by using all the magic she knew expression, dark magic and the spirits.

The spell turns out to be too much to handle and she collapses on the floor. Bonnie wakes up and soon realizes she's dead and is now a ghost. Bonnie and Jeremy are first seen in town square texting Elena so they could keep up Bonnie's secret.

Bonnie and Jeremy having sex. In True LiesBonnie tells Jeremy about her father's death. In For Whom the Bell Tollsthey are first seen in the boarding house when Jeremy catches Bonnie watching him while he's working out. Later they are seen, once again, in the boarding house when Jeremy tells Damon about Bonnie's death. At the end of the episode when the group joins in the woods for Bonnie's funeral, Jeremy speaks for her as she tells everyone that she's fine and that she's always there watching over them.

At the end of the scene when all of the other couples are hugging and crying, Jeremy grabs Bonnie's hand, although they can't feel each other. Since to bring someone back someone else has to die, he says that they should take advantage the fact that Silas wants to die to be with his true love, Amara, so that Bonnie comes back. They have to work with Silas though to do that and Bonnie doesn't agree with the idea, but Jeremy tells Damon that she's fine with it.

In Death and the MaidenJeremy and Bonnie are very surprised to discover that Amara can see and feel Bonnie and after this they have the idea of Bonnie taking the place of Amara as the anchor. Qetsiyah makes Bonnie the new anchor and Bonnie comes back to life.

Jeremy is happy to see her alive. In Dead Man on Campusthey are first seen on a bench on the Whitmore campus, making out.

Later they are seen together at Bonnie's welcome party. At the end of the episode, Bonnie is seen in a motel room, lighting candles. After Jesse passes through her, she is forced to tell Jeremy that she is the anchor and can feel every supernatural that has died pass through her.

She then tells him that the consequences are worth it because they can be together and they have sex for the first time. In HomeBonnie calls and reveals to Jeremy that there is no saving her as she is the anchor to the other side and once it goes, she goes. Bonnie says she wouldn't change anything about the time they spent together.

Jeremy demands where she is and when she hangs up, he goes to find her. Jeremy doesn't get to say goodbye to her in person.

Jeremy is seen trying to get over Bonnie's death by hooking up with random girls his age. Both Jeremy and Bonnie wishing they were together with friends beside each other for Christmas. In Christmas Through Your EyesJeremy is seen standing alone by a Christmas tree in the real world while Bonnie is standing in the square of her Prison World 's version of Mystic Fallsin front of a Christmas tree she made herself.

Jeremy whispers to the tree that he misses Bonnie while she whispers that she misses him and the rest of her friends and allies.

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While there, Kai is attacked and the spell falters. Later, Kai sends them back to the prison world. After she makes the realization to 'stay strong', words by her Grams, Bonnie decides she wants to live. In the last moments, Kai's spell allows Jeremy to interact with the prison world and ends up successfully saving her from suffocating from carbon monoxide gas.

The two part ways also; both of them wishing to move on. As Bonnie looks at her tree in the prison world, Jeremy stands by the tree in the real world. Add an image. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? It's a really long story but I'm back.

Uh, I had this whole plan to drive out to New Mexico and surprise you I don't know, show up as one of the models in your drawing class or something. Listen Jer, I'm not sure I'm still the same Bonnie you want to be with. That place changed me and I don't know if I'm scared of myself or if I actually kinda like the new me.

If it's okay with you, I think I'm just gonna figure me out and then I promise to come visit you. I hope you're well. Okay, bye Jer. Contents [ show ]. Jeremy makes the first look At the Masquerade BallJeremy is seen going upstairs with a bag in his hand, followed by Bonnie. They enter a room. Jeremy opens the bag and they take out weapons and the Grimoire. Bonnie explains the spell to Jeremy. She says she's only tried stuff that does good.

