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A faithful illustration of Henry Bowers holding his switchblade knife and wearing his pink motorcycle jacket with the eagle on the back as described in the novel. Henry is described in the novel as being very big and strong for a year-old boy with his hair cut in a flattop spiked with a lot of Butch Wax that he keeps in his jeans. He always wears a pink motorcycle jacket with an eagle on the back and worn-out engineer boots. At only 12, his teeth are already rotting and it is very noticeable whenever he smiles. In the book he is also said to constantly smell like a mixture of sweat and juicy fruit chewing gum. In the miniseries, he sports a greaser pompadour and wears a brown motorcycle jacket. In the film adaptation, Henry is a year-old teenager with a brown mullet and wears sleeveless T-shirts and torn jeans.

As Mike struggles to keep Henry from stabbing him, Henry gleefully taunts Mike that he should've died with his parents in the fire and sadistically enjoys describing how they burned to death.

Oscar Bowers

However, before Henry can succeed in stabbing Mike, Richie impales him in the back of the head with an axe that was in one of the library's display cases, killing Henry. Richie jokes that Henry's death was long overdue before throwing up from having actually killed someone. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. I know you, too. Well, son of a bitch!

The Jew and the fatboy are here too! That your girlfriend, fatboy? I got bones to pick with a lot of you, but I can let that go for today. The fat boy, the Jew, and the sissy. Four eyes and the patch girl, too. You like fireworks, boy, huh? What do you say to "Rocket in your pocket"?

Dumb stuttering freak. For you and your fucking faggot f-f-friends.

valuable phrase

I'm gonna carve my whole name out of this cottage cheese! My old man will kill me! You should have stayed out of Derry. Your parents didn't, and look what happened to them.

I still get sad everytime I pass by that pile of ashes, sad that I couldn't have done it myself. Ride's over, Denbrough. Wouldn't you say fellas? Yeah, sure you would. When one of Henry's friends dropped a bushel of vegetables he'd picked in one of their fields, Butch began to beat the boy severely, flashing back to and screaming about his combat days when he'd fought the Japanese in the Pacific.

Butch also kept a samurai sword that he'd claimed to have seized from a dead Japanese soldier and would often lay it in his lap while sitting on his porch. Henry's friends would often worry that Butch would use it in a violent manner. In truth, Butch had bought the sword from a curio shop in Hawaii before returning to the States. After a violent rock fight in late July ofHenry's sanity slowly deteriorates, not only from It's influence, but also his father's as well.

Upon returning to home from the sewers, Henry was eventually convicted for Butch's murder as well as the rest of the killings that occurred throughout the summer and had been arrested by the cops, who had been waiting for him. Butch's dream had always been to own a Plymouth Furywhich was the main car in 's Christine.

He is not seen in the miniseries, but rather briefly mentioned by Henry when he gets detention for insulting Ben Hanscom in front of the class, claiming that his "old man will tan his hide" for this incident and while harassing Mike mentioning him and his dad hate blacks. In the film adaptation, Butch is portrayed as an alcoholic cop rather than an insane ex-marine.

Although he shows none of his racism or crazed personality from the book, he is still portrayed as abusive towards his son, Henry. In this adaptation, though, his abuse is of a different angle, using his physical abuse to bully Henry into submission and behaving and not being above emasculating him in front of his friends.

He and his partner were helping Mrs. Ripsom of searching for Betty Ripsom as she went missing not knowing she was eaten by IT. Glancing, you saw Lester peering down. He looked alarmed. The man, who was now preoccupied with rummaging, but the knife was still dangerously close to you. You snapped your head back to the man as he tore through the draws.

He pushes you into the darkness, and you cant see a thing. But you knew this area like the back of your hand thanks to Vincent.

Thankfully, the light and noise from the generator is a godsend when you manage to get to it. A spark of genius hit. But its faulty so you have to flip it up and down quickly. Which was actually for the houses lights. You were sure Lester had told Vincent and Bo, but this would tell them where you were in the tunnels. Given the amount of times you and Vincent had almost been caught fucking down here, you had a knack for noticing the noises of the house.

