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When was the last time you paused between sips of your favorite soda and wondered about that can in your hand? But that seemingly unremarkable object is actually a marvel of modern manufacturing. It is, in fact, a glorious thing. If you drink beer, or soda, or juice, or sports drinks, or if you have ever preserved fruits or vegetables in glass jars, the name Ball probably sounds familiar. The people of the world go through billion aluminum beverage cans a year; enough to build dozens of towers to the moon. Ball makes about a quarter of them.

Richard W. Search a little and you will be surprised at what you can find. The only two thoughts I wish to add are: Be careful with some automotive parts, especially tranny cases. Some contain magnisium. Get that lit and it don't stop!

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Clean a spot on the part in question, apply some vinegar, if it reacts, turns black or bubbles, avoid that part for melting. If you are using a metal homemade crucible, either invest in some crucible wash or as has been mentioned, a small piece if copper wire will help flux and control dross.

Stay out of the fumes!!! Did I say stay out of the fumes!?! Well, one more.

The cans of beer we drink today are a distant relative of the heavy steel beer cans that once dominated the market. Below is a guide to help you date beer your beer can. All cans will fall into one of the following three categories. Types of Beer Cans. 1) Flat Tops: produced from to ; 2) Cone Tops: produced from to

Agree totally with the melt into ingots first, muffin tin, small breadpans, channel or angle iron mold. Make different sizes, later you can choose what will best match your project, amount wise. Also I find each subsequent melt removes more "bubbles" in your pour. Enjoy, Ken PS I'm a fan of the old lawnmower cases, scrap yards and people will give it to you to be rid of it!

Aluminum Top: Does it have an aluminum top that advertises itself as a "Soft-top" or words to that effect? Then it dates between A soft top can. Aluminum Cans: Is it aluminum? Aluminum cans came into wide use in the s but the first ones were being sold by . Jun 28,   A pound of aluminum cans would be worth about 40 to 41 cents. Why is Aluminum So Cheap? Due to the light weight and smaller price tag, it does not move as much as the other, more expensive metals. In fact, when compared with copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc, it is the least expensive metal per pound. This is generally because it is also the. A Practical Workshop on Tin Can Identification and Analysis. Maxwell presents data on beer cans dating from through the s. This means the article includes information on aluminum cans. This article also contains numerous photos of beer cans and a beer can stylistic Size: 2MB.

What a treasure they are missing!!!! Plus you get some bonus metal and gears, springs, cranks, good stuff for other projects.

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Aluminum cans are poor feed stock for a home furnace, period. Trade them for the same weight at a metal yard, as they are higher value material than general aluminum scrap. Keep iron away from alumin, at all costs, as it is a destroyer of good proerties, and copper for the same reason. Alumin will alloy with most metals instilling some real property changes.

Beer cans made their debut on January 24, in Richmond, Virginia when the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company of Newark, New Jersey test marketed their Krueger's Finest Beer and Krueger's Cream Ale. These cans, produced by the American Can Company, had a flat top which required opening instructions on the side of the can informing the thirsty. Mar 24,   - Motor Oil sold commercially in aluminum cans. Late s- A soft aluminum top was added to the metal flat top beer can. - First all-aluminum beer can sold by Adolph CoorsCo. The New Health Conscious Public. - American Can Co. has about 80 can factories andforty-two metal decorating plants. It was a scene of intense devotion, and as such, it was only fitting that the first thing I learned there was that manufacturing aluminum cans is so challenging, and requires such a vast amount of.

Sorting of aluminum by type is hard to do, but if you think a bit it will become clearer how to match your needs. Generally, if the Item is a sand casting, it is the best bet for your sand casting, if it looks like a small molded part, it could be perfect for a small permanent mold.

Dating Your Tins and Cans

Drawn grades, like screen door frames, may be proportioned into cast stock, to give softer but tough working qualities for your casting. It is all shake and bake guesswork, without knowing for sure what the base alloy is, you can be miles off. As a general rule, make pistons, from pistons, frames, from framework, and so one, copycating the engeneering already done by somone with knowledge of application and alloy.

Beware of many materials that are small, and generally called pot-metal, or die-cast.