She doesn't really want to be a part of all of this. When Jeremy says being a witch must be cool, Bonnie says it's anything but that because of what she knows about what happened to her witch ancestors: " It never ends well for people like me. Jeremy and Bonnie want to tell Stefan the room is ready, but on their way, Bonnie feels something and walks over to Lucy and asks her if they know each other. Lucy says No and leaves. Let's find Damon. Bonnie and Jeremy are having a good laugh In KaterinaBonnie walks and drops her books outside the school parking lot.

Jeremy confesses his feelings for Bonnie Bonnie attempts to lower the barrier over the tomb, but passes out again. Jeremy and Bonnie In By the Light of the Moonit still shows that Jeremy has still strong feelings for Bonnie after he tried to kiss her.

Jeremy and Bonnie hanging out In The Dinner Partyafter the kiss, there was initially an awkward tension between the two. He asks them to speak to Luka and Jonas to see if they can work together. When he has gone, Jeremy tries to kiss Bonniebut she is reluctant.

She promises to tell Elena about their romance soon. Later on, Bonnie asks Elen if she could start dating Jeremy and Elena says yes.

Bonnie admits that she feels bad that Luka died but Jeremy says that he doesn't. Bonnie adds that she hated not being able to help. Then upstairs, Jeremy admits that he is worried about Bonnie because the only witch who could have given her back her powers is dead. However, Bonnie reveals that when Jonas grabbed her, he returned her powers.

She adds that Jonas wants her to kill Klaus and Jeremy replies: " Did he include a how? Then she kisses him. Bonnie and Jeremy dancing Inside Bonnie and Jeremy dance with each other.

Bonnie tries to revive Jeremy Alaric and Bonnie take Jeremy to the witches' house and Bonnie tries to use the power of the old witches to revive Jeremy. Jeremy and Bonnie talk on webcam Jeremy returns home and searches on the internet for " back from the dead ". Jeremy Elena and Bonnie are checking a old box with christmas decorations.

Jeremy Bonnie and Shane looking for Silas. Bonnie's grandmother appear on the cave. Silas kill Jeremy while Bonnie is dying. When the time comes, Bonnie is starting the process of closing the veil when Jeremy shows up telling her he needed to see her and that he wanted to be with her when it happened not knowing she is also dead. When Bonnie tells him that the veil is almost back up, Jeremy walks closer to Bonnie saying he had a million things to say to her but now nothing seemed quite right then they share an intimate kiss as the veil gets closed.

The veil is now closed but suddenly Jeremy starts breathing heavily and grabbing his chest taking a few steps back from Bonnieconfused with what was happening to him. Bonnie Beremy kiss realizes that her spell to bring him back worked after all and Jeremy was alive.

Jeremy runs towards Bonnie to hold her but when they touch he can't feel her. A tearful brokenhearted Jeremy discovers that Bonnie is dead. Bonnie tries to calm him down by saying that she'll be ok that they can still see each other and talk whenever they want because Jeremy can see ghosts then she asks him to keep her death a secret from her friends, Which leaves Bonnie's death in a question.

She tells Jeremy that she will be okay and leaves with her grandmother.

Categories :. Hey Jeremy, it's Bonnie! Jeremy : Do you want to dance or something while we're waiting? Bonnie : No! Jeremy looks hurt I mean: "No, thank you. Jeremy sees Bonnie wiping away tears Are you okay?

Bonnie : Nods her head When did you get your drivers license? Bonnie : I'd love a ride home. Jeremy : Because I didn't want you to get hurt. Bonnie : Jeremy You can't feel that way about me. Jeremy : No. Jeremy : Don't act like this is one-sided, like I'm some kid who has a crush on his sister's friend. You could have died today. Bonnie : And you almost did.

Jeremy : That was a chance I was willing to take. Bonnie : Thanks. Jeremy : What happened? You scared the hell out of me. Bonnie : It's nothing. Jeremy : It wasn't nothing, Bonnie. Bonnie : I've been doing a lot of magic lately.

It wears me down. Jeremy : When I'm worn down, I take a nap, you were unconscious. Bonnie : Witchcraft has its limits. If I push to hard, it pushes back. Jeremy : How do you know all this? Bonnie : It's all in here looking at the Grimoire.