He buckled to the ground and you turned on your heel, running back. You made a mental note to thank Bo for the self defence lessons if you got out of this alive. As you came to his main room, you slid to a stop but end up loosing your balance and falling to the ground.

You heard the man running to catch you, so you twisted and started to scrambled away. Until you saw the figure standing to the side of the door you had just ran through. You smiled widely, but quickly dropped you smile when you heard the man approaching. He ran at you, the knife raised above his head in a deranged way.

But the second he stepped through the door way, Vincent struck. Using a small knifelike instrument he normally used to carve the wax, he managed to catch the mans right thigh with it and he toppled to the ground. Once he had the upper hand, he used the butt of the knife to hit the man several times until he fell unconscious. You heard running coming from the tunnels and you nearly screamed thinking it was someone else until you saw Lester and Bo. They must have went back to the house to try cut him off.

Lester and Bo dragged the man through the hall and back to the house, and you were pretty sure he was going to wish he had had the wax treatment. Once they left, you turned your attention to Vincent. You were taking deep breaths as you stood, staring at Vincent who was panting.

Nov 27, M A S T E R L I S T. MOST RECENT ATE: NOVEMBER 27, -- HEADCANONS-- ? Dating Beverly Marsh would Include. ? Dating Henry Bowers would Include. ? Loser's Club at an Amusement Park ? Victor Criss x Chubby tall female!reader ? Poly-dating Stan + Bill would Include. ? Patrick Hockstetter x Male!Reader ? Richie x Introverted .

The blood spattered up side and the man had managed to tear his jumper in the fight. Vincent tore off his mask as if it were suffocating him as he turned to you, his eyes filled with fear and worry. It broke you. Running forward, you threw yourself into his arms, kissing him hungry. He stumbled to the table, only placing you down so he could pin you down, pressing you against the surface with his body as he kissed you back.

But you just did. In that moment, he wasnt just the gentle giant that you knew and loved, but his strength and brute force made your knees tremble and your insides turn, but not out of fear. You wanted to reward him for protecting you so well, you wanted him to know how much you wanted him in return.

He buried his face in your neck, kissing the area as he worshiped your body. Reaching between your bodies, you palmed his growing erection before grinning.

He trembles under your touch. To fully tease and pleasure him, but you needed to be close to him. Vincent pulls you to the edge of the table, his fingers hooking your underwear.

You pushed yourself up as he kneeled to pull them off. His fingers danced back up your legs while pressing the occasional kiss to your knee or thigh before straightening up. He lined himself up with your entrance, pushing in with ease. As he thrusts into you, his whole body trembles. With a hand either side of your head, Vincent hunches over, his eyes shut tightly as he gives a few quick involuntary thrusts.

It had been a week since you had last been intimate with him and you had been bouncing off the walls the last few days. But Vincent was quick to start slowly fucking you. Leaning up, you press your lips to his own. One of his arms slipped under you and held you close.

In a perfect world, you would have all your clothes as well as his own off.

Mike Vs Henry Bowers It 2017 With Health Bars

Normally, Vincent was gentle and slow during sex. You were normally the one who initiated a fast speed or asked for him to fuck you harder. Yet it seems he needed the same thing as you.

(yes, I know none of these add up to I give these boys %)

His hips snapped against your own, building the speed as he stood back up, his hands now grabbing your hips. Pushing yourself up, you wrap you arms around his neck and kiss him deeply. Vincent groans against your lips, making you answer with your own mewls of pleasure as his thrusts became quicker and quicker. You could feel your orgasm fast approaching and judging by his own grunts and groans, so was his own. You threw youre head back, moaning his name as you locked your legs around his torso.

Your whole body trembled beneath his own, your walls pulsing as Vincent struggled to contain himself, his face now buried in your neck.

Dating henry bowers

He failed and came inside you with a low growl. Vincent manged to catch himself on one arm before he collapsed onto you completely. By the time you could move, Vincent pull his face back, panting as you were.

