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Pure is an app which allows you to find women for casual hookups online. Does Pure deliver what it promises? Is Pure a convenient way to meet women for casual sex? The selling point of Pure is it's quick and easy to meet women. There's no need for a lengthy dating profile or long conversations; Pure is for men and women who are looking for one thing; anonymous encounters fast. The focus of this post is a full review of the Pure dating app. Is Pure worth your time and more importantly, money?

Then secondly the price to play is way over priced with other apps that have real people. It could not get any more frustrating and I will be deleting the app. The best part is the apps cartoon pictures, they look cool. Good artist made funny looking images that make you laugh.

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Good luck Edit: I have received a response from the developers saying you do not need a credit card to simply try the app. The sheer number of spambots, prostitutes and catfishers makes the app unusable. Very disappointing. Basically everyone in my large metro area is one of these three. So either people are referring you to their Snapchat, asking for money or just messing with you for kicks. The Pure devs need to develop something like the Wild app photo verification feature.

Until then app is basically useless. I bought a longer subscription trying to economize but I regret it. Cannot advise against subscribing to this app more strongly.

Absolutely everyone I connected with was asking for money. This is a prostitution app to the fullest. This seems to be some sort of circuit for women. Every single one of them spoke in a very similar manner and consistently used the same sentences and phrases.

I started catching on so I would ask them from the start if they were looking for money and would seem offended that I would ask that. Absolutely horrible and such a waste of money.

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I repeat, every single girl on here wants money. Good luck guys. I was excited to try this app.

Every dating app that charges a monthly fee had other features you can use for an additional cost. The Pure dating app is no different. Pure offers a feature called Instant Chat. Usually, a conversation starts when you like a woman, and she likes you back. Our hunt for free sex dating apps to hookup was not as easy as it might've seemed at first glance. It turns out that scammers, viruses, and privacy failures all lurk equidistant from the prized possession that is the perfect casual looking for sex app. Positive & Negative Reviews: Pure - anonymous hookup chat app - 10 Similar Apps, 5 Review Highlights & 50, Reviews. Casual hook up app for awesome people. Let's fling!

The design is good, and it was easy to use. However, there are problems. I used the three day trial. Most profiles I encountered are attempts to scam desperate men, cam girls, or escorts plying their trade. The one authentic woman I met, who was none of these things, was over miles away. I opened a ticket to request help from a live person. Over hours later and there has been no response from the developer. That just shows the developer team has zero interest in anything other than collecting a paycheck.

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Edit: I did get contact from support after 48 hours. However, the illustrious Ms. Goodhead simply reiterated what was already in the help article from the automated side of support.

That was not helpful!

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Edit: Yesterday I emailed the developer, per their response to my review. I will ate this review with that experience once they follow up with me.

I live in Chicago, the third largest city in the US, so you would think that I would not have trouble finding people on this app. Every time I find people one might be in my area, but the everyone else is usually over mi away! Unfortunately scammers have outnumbered the real people on this app. To me unless Pure can do a better job weeding out the scammers, they should not be legally allowed to charge for that service. I have matched multiple people over the past few days.

Every last one of them scammers. This is a big disappointment for an app that could have been so promising. So be on the lookout for these scams. No reputable dating site requires you to book their dates through a 3rd party. The app is a really neat concept, and well done. Once I got a full subscription it seemed the profiles comprised of scammers and prostitutes only who are after your personal info, credit card details or want you to sign up for some sketchy website you have to pay for.

Real shame. Guys look out. This is a scam really. Looking at reviews of this app over its lifecycle it seems the the devs keep saying they will stop this but I think the truth is if there were no scammers and prostitutes on here there would be nobody at all. And the ones that are there are hundreds of miles away and are probably fake. All they need to do is drop the price significantly and more real people would join. Interface is nice but a little chunky. That will be fixed with time I assume.

Hey so in my area pure has zero people Not a single hookup app in the market charges even close to something that ridiculous. So I just paid thirty dollars for a terrible app that I deleted and used one time. Save your money this app is garbage.