It's like a reminder that I'm not invincible Please don't Jeremy : Why not? Bonnie : Because it's a weakness and I don't want certain people to know that. Jeremy : Certain people, you mean Damon. Bonnie : I mean anyone that can hurt me. Jeremy : I won't tell anyone okay, I promise. Bonnie : It's hard, you know; my Gram's is gone and my Dad, he doesn't want to know about what I am. He hasn't since my mom left.

God! Well

I'm all alone in this. Jeremy : That's how I feel a lot of the time Jeremy : What are you doing? Bonnie : Shhhh. Jeremy : Hey, your not strong enough. Bonnie : I'll be fine.

Jeremy : You could get hurt. Bonnie : And Elena could die. I'll be fine I promise. Katherine : Ow. Something's happening. You have to stop her, she's not strong enough. Flames rise Katherine : Maybe she is?

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Luka starts to get a bad feeling Stefan : Bonnie Jeremy : You gotta stop her! Katherine knocks Jeremy out Stefan : You need to stop.

Bonnie tries to shrug Stefan off, Luka's in pain. Bonnie falls down Bonnie Bonnie, wake up! Please, Bonnie wake up. Katherine : Yes, please. I'm still in here. Stefan : You okay? You alright? Bonnie : It didn't work, I'm not strong enough I can't do it.

Katherine : Ow Stefan : Go! Bonnie : Not at all. Jeremy : What was that about? Bonnie : More lies. Bonnie : No, he just lost consciousness, that's all. Jeremy : Should we, uh, wait for Caroline? Bonnie : She was just gonna drop Luka off at the Grill, said to lock the door on our way out.

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Jeremy : Yeah, well I hope she drops him hard. Bonnie : Wait. You're Elena's little brother.

BONNIE'S NEW MAN | The idea for a Bonnie/Enzo pairing began in Episode 21 of Season 6 when Enzo visited came to visit Lily at the Salvatore Mansion, where he was met at the door by Bonnie. Jun 13,   When do bonnie and enzo start dating in tvd - Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Rich woman looking for older woman & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Jun 22,   Anonymous said: WHEN DID ENZO AND BONNIE START DATING? WHAAATTT? i ship that couple long time ago but stop watching the vampire diaries a long time ago so now i found out they are dating.

I've known you forever. You're that punk kid. And remember your awkward phase, and then your emo phase; your druggie phase. And overnight you've turned into this hot guy who's really sweet and - Jeremy : You think I'm hot? Bonnie : With everything that's going on, you know, curses and sacrifice - Jeremy : Enough already. They kiss Bonnie : Wow. They kiss again - Crying Wolf Jeremy : Now that is cool.

How does it work? Bonnie : Its called channeling, siphoning power from something; another witch, the moon, an element. Jeremy : So technically you could channel me, well I'm an element sort of. I mean Isn't the human body mostly water? Bonnie : You're right Sharing flirty glances.

Lets see what happens Bonnie gets up and moves closer to Jeremy putting her hand on his chest. Jeremy : A warning. That's how you felt like telling me. It says some kind of warning Bonnie. Its says if you use to much of your powers at once it could kill you Bonnie : All of it. I'm not gonna let you do that. Bonnie : Jeremy, you think I was born with these powers so i could float feathers and blow out candles?

There's a reason I was called to do this. Jeremy : No ones called to get themselves killed. Plus Elena's not gonna let you die for her. Bonnie : That's why you're not going to tell her. Jeremy : Do you understand what you're saying right now? Bonnie : Its not just -for Elena, Jeremy. Its for you, its for everyone. If i am the only one that can put an end to this, then it'll be my decision.

No one else's. Mine looks at Jeremy and leaves. Jeremy throws the book down in frustration. Jeremy : But it was made by a witch. Bonnie : To protect from the supernatural, not for someone who is. Bonnie : Yeah, I think she had a thing for him.