Dating aluminum cans

This material is heavy with zinc additions to an aluminum base, and may be unsuitable for many projects due to its course grain structure and general low weak tensil strength. It will also 'white rust' or powder on the surface readily when exposed to mother nature as she oxidizes the zinc from the surface.

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A coated crucibal of any kind, is preferable to an iron pot, with few exceptions, and degassing with pool tablet chlorine is a cheep and easy way to get better quality metal and pours. All of them carry the 2-line patent pending box which dates them prior to September 18, Crowntainers were unique in their construction and manufactured from two pieces: the body and spout were drawn and formed from steel and then the bottom was attached.

This is in contrast to all other beer cans from that era, including cone tops and flat tops, were constructed from three pieces. The seams were fastened together and the top and bottom were attached. It was much easier to apply colorful and intricate designs to a flat sheet of tin that to a steel cylinder.

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Because of this drawback, most crowntainers are looked dull in comparison to other beer cans. To compensate, some brewers painted the entire crowntainer in a white enamel paint to achieve a nicer looking package.

Yellow: example. Instead of using white paint, some breweries painted the entire crowntainer in a cream or yellowish enamel paint.

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Some breweries combined the techniques. They applied a white or yellow base coat to the body of the can but left the spout in its original silver color. Only a handful of cans used this technique. The clues mentioned above may be found right on the can itself. Another good way of narrowing down the age of a can is by finding out when the brewery was in operation. On my Breweries page, there is a list of breweries that used or tested crowntainer style cans. On the right are the approximate dates after prohibition when they resumed producing beer and when they ended production.

Therefore, any cans from Tivoli are from or earlier. Finally, it would be helpful to know when a brewery produced a particular brand of beer. For example, the Washington Breweries, Inc. This change over occurred around Unauthorized use of content or images is prohibited. Here are some of the clues used in determining the age of a crowntainer. Click on a question to jump to more information.

On top of the fluctuating prices, you need to realize that when you take the aluminum in, you are not going to receive the same price it is listed at on the chart above. The recycling center will have a buy and a sell price listed.

This means the recycling center will pay you less than the current value of aluminum, and charge you more for aluminum than it is worth.

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This simply is because the scrap yard needs to make money on the transaction, and this is not possible if it offers the same price as what aluminum is trading at. As of this writing, the price of Aluminum is about 81 cents per pound.

Below are some examples of what you can expect in some states for recycling your empties. I did some research to get you some real-world pricing information. I also called a bunch of places for you to get a better idea of what places are paying.

As of this writing, Aluminum is trading for about 81 cents per pound. These estimates are just to give you an idea of how much you can roughly expect. California is special in that they have the California Redemption Value of 5 cents per can under 24 fluid ounces. Ohio Computer Recycling quotes a price of 40 cents per pound.

How to Determine the Date Beer Cans Were Produced

I called CycleMET over in Columbus, Ohio and they quoted 38 cents per pound and 40 cents per pound if you have over pounds. I did a little research and locates some places in Texas that listed their prices.

Worth Texas is currently paying 40 cents per pound for your aluminum cans. I called up Stateline Recycling in Janesville, Wisconsin and the gentleman there quoted 25 cents per pound and 30 cents per pound if you have over pounds. What struck me the most about the pricing was how much it varied even within the same state. Some recycling centers paid as much as 15 cents per pound more. Any place I called that had a bulk pricing tier gave their best price for pounds or more.

Dating cans - Find single man in the US with rapport. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. May 09,   Aluminum cans are poor feed stock for a home furnace, period. Trade them for the same weight at a metal yard, as they are higher value material than general aluminum scrap. Keep iron away from alumin, at all costs, as it is a destroyer of good proerties, and copper for the same reason. Jun 05,   Cans were made (mostly) of steel from through about With many exceptions, steel cans generally date between and and aluminum cans date after 3. Graphic Design/Information on Can. When beer in cans was first introduced, the public had to be sold on the benefits of beer in cans.

Make sure the bulk price is worth the effort. If you have an aluminum can from a soda or beer, you might wonder what exactly you should do with it.

Flatten soda cans

Now, if you are in one of the states with a bottle deposit, you can receive a nice sum of money for your can compared to the melt value. With many these states, you receive five cents for returning the can.

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