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Reporting this app to the App Store for being a rip-off. Two people in a seventy mile radius There should be mileage setting and a way to eradicate all the fake users. The price is ridiculous for something this terrible.

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The app support gave me a longer free trial after I talked to them. Their Instagram page has great imagery. So I started using this app a few days ago and have had no luck but rather a sleuth of complaints. First of all, how the hell are you supposed to hook up with someone who is miles away?! When I did get someone close by they were hideous monsters who I wished did live far away.

This app is also barren I gave this app a shot and paid for a month subscription but now I just want my money back. To the creators of this app, you have to be blind not to notice all of these problems. So I used the app for a week. I had high hopes from the beginning almost seizure inducing hypnosis of the passage through odd drawings. It really grabbed my attention! I started it up with no picture just to dip my toes in.

Amazing idea! Great concept! In reality, scammers abound. Trust me, you will fair better at Bumble or Hinge for quick hookups than this app! Big disappointment and a waste of money! I hope none of you answer these questions. You have to pay to use the app. Yeah, the only reason I gave this app a whole two stars is because they gave me a 3 day trial As of 5 minutes ago; make that 3. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves asking desperate and lonely people for money for a pipe dream.

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I mean that with every ounce of passion I possess. While the app itself is a great idea, there are way too few users. Additionally, most of those users immediately send you a Kik account to write to, and then they proceed to try to scam you. On top of that, there are several accounts that openly admit to being prostitutes.

Pure has been great about taking feedback on individual users who fall into these categories, but the user saturation of these kinds of accounts makes this app too exhausting to continue using. To say that I am disappointed would be an understatement. There needs to be some sort of verification. I have taken every photo that was attached with each individual and did an image search and found that every one of them were taken off some other site All in all, that would make almost 15 people today alone.

Wish I can get a refund. I live in a high density area. There are some real girls on there but a ton of spam and scammers too.

No one is on the app and it is mostly filled with sex workers. If you sign up. All the other reviews here are likely paid reviews. An interesting concept albeit poorly executed. The few conversations I did have were all fake profiles trying to get you to call a number. Very poor design. Literally every person on here was a hooker. This app is total trash, is a complete waste of time in my opinion.

Almost every profile I came across is fake.

Apr 30,   Pure is for when you're looking for an adventure, not a relationship. It's quick, direct, and discreet. With Pure, your private life stays private. No social media links. No email addresses. We provide end-to-end encryption and automatically delete your chats. Upload a selfie and match with somebody who appeals to you. Chat for an hour tops (your convo disappears /5(K). Download free and best APP for Android phone and tablet with online apk downloader on, including (tool apps, shopping apps, communication apps) and more. PURE is for when you're looking for an after-dark adventure, not a relationship. It's quick, direct, and discreet. With PURE, your private life stays private.

Most will try to charge you for hookups and overall are bot accounts or scammers who just want money. Literally 1 girl within 50 miles of me. So glad I canceled right away. Combine that with all the reviews I see if scammers Waste of money, paid for a week and instantly regretted it. Closest add was over miles away. Without waiting to see if anyone even uses this I can tell this was a joke. I wish I could return my subscription, unfortunately this app has gotten away with my money.

Key takeaway: save your money stick to any other dating app. Over the year or so of using this app, I had zero luck connecting with actual people. Most of the time the people that match with me on this platform have either been trying to get me off the platform to scam me or escorts asking for money.

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Most women on here are prostitutes or verification scams. This app Is too expensive to allow women to post add on there without a picture. The older version used to be much better. Also the app used to be so simple yet efficient, now the new version is useless. Within the first hour. This app could highly be improved by profile verifications. Although there might be no getting away from scamming and cat-fishing. For some reason everyone woman i encountered wanted my phone number or some money.

These people thrive in this sort of environment. I do mot recommend this app, instantaneous gratification has to be paid for, good luck everyone. I really like the concepts where we can hook up with others, however the amount we have to pay, we only seeing scammers and escorts.

dating site. is the only service you need to go on a date with anyone you want. Regardless of age, gender, location, nationality, and religion, here all people can chat and meet with their crush. Dating today is about eliminating the borders, removing the distance, and striving for love in all its manifestations.