He looks at her Jeremy : There's something on a resuscitation spell she was working on. Bonnie : I saw that, too. She just didn't explain what it did, exactly. Jeremy : Maybe Johnathan wrote about it in his journals. You know, I can have Stefan bring them. Damon : Come on, Bonnie, we got a hybrid to kill. Damon : That's it?

Let's go. He leaves. John opens his eyes. Bonnie looks at Jeremy Bonnie : I'll be back soon. Jeremy : Wait, what do you mean? No, I'm coming. I need to be there.

I need to make sure you guys are okay. Bonnie : And who's going to make sure you're okay? Jeremy : I've got my own ring. Look, I'm not taking no for an answer. She kisses him. He collapses. John catches him John : Just go. I'll stay with him. Jeremy : You need to come home it's boring around here without you.

Jeremy smiles Bonnie : How's the grill treating you? Jeremy : Well, is teaching me the value of a mundane human experience. Bonnie : A summer job is good for you; you needed something normal in your life. The lights flicker and there's a strange sound Bonnie : What was that? Jeremy : Nothing, look I uh I got to go back to work. Bonnie : Wait, wait Jeremy.

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Is everything okay with you? Jeremy : Yeah, yeah. Normal mundane. Unfortunately, before they could plan further, Maria was sucked into oblivion. Just as Enzo arrived back to Bonnie to inform her of Maria's demise, Stefan's spirit arrived in front of Bonnie after having just been killed by Julian.

Enzo was stunned as he watched Bonnie inform Stefan that they had lost their contact to help them with the spell to bring themselves back to life. Finally, though the majority of the Mystic Falls Gang had returned to their hometown, Bonnie was still with Enzo at Whitmoreworking on their plan, when Luke 's spirit appeared and passed through Bonnie. Enzo became nervous about the growing list of people who were supposed to be resurrected and argued that they shouldn't bring Luke back, too, but Bonnie insisted that they had to keep their promises.

Tyler 's spirit arrived in front of Bonnie after Markos had killed the Traveler possessing him, Julian, by throwing them into the magic-free-zone, but Bonnie again promised him that she would bring him back, much to Enzo's dismay. As the two were about to head back to Mystic FallsSilas appeared and revealed himself to be the Traveler who Enzo found to teach them the spell.

Bonnie, still furious that he had killed her fatherreluctantly agreed to work with him and acted as the middle man to help teach Liv the spell. However, right before they were about to begin, the wind on the Other Side picked up, and started to pull Silas and Enzo into oblivion.

Bonnie and Enzo Scenes "I swear it" TVD 7x19

While Bonnie managed to save Enzo, she let go of Silas at the last moment in retribution for the terrible things he had done, and he was sucked into the unknown. Finally, once Liv started the spell, Enzo was one of the first people to return to the living world through Bonnie; Bonnie, on the other hand, along with Damon, ended up being trapped on the Other Side just before it imploded, sending them both to a yet-unknown dimension.

Bonnie is the one who answers the door only to close it immediately when she sees him. He holds it open and explains that he's there to visit Lily who must be lonely and hungry. When Bonnie refuses to let him in, he gives her an iPod, asking her to give it to Lily and telling her that it contains loads of songs from the last era she knew.

The flash forward in Live Through This shows inBonnie is living in a mental institution, and is seeking help in a group. When she returns to her room she finds Enzo waiting for her. He tells her that things have gotten bad and that she can no longer hide in away forever. They then kiss, confirming that the two have a romantic relationship in the future. Meanwhile in the present day Bonnie and Enzo have a very antagonistic relationship that consist of bickering and snarky comments.

Bonnie sees Enzo and asked "Did whatever animal their serving for dinner get a plus one? Bonnie of course assumes he's there to scope out the competition and he tells her there's no competition to scoop. While they both wait for someone to answer the door, Enzo says to Bonnie that "If anyone was wondering you're my date.

Later in the episode Enzo sees Bonnie standing across the room and he walks over to her. Bonnie then tells Enzo to have some dignity, he respond to her by telling Bonnie what he overheard Julian telling Beau and proceeds to tell her his plan.

