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Since its creation as a country till now Nigeria continues to grow in population and resources. It currently has a population of over million people. Nigerian is reportedly the most populous nation on the African continent and the 8 th most populous in the world. Nigeria is a country made up of a wealth of mineral and human resources. The country was officially called Nigeria in the year , with the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern region; by the British colonials under the leadership of Lord Fredrick Lugard. Prior to this time, the region was made up of various tribes and ethnic groups which all had their unique cultures, traditional beliefs and modes of leadership. The medium of leadership at this time was predominantly the ruling of monarchs.

The Yoruba people are the predominant tribe in the South Western region of Nigeria.

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They can also be found in lesser numbers in just about every state in the federation of Nigeria. The Yoruba are very much into parties and celebrations. They are a people with colorful and interesting traditions, fashion, style and history in general. The wedding ceremony is one of such entertaining and colorful celebrations. The traditional marriage ceremony amongst the Yoruba is a time for families to reunite and have fun. This is always the first stage in the traditional marriage rites.

The intended groom alongside his family and important extended family members pay a visit to the family of the lady. The family of the man is usually required to come along with a few gift items like wine, fruits and the likes. Both families interact and get to know each other; most times, the date of the actual engagement is fixed in this gathering.

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The affair can be a quiet one involving just a few family members or something grand involving a larger number of family members and close friends. This ceremony is the official Yoruba wedding ceremony. Colors of the ceremony are selected and traditional Yoruba outfits are picked out for the bride and groom.

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The occasion is usually presided over by two women. They are referred to as the Alaga iduro and the Alaga ijoko. These women are vast in the knowledge of the Yoruba marriage customs and traditions.

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The groom and his family are made to pay quite a number of fees and will also prostrate several times before the family of the bride. They are to come along with a large number of gifts demanded by the family of the bride.

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Some of the items include: several tubers of yams, bags of salt, kola nuts, fruits, boxes of clothes and accessories, kegs of palm oil, sweets etc. In recent times, the parents of the bride are hardly known to collect the bride price issued by the groom as most Yoruba parents will express that their child is not for sale.

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The family of the groom makes their intentions known to the family of the bride and the request is accepted. The bride is brought out and asked a few questions on her thoughts about the proposal, when she answers and accepts she is then led by the groom to their assigned seats for the remainder of the ceremony.

Destruction of Palestinian Cultural Heritage: The Old City of Nablus

The couple is considered traditionally married after this occasion. The Igbo people of Nigeria have their homeland in the Eastern region of the country. They are also found in large numbers all over the country and beyond as they are very industrious and business oriented individuals. They are mostly known to deal in local and international trades. The traditional wedding ceremony amongst the Igbo unlike other tribes is an affair that actively involves the participation of not just the bride, groom and their families but also the entire community.

It can be a rather expensive affair.

Discover El Paso's Unique Cultural Heritage

The groom first of all goes along with his family to the family of the bride to make their wedding intentions known. The next visit is made with a few items like wine, kola nuts and the likes.

Radiocarbon dating and the protection of cultural heritage Irka Hajdas1, A.J. Timothy Jull2,3,4 and Hans-Arno Synal1 (1) Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Email: [email protected] Among the cultural sites that suffered the most damage is the Old City of Nablus whose cultural heritage includes architectural treasures dating to Roman, Byzantine, Crusader, Mamluk and Ottoman eras. Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid region. A superlative natural phenomenon, Lake Ohrid provides a refuge for numerous endemic species of freshwater fauna and flora dating from the Tertiary period. Situated on the shores of the lake, the town of Ohrid is .

A list containing a vast number of items is then compiled and given to the groom. After his remarks on Wednesday, however, many people interpreted Trump's words to mean that the U.

And then the White House twitter account repeated it.

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Is he serious? Ancient Rome? Noting several other instances in Trump's contentious day, political analyst Bill Palmer suggested that the president "thinks the United States was around during the time of 'Ancient Rome. Writer and former Obama employee offered his own condemning twist on Trump's comment.

kingdom's terrestrial and coastal cultural and natural resources and the infrastructure for tourists and visitors. Its heritage includes thousands of burial mounds dating from the bronze age, Bahrain Fort, the historic towns of Muharraq and Manama, and sites relating to cts of the country's. Located in El Paso's Lower Valley this Trail is rich in history dating back years. Sure to take your breath away these three adobe churches remain as living testaments to the faith of our Spanish and Indian ancestors. Established in the Ysleta Mission is the . He said ""The United States and Italy are bound together by a shared cultural and political heritage dating back thousands of years to Ancient Rome.", which is true. Perhaps you need to take.

Others came to Trump's defense, noting that Trump had not actually said that the U. Perhaps you need to take Western Civ again, if you ever did.

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Our liberal elite is either unaware of our ties to ancient Rome or thinks you are to stupid to be aware of them. Beltway Confidential. Washington Secrets. Donald Trump.

Cultural heritage dating

Al-Shuby House: An Ottoman-era residential complex composed of three connected houses. It was home to nine low-income families.

The Radiocarbon Dating and Protection of Cultural Heritage Meeting was held November at ETH Zurich. Click here for links to documents and materials discussed at the meeting. Finding what you need? Let us know in a short survey. Washington State has a rich and diverse cultural heritage dating back thousands of years. The Cultural Resources program works with federal and state agencies, tribal governments, the Washington State Historic Preservation Officer, and other interested parties to balance the state's transportation needs with protecting and.

Residents reported that the Israeli Army did not warn the residents to leave their houses prior to the assault. An elderly couple, Abdullah Shuby and his wife Shamsa, were discovered alive after eight days of being trapped beneath the rubble. The destruction affected the structural stability of the whole residential block.

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Al-Fatimiyeh School: An Ottoman-era preparatory school for girls. During the first few days of the April invasion, Israeli army bulldozers ripped holes in the walls damaging the structural stability of the building. The students were transferred to another school.

It consists of a Mamluk minaret, intricate details of stone and hand-carved wooden doors. The main prayer hall square meters was destroyed and parts of the roof at the western side collapsed as a result of Israeli bombardment.

The destroyed site consists of two soap factory buildings, Kannan and al-Nabulsi and a group of houses belonging to the ShabaruIstetaiyeh, Shakhsheer, Zatar, Khalili, Johari, Younis and Alfi families.

The Khan al Wakalat and the door and part of the interior of the 17th century St.


Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church were also destroyed. The Hosh Freitekh: An Ottoman-era Hosh a housing complex surrounding a courtyard consisting of two houses belonging to the Okasha and Freitekh families housing 20 people.

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