It really bothersome when we just want a simple hook up. I feel like it is a waste of my money when I only been seeing scams and escorts. The other issues with this is the distance, it is truly hard to hook up when you see people who like miles. There need a way where we can just limit the distances to the area we can actually meet. Truly bad. This is a joke never can find any local women and when you do all they want to do is scam you I stopped my renew and they told me I had 4 more days to stay on and the next day I could not get back on this site is a joke.

As soon as you give them a negative review they stop texting you pretending to be women. Strange how they know immediately I gave them one star. It was great back in the old days, I met a lot of fun people on here. I gave pure plenty of chances but I think the app has run its course, the developers seem incapable of keeping the spambots out. So long and thanks for all the fish.

The anonymity on Pure seems to make space for real women to indulge their sexuality safely. Thats a really super good thing. Cool premise. Nearly all people I contacted were either selling sex, or tried to blackmail me in exchange for video games. A real joke of an app. So i tried to download this app solely for the purpose of a hookup turns out everybody on the app is like some sort of scammer? Literally say the same exact lines over and over. Just about all the women on this app are soliciting some type of sex service.

I been using this app for a week now with using the app for at least a couple hours and now looking back at it, I just felt like I wasted my time. I mean you can see the scammers loud and clear. It must be overwhelming for them. This app has two major problems. They literally hassle you repeatedly after refusing their services.

Typically there were only 3 ladies within 50 miles and I live near a city of 2. I paid for the month to give this service a trial run, I lasted 4 days and deleted it. Biggest rip off and joke Save your money.

I am so disgusted all it is scammers and thieves they should be drawn and quartered for allowing this app to survive. The apps function is awesome. But most of the people I see are either really far away or try to illicit money. Also why is it that only men have to pay to use the app? I tried this app out twice, and both times I spent money to only have scammer after scammer message me constantly.

Steer clear or at least be very careful. This app is a SCAM. There are only bots or scammers in there. This app should be removed from the apple store! It would be the best there is for hookups if not for one small problem. The app is filled with scammers and escorts.

I wish there was a better user base. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you a link to reset your password. Forgot password? Sign Up Now. Already have an account? Log in. Sign Out. Popular Bundles in Romance. New Bundles in Romance. App Bundles by Life Goals. App Categories. See All. Top Apps in Dating. Pure - anonymous hookup chat app Misterico Limited Casual hook up app for awesome people.

Save 5 Saving Save 5. Apr 18, Joel Cabezas Morales. Marc A. Kris A.

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A Google user. Fernando Galindo. R Covert. The usual issues with dating apps. Nov 22, Mourya Mummaneni. Luke Feder. Sketchy Dec 7, Far search locations and scammers Jan 8, Super Sulcata.

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Rated 0 Stars if I could, all scammers Jan 8, Great concept, especially for scammers. Oct 3, Laughable Oct 22, Scammers and poor service Oct 31, Lauren Matthews. Decent idea with a very bad implementation Feb 4, John Gniadek. Oh how far you have fallen Jan 21, Lethabo Pereko.

New ate is full of bugs! And app keeps shutting down and showing errors. Not much excitement on my end Dec 7, Altair Abdul Khabir Kyle. Omar K. Seemingly riddled with bots, among other problems Oct 3, Dec 15, Waste of money Sep 5, Not That Great Jul 27, A countdown of wasted time May 8, Worthless Oct 10, Please be careful Jul 27, Great concept - no users Feb 1, Destroyed when they removed the ability to post and share photos Jan 18, Nothing but scam girls and sex workers Sep 15, Jay Rutherford.

Great concept, unfortunately not quite there Nov 14, Apr 17, Great in theory, poor execution. Aug 3, This app is a SCAM! Dec 28, Ghost App Jan 21, Non-stop scammers, grifters and con artists Aug 25, Big disappointment Dec 13, Not Worth Time or Money May 29, Only good in big cities.