Bonnie sees Lily looking over at them, she begins fixing Enzo's tie to make Lily jealous. A confused but yet pleased Enzo asked Bonnie what she was doing. She tells him Lily is looking over here and she's making her jealous like a good date.

Enzo starts getting flustered by Bonnie's assertiveness and slightly he steps back from her with a small smile on his face and tells her he got what he came for, bids her a good night; leaving a blushing Bonnie alone, who was quite pleased with herself. In Mommie DearestBonnie and Enzo go to an impound lot to find Oscar's car, while they are there Bonnie is wondering why Julian would want anything from an impound lot in the first place, Enzo tells her if Julian wants it, he wants it.

Bonnie finally understand why Enzo was helping, he doesn't want to help stop Julian he just wants Lily. Enzo informs her that she has unlocked every man's true motivation in life.

Bonnie tells Enzo to stop treating Lily like a prize to be won and makes it clear that fighting over a woman isn't the turn on Enzo thinks it is, and that he should try flowers, dinner, and listening. Enzo chuckles at Bonnie's statement. Bonnie then finds Oscar's car, they search the trunk of it to find a small sword.

Enzo is ready to take it and kill Julian, meanwhile Bonnie wants to do research on the sword, to see if Julian wants to kill someone with it or is afraid to be killed by it. Enzo brushes her off wanting to just rush in and use the sword on Julian so he can have Lily, Bonnie sarcastically tells Enzo to go pick a fight with an extremely power vampire, that should work out great. Bonnie is later seen sitting alone at a table after being told off on the phone by Matt for ditching his calls to hang out with the guy who kidnapped her roommate.

Enzo walks over to her with two drinks and takes a seat. He tells her " when nine Russians tells you, you're drunk you lie down ," he also states that Lily made her intentions clear, Bonnie tells Enzo he's better off without Lily. In Postcards from the EdgeEnzo saves Bonnie from the huntress in old age right on time, who was choking her with her strength. Bonnie asked where he was, he thought she missed him as she said she was wondering where he was.

Enzo assumes Bonnie was lying, he does tell her that Matt called in the armory on him, but it didn't turn out the way he expected.

When do bonnie and enzo start dating in tvd

Enzo asked Bonnie to help get Rayna's body out and for her to do a cloaking spell. He asked him to get her on the phone but she refused to talk to him because he took the huntress' body, she felt that he has betrayed her trust by stealing Rayna's dead body and then ditching her.

In Moonlight on the BayouEnzo calls Bonnie and Damon to the armory because they have a plan to capture Rayna Cruz and lock her back up. Enzo tells Damon and Bonnie how he got involved with the armory, and asked for their help. The duo agreed to help Enzo and the armory take in Rayna. Alone, Enzo tells Bonnie why he's so desperate to find out about his real family. Damon returns telling Bonnie they are leaving since he got info that the armory are shady people.

With that Enzo shoots Damon and locks him up with Tyler, then knocks Bonnie and injected her with something to put her on magical timeout. Bonnie tries to rescue Damon from Tyler, she and Enzo get into a huge fight, leading Enzo to reveal that he wanted what Damon has, Bonnie then knocks Enzo out and then cut off his hand to save Damon from Tyler.

Bonnie shows up and notice Enzo's hand had been put back on. They bicker for moment until Alex St. John appears and tells Bonnie she wanted her to come back. Alex reveals the truth about the shamans and Rayna Cruz's linked to their lives. Enzo stays with Bonnie in the room with the everlasting, Bonnie text Damon the details of what she found out, another Everlasting dies and Enzo reveals to Bonnie if Rayna's last life dies so does Stefan.

Bonnie looks for a way to help Damon, Enzo tells her the armory will handle it, but Bonnie didn't think they'd get there in time, and Enzo tells her she had no idea what Damon was planning, hinting that Enzo already knew Damon was going to lock himself away in the coffin until Bonnie dies. In Days of Future PastEnzo is told by Nora that the pills made from Rayna's blood that he had been giving to Bonnie were poisonous to witches and teams up with her to get the cure from Alex.