What we doing with this guy? There was a moment of silence before you heard chuckling as someone walked away and the door closing. Vincent shook his head, smiling as he lay gentle kisses up your neck. He pulled back and out of you. You whimpered at the loss but sat up nevertheless. Vincent tucked himself away as he walked to grab his work chair. Pulling it back, he sat down in front of you, reaching out to stroke your leg lovingly.

Smiling, you slid off the table and right onto his lap, curling into him as his arms wrapped security around you. And you knew he loved you because he showed you. But this meant so much to you. Anything like that for Bo? Like a victim comes into the house and Bo goes feral.

Fluffy smut and all. As soon as Bo got back, he was out again. You had followed him in confusion and sadness as he gathered his gun and bullets before heading right back out the door.

But you followed his orders, going up to your shared bedroom and sitting at the desk you used as partly a vanity. You liked it because it looked out the window over the whole of the village. But as hours passed and the sun set, you began to get unsettled. You knew there had been people in Ambrose, but the brothers normally took care of everything before sundown. You had tidied up the bedroom and changed the sheet in the time.

Looking at the pile by the door, you got to your feet and scooped it into your arms. Managing to open the door with your elbow, you stepping out into the hall way and walked down the stairs. Going to the laundry room, you shoved the sheet into the machine and added some washing powder before setting it and pressing start. You always stood for a moment to make sure it starts up without any issues after the time it had started leaking water and you had to call Bo back.

Once satisfied, you went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. Going to the stairs, you were near the top when you heard the floorboard squeak at the bottom of the stairs. Turning, your smile quickly dropped when you saw the person at the foot of the stars was not Bo, or Vincent or even Lester.

Read Dating Henry would include from the story ? Sweet Innocence Bowers gang by Ethereal_suspense (????????????) with 9, reads. victor, wattys, bowe Reviews: Dating Henry Bowers would include: A lot of patients. - Getting him to be a better person and ease off the bullying. But now that he had someone he really loves and loves him in . Dating henry bowers - Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. Rich woman looking for older man & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a lady. My interests include staying up late and taking .

It was a stranger. He looked positively insane. His dark brown hair was everywhere, his face dirty and bloody, his clothes torn and spattered with blood. And in his right hand was a screwdriver held like a knife. Oh god.

You knew you were fucked. Sure, you could lock the bedroom door, but the doors themselves were flimsy, having been broken once when Lester and Bo had falling into them during a fight. A few hard shoulder bashes and the doors would cave in.

On the other hand, he was too close to the stairs for you to flee to the front door. But the chose was made for you. He raced up the stairs and you fell backwards up, missing your footing. Letting out a streik, you thre the content from your grass in his face making him splitter as the water hit his cuts and he fell up the stairs.

With his upper body now only a step away from your feet, you threw the glass at his head. The man sways and goes to catch himself on the stair with the shattered glass without realising before letting out a cry as the shards cut through his hands. Raising your foot, you gave a quick kick to his chest and sent him tumbling back down the stairs with a harsh thud. Jumping over the man, you raced to the door just as Bo opened it. You flung yourself into his arms the second he came in.

One arm wrapped securely around your waist, holding you close. Looking down, you noticed he was holding his gun in the other hand. Someone came up behind Bo and you looked up to see Vincent. He seemed just as anxious as Bo was to make sure you were okay so you offered him a smile. Heard a noise when I was going back upstairs but when I turned, he was at the bottom of the stairs.

You glanced towards the man who had stumbled to his feet. But the loud bang that filled your eardrums made you jumped and your hands shoot up to cover your ears. The man screamed and when you looked, you saw blood stain growing on his lower right thigh before running down his leg. Before he had a chance to move, Bo had thrown down his gun and advanced on him. With a hand around his throat, Bo hauled the man away from the stairs and threw him down on the ground.

Vincent gently guided you towards the stairs and up them. Once at your bedroom, you stepped inside and turned to Vincent. Vincent gave a single nod, pointed nod as his fists clenched before he took the door handle and closed it, leaving you in the bedroom. The man should have just run.

assured, that you

You let out a shiver before retreating back to your desk. About half an hour passed before you heard footsteps and your bedroom door opened. There stood Bo, covered in blood and panting slightly. He walked into the room, kicking the door closed behind him as you stood up. Bo offered you a half smile as he approached the bed, fully ready to fall back onto it.

