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This mark expired April of The THL trademark was granted in and is still in use. While the Accessocraft trademark was granted in and was used throughout production on metal jewelry with some variations. The Alice Caviness mark was used from on. Yet the mark was not registered until by the Junquera Sales Co. The Amco jewelry mark was used from on.

Designers for Coro according to Brunialti: Gene Verrecchia [Verri] - to the end of the He and his son Ron founded Gem-Craft, which is still in business as of Charles E.

Coro Jewelry History and Marks

Coro manufactured most of their own jewelry. However, when needed, they would have other companies make some of their jewelry. Hedison manufactured some jewelry for Coro.

Aug 15,   Vintage costume jewelry usually doesn't have purity marks, but will often have a maker's mark (commonly called the signature), and can sometimes have a retailer mark and/or patent or inventory marks. Patent numbers are especially helpful when dating older vintage jewelry, and will be covered in a separate article in this series. Some of the most popular marks seen on Coro jewelry, courtesy Fabulous Facets catalog site: Coro Trademark Evolution The Decline: By the end of the s Coro's well was running dry, however. In , Richton International Corp. of New York bought the American assests of Coro, Inc., and continued producing jewelry in Providence. Coro, a partnership between Emanuel Cohn (the "Co") and Gerald Rosenberg (the "ro"), began producing jewelry in New York in and continued through the s under the marks Coro, Coro Craft (later Corocraft), and Vendome, among others. Although Vendome was the company's high-end line, some of the most sought-after pieces today are the Coro pieces, especially the Duettes, the company.

Courtesy RCJ. Pend; c. Courtesy Mary Ann Docktor-Smith. Courtesy Simply Sharon. Info courtesy Arnie V. Photo courtesy Jim Katz. They were made for Birks, but were probably sold in other major department stores. Info courtesy Robin Deutsch. Courtesy Cindy Amirkhan. This was issued after Patent numbers are especially helpful when dating older vintage jewelry, and will be covered in a separate article in this series.

It includes silver marks from many countries and you can access it here: Silver Marks.

Researching Costume Jewelry History, Companies and Signatures -"M"

As a general rule, signatures without a copyright symbol indicate the piece was manufactured prior to There are exceptions, however. Jewelry companies would often use up their supply of pre-stamped clasps and findings after switching to a new signature, so some pieces made soon after might not have copyright symbols.

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group Help dating CORO Mark in reply to flipping_treasures Aug 13, AM. Aug 13, AM. Sarah, I just got a brooch that has a few of those marquise shaped settings that simply have a small round rhinestone in the center. I . Welcome to my jewelry research page, a work in progress. As I collect hallmark photos and accurate dates I will be adding to these records. If you would like to help with this Research page I would love to hear from you. Contact Me Here with hallmark photos and jewelry dates. I will be sure to give credit for any Research help you provide, and. Aug 24,   Coro Jewelry History and Marks. CORO/COHN AND ROSENBERGER c. Coro jewelry, Cohn & Rosenberger, was founded in New York by Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger in / and incorporated in A factory was established in Providence, Rhode Island in

A detailed study of vintage jewelry marks could fill multiple books, but to give some guidance we can use the Trifari company as an example. Trifari always signed its jewelry and was very diligent about protecting its designs. Prior to the change in the copyright law inthe designs were patented. The most commonly seen vintage Trifari pieces have signatures from pre through the s. In the company was bought by Liz Claiborne and production was moved overseas to create mass produced unsigned jewelry.

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They have an extensive library of jewelry marks located here: Researching Costume Jewelry. Just scroll down a little and click the letter of the alphabet for the company marks you wish to view. Another way to learn more about vintage jewelry is to read vintage jewelry books.

In addition to learning about the history of vintage jewelry or particular designers, they also include wonderful photos, often with the vintage jewelry marks. Future articles will discuss other cts of dating vintage jewelry. Vintage jewelry patents provide a wonderful way to research and accurately date older vintage jewelry.

Oct 24,   Karen is an artist, creator, and writer who loves antique jewelry. Jewelry mirrors time, culture, and societal values. It reflects the taste and attitude of every period in history. Luckily, there are definitely clues that can be used in deciphering how old your jewelry is. The older and more rare the piece of jewelry, the more valuable it will be. Aug 24,   Jewelry History - Jewelry Research - Jewelry Marks - Jewelry Signatures - Jewelry Articles - Jewelry Galleries. Information and images contained in Researching Costume Jewelry (RCJ) were created by Illusion Jewels and are currently maintained and ated by . When you are trying to pinpoint the date for your piece of Coro, Corocraft or Vendome jewelry, it is important to know some key facts. I have gathered a list of them here. A lot of them apply to other costume jewelry manufacturers of the time too! For Coro, Corocraft or Vendome makers marks and trademarks, please refer to the blue buttons above.

If you found this information helpful, or have any questions at all, please click the comment link below this article to add your comments. To share this article, use the share buttons below. You can also use the Social Media buttons in the right sidebar to visit my pages. I have a few pieces of very ornate with inticate work and lots of metal.

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They are very pretty but I cannot find any names or markings. I will attempt to send a phto example. I cannot send photo on my phone. Neither my phone nor myself. Thank you Christine for providing this helpful information, along with providing all those hyperlinks.

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Much appreciated. You are welcome. I did not find this site from Twitter.

Dating coro jewelry marks

I have a gold necklace with RNEL marking on both the chain and cross pendant. I have a 14 k gold necklace. On the clasp it has engraved the word butterfly.

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The clasp is a small hook with a weird looking butterfly. I have never seen this kind of clasp. Do you have any idea? Thank you, Robin. Any information? I have a piece of rhinestone jewelry that looks to be somewhat expensive.

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Can anyone tell me what this means? It is costume jewelry, I am sure, but it is nice a shiny with diamond shaped, baguettes, some small round and one larger round rhinestone in the center.

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It is a beautiful piece, just wondering what the marks on the back are for. Great info- thanks for sharing!

Monet. Coro marked jewelry identification marks for vintage costume jewelry. Ariana grande dons chef's hat, henri, 60s, brooches and marked chr. They were the s. This list for dating from hotline. Among the piece of signatures used since to date of all costume jewelry.

What do you call a tiny tag, or symbol attached to the jewelry? My grandma left me tons of jewelry and many pieces have a tiny gold key attached. Nothing matching the piece itself, clearly some kind of logo or signature, but have not been able to find any info or even figure out what it is for sure called? I have a silver and marcasite bracelet from around the s. Any ideas of the origin? The bracelet itself is made of 6 leaf shapes with openwork and highlighted with marcasite.

What does that mean, besides Sterling? I have a pearl necklace with a gold flower clasp and inlaid sapphire. Underneath the letters is something that looks like a rooster or other bird?

If anyone can help Thanks!

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