Together he and Nora lure Alex to Houston and Enzo discovers that Alex didn't know how to fix it and that Alex somehow knew that he had been stealing from the Armory 's supply and giving them to Bonnie. They share a romantic moment and then discuss how they plan on handling the Armory looking for Bonnie and the introduction of a relative to members of the Armory, Virginia St.

Enzo then reveals to Bonnie that the pills she is taking to stay under the Armory's radar are slowly poisoning her.

Bonnie becomes worried as Enzo continues to comfort her, but this moment is shortlived when Damon walks in on them after not seeing them for three years. Enzo and Bonnie are shown to be on the run together for three years, from the Armory. The two bond as they spend their time together trying to stay out of the Armory's radar.

In present time, they work together to stop Bonnie from dying. With Damon, they ally with Rayna Cruz to kill all of her marked vampires in exchange for Rayna's last life so that Bonnie could live. After Enzo grows frustrated as time runs out for Bonnie, Damon and his friends help with Rayna's vampire-hitlist situation as Enzo goes to spend his last moments with Bonnie. However, Rayna successfully gives her last life over to Bonnie, which holds a significant consequence: Bonni will continue Rayna's mission to kill all vampires.

In Requiem for a DreamEnzo and Bonnie are first seen at the beginning of the episode inside the fireplace room Salvatore Boarding House. Enzo is seen holding Bonnie on his lap as she lies unconscious. Enzo worriedly looks at her face as he and Damon discuss how to get through to Bonnie's Huntress side as she goes through hell in her mind.

Caroline and Enzo debate on who should get inside Bonnie's head, but Enzo allows Caroline to go first being she knew Bonnie for years. When Caroline fails to get through to Bonnie and is marked as Bonnie's first target, Enzo immediately emerges himself into Bonnie's head. They shared a compassionate reunion and Bonnie asks him to end her life, Enzo argues with her until her Huntress side comes out and stakes him. Enzo is forced out of Bonnie's head and becomes Bonnie's second vampire target.

Enzo decides to stick around despite being marked by Bonnie until she wakes up. In Gods and MonstersEnzo attempts to use Bonnie's huntress side in drawing her away from their friends. When Bonnie finally finds Enzo, they share a moment together before Bonnie attempts to kill Enzo, despite her constant fighting in not trying to hunt and kill him.

They share a heartfelt goodbye scene together, even saying "I love you" to each other for the last time. However, Damon ends up torching the last corpse that links Bonnie to her huntress side and they are both free from the Hunter's Curse. They share a passionate kiss when they realize they are free from the Huntress Spirit. Unfortunately, shortly after they are reunited, Enzo is mentally manipulated into becoming an emotionless killer, along with Damon. Due to this, Bonnie is forced to try and track Enzo and Damon down and she finds out along with her friends that Damon and Enzo are the ones responsible for the killings across the country.

Bonnie, along with Stefan, figure that the creature from the Armory's vault was the one who influenced Enzo and Damon to be emotionless killers. In Hello, Brotherthe season opens up with revealing that it's been months since Bonnie has last been with Enzo. Bonnie and Stefan have been searching for Enzo and Damon for months while knowing that the Armory's monster was mentally controlling them. When they finally get another lead on them, Bonnie refuses to have hope on finding them, but Stefan convinces her to come along for searching their supposed location anyway.

When Bonnie refuses to leave because of trying to find Enzo, this puts Stefan and Bonnie in more danger. When Enzo finally appears, Damon puts Bonnie into a chokehold, which she cannot defend herself against being she has no more magic. Stefan finally convinces Damon to let her go. Eventually, Bonnie and Stefan decide to leave, while leaving Enzo and Damon behind. After leaving them, Bonnie exclaims how Enzo was trying to help them with information regarding the creature from the vault.