Top 5 cities where Pure, the hookup app is being used the most - New York city, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco. - no more copy/paste in chats. - no more photos from albums in chats and profile pics, be true or get lost. - new chat statuses added - online, last seen and typing. - new screenshot alert keeps the weirdo away/5(K). Mar 20,   Download Pure apk for Android. Casual hook up app for awesome people. Let's fling!/10(4). Pure is a hookup app. It was literally designed to help you find a quick hookup, and it works in a unique way to other apps. So what are Pure reviews saying? Let's look at this app, and see if it can truly help you find a date today. Pure Dating App. The Pure dating app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Mar 6, Beat Avenger. Worse dating app that charge off the bat Mar 10, Total scam in NYC Dec 13, Very Location Biased Jul 22, Scammers and sex workers May 9, Stop being greedy Jun 29, Spambots, prostitutes, and catfishers - oh my! Jan 16, Expect to pay more just to meet up.

Jul 21, Berryme 9. Falls Flat Big Time Aug 17, Why so far away? Jul 15, Overrun By Scammers Nov 23, Full of scammers Aug 26, Too much money too many scammers Aug 8, Jan 9, Banned for no reason Apr 3, Good Concept, Terrible Results Feb 9, Crazy distances and Scammers! Jun 5, Great idea hijacked by Scammer Mar 5, Soliciting for money by scammers Jun 5, Pure crap Dec 25, LGA dude. An excellent app Few Users and Mostly Spam Nov 24, Andre A A.

Not worth the bandwidth to download May 8, Show More.

Pure dating app android

Worst app May 4, This app is a waste of time May 4, Terrible app filled with prostitutes May 4, Please read this May 4, This is a joke May 4, Real review from real person.

So-so May 2, I need help May 2, Zero people local and many fake profiles May 2, Avoid at all costs May 1, This platform is an absolute scam. I would avoid wasting taking the risk. Apr 30, A scam you gotta subscribe for Apr 30, Poor functionality Apr 29, Hookers Apr 29, TONS of fake reviews.

Apr 29, Most profiles are fake. Ripoff Apr 28, Still Alive Everyone is so far away Apr 28, Riddled with scammers and escorts Apr 28, Scam Apr 27, This app steals Watch out. Not worth it Apr 27, Too many girls asking for money Apr 27, Not a single real person Apr 26, This app is trash with potential Apr 25, Scammers alert Apr 25, A lot of fakes Apr 25, Solid 2. Nice concept, lacking structure Apr 23, Good concepts, but pledge with tons of scammers and escort Apr 23, Constructive criticism Apr 22, Mostly Scams and Sellers Apr 22, Disappointed with Mavrick.

Disappointed Apr 21, Nope Apr 21, If you wanna pay their lame weekly fee to get with hookers be my guest. Scams Apr 19, Waste of money. Complete Scammers from India Apr 19, Not impressed Apr 19, Been using pure for 4 years Apr 18, Improving Apr 18, Was bored Buggy Johnston III.

Want my money back Apr 15, Terrible app Apr 15, Garbage Apr 14, Covid bound. Whoever is a scammer. This app is for you!!

Apr 14, For that reason, everyone you match with on Pure is looking for one thing: an encounter. The appeal of the site, of course, lies in the disappearance of your profile.

With every good thing comes a few drawbacks, though. And the drawbacks to the Pure app should be blatantly obvious. The second drawback is that your options are limited. That means while you may be ready to hook up on Thursday atthe hookup of your dreams may have just missed you.

His profile was automatically deleted at Some Pure reviews say the site is a waste of time. Other Pure reviews say the matches are too widespread. Surprisingly, though, many Pure reviews were quite positive.

Start free dating in any city in the USA

There are apparently a lot of people who are looking for the same thing at the same time. There are sites like Ashley Madison that are geared toward people who want to have an affair. There are Christian dating sites, hook-up sites like BeNaughtyMormon dating sites, bisexual dating sites and fetish dating sites. Um sure? So, should you download the Pure dating app? As always, be careful and use the common sense we know you have.


We believe that the anonymity adds to the danger.

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