An idea popped into your head. Gently pulling him towards the bathroom, you smiled sweetly.

Read [4] Dating Henry includes from the story Clean Underwear || Bowers Gang by ourinjustice with 8, reads. patrick, bowersgang, it. death glares at anyon Reviews: Dating Henry Bowers would include: A lot of patience. - Getting him to be a better person and ease off the bullying. But now that he had someone he really loves and loves him in return, it's a lot easier - Becoming apart of the gang and them treating you like one of their own. - Henry becoming very protective over you, even with his friends. Dating Henry Bowers or Patrick Hockstetter Dating Henry Bowers would include: Him always trying to impress you - Dates in abandoned places you normally wouldn't go to - Him not introducing you to his dad, he wants to protect you from him - Henry being super protective of you in general - Him not being shy at all in the bedroom.

Bo followed without question, his whole body seemed tired. Occasionally, he would capture your lips in his own, but only for a second as the bloodied clothes mixed with your own. After that, you guided him into the shower. The water was warm, and the steam at already began to mist the mirror by the sink. Bo ducked under the stream, running his hands over his face and through his hair. He let you clean his skin and hair of the blood and dirt, although scowled at the sweet smelling body wash you poured into your hands.

Although the second you were massaging it into his skin, his eyes fell shut and he hummed. You smiled, running both your hands up his chest and onto his shoulder before stepping close to him. His hands immediately snake around your waist, pulling you forward when he feels you lips on his neck. Bo had never really been into neck kissed. He secretly loves them, but never expresses it. He feels like it makes him too vulnerable. But you knew him all too well. A low groan echoed off the tiled walls as you felt him starting to get hard.

Smirking against his neck, you reached between your bodied to gently palm his growing erection while continuing to kiss his neck and jaw. His head falls to the side, allowing you move access as he soft grunt leaves his throat. Suddenly, the water is turned off and you are picked up.

You let out a gasp of surprise as he carried you from the bathroom to the bedroom, both dripping wet. You could feel his member rubbing against your core as you trap it against his stomach. Laying you down on the dge of the bed, he lining up his cock with your entrance. As he slowly pushes inside you, you forget everything. Everything that had happened today, all the fear and anxiety, even the fact you were about to chastise him for not bring a towel so the bedding will now be wet.

All you could focus on was his cock buried inside you. Bo wasted no time finding a harsh rhythm. You instantly clamp your hand over your mouth.

You hated moaning loudly when Vincent or Lester were in the house. It just felt awkward the next day. A hand grabbed your wrist and pulled it away from your mouth. Cant here you, love. But I wanna. He leans down, kissing the valley between your breasts as he groans with lust, his fingernails raking down your sides. You bury your fingers in his wet hair, pulling him up to kiss you. To properly kiss you. Passionately and unapologetically for the first time since he got home. He quickly gains dominance over the kiss as he fucks you, never once letting up or giving you a moment to breath.

Not that you ever wanted it. He let go in favour of trailing kisses down your jaw then to your neck. Oh god, you were going to pay for what happened in the shower. You were already close, desperately close after that kiss, and you could tell he was too.

sorry, that has

So when he kissed down your neck, the bit, it made your whole world explode. Bo could normally leave several love bites on your body before you orgasmed, but this time was different as your walls clenched around him. Unable to contain himself, he came in you as always, letting go of your skin in favour of groaning your name. A few lazy thrusts finished him. After a few moments and harsh pants, he pulled out of you, kissed the area he had bit and went to his side of the bed.

You sat up, a little dazed and still shaking from your orgasm. But your hair was soaking and dripping cold water down your back which caused a chill. So you went to the bathroom to grab a towel. Wiping away the steam from the mirror, you glanced at the hickey and rolled your eyes.

You walked up to his side, prepared to throw the towel at him when done. Hell to pay is that bastard down stairs who dared try hurt yah. Bo kissed your shoulder, the moment suddenly a lot more intimate and loving as the towel was left forgotten on the floor.

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