Bonnie now has hope again that she can rescue Enzo and Damon from the Armory's monster's clutches, which is later revealed to be a Siren. Bonnie first sends Caroline to defend Enzo against Damon and Stefan, but Enzo and Damon break the necks of Caroline and Stefan and continue to fight brutally. Bonnie finally rushes to Enzo's side and they embrace passionately.

Sybil then impatiently states that Enzo must turn his humanity off to save himself and Bonnie. Bonnie begs Enzo in tears not to turn his humanity off, but Enzo says he will do it anyway to save Bonnie and he is certain that Bonnie could bring him back to himself again.

So Bonnie is forced to watch Enzo turn his humanity off and he submits himself to Sybil. Sybil then asks Damon to kill Bonnie and asks Enzo if he has a problem with that, to which Enzo responds 'no' twice. In tears, Bonnie is forced to run for her life as Sybil counts down from ten to have Damon kill Bonnie. In An Eternity of Miseryalthough unseen, it was mentioned that Bonnie took care of Enzo after he was knocked out in front of the Armory, with Sybil.

According to Caroline, Bonnie is trying to get Enzo's humanity back on even though Enzo is saying hurtful things to Bonnie while she is trying to get through to him. In Coming Home Was a MistakeBonnie is still trying to get through to Enzo, as she uses a magical object to keep him trapped inside their cabin. After receiving the news about Tyler Lockwood's death this motivates Bonnie to fight harder for Enzo. Skipping out on Tyler's funeral to help Enzo, Bonnie calls Caroline to see if she could give her any advice to help Enzo.

Caroline tells Bonnie that facing her fears was how she got her humanity back on. Bonnie has one last talk with Enzo before getting an idea, leaving him at the cabin for a couple of hours. Once she returns Bonnie notice Enzo decorated the cabin like their first New Years Eve night, pretending as though he remembers their date night together.

Though Bonnie ignores his banter as she begins to throw gasoline all over the cabin.

apologise, but

She tells Enzo she knows his biggest fear is being abandon, so she promises him that she isn't leaving him as she lights the cabin on fire. As the cabin begins to burn down, Enzo lets her know he isn't falling for it, refusing to switch his humanity on still.

Bonnie refuses to leave him as the cabin burns down with them inside. The smoke gets in her lungs causing her to collapse onto the floor.

After awhile she's no longer responding, Enzo notices and begins to get worried, as he realizes Bonnie could be dying, Enzo finally turns his humanity back on and rescues her. Once Bonnie awakes outside, she notice Enzo is back but trapped inside the burning cabin. He tells Bonnie it's his time and that she loved him more than anyone, and that it was enough.

In a panic Bonnie rushes back inside and burns herself onto the candle to stop the spell. Enzo sees that she's hurt and gets them both of the cabin. He then apologizes for almost killing her, she tells him it's okay, Bonnie lets him know that he's stuck with her forever and that she'll never leave him.

They have kiss as their home burns down. Later on the two meet up with the gang to honor Tyler Lockwood. They have a conversation about missing each other while they cuddle on her bed. However, Enzo gets up to grab his phone and suddenly collapses to the floor, cringing in pain from Sybil's siren song as Bonnie worryingly comforts him.

Later on, Bonnie asks Stefan and Matt for help in saving Enzo from whatever is crippling him. Enzo explains that Sybil is mentally incapacitating him as revenge for escaping Sybil's clutches. Enzo is seen lying on a couch in pain and distress with Bonnie by his side as Stefan works to help Enzo by going inside his head.

Bonnie and Jeremy

By doing this, Stefan explains that it is only making matters worse for Enzo, but he continues to do so with Alaric's insistence being Damon, Sybil and Seline kidnapped his siphoner twins.

After some time, Stefan and the others find where Alaric and Caroline 's children are being held. They go to rescue the twins while Bonnie stays with an unconscious Enzo and Matt. Matt insists that Enzo is strong and will get through this, but Bonnie is almost out of hope, until Enzo awakens shortly after Bonnie and Matt's conversation and makes a playful jab that he could kiss them both.

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