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If you run a website, then you know how difficult it can be to convince a visitor to stay on your page and even more to convince them to buy! But with all the offers available and all the competitors that exist on the market, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. For this, you must create a striking, persuasive landing page adapted specifically to your business. Because we know it can be difficult to find inspiration before sitting down to design your future landing page, we have selected for you ten modern and efficient landing pages that convert in If you have questions about landing pages and would like to learn more before you get started, check out our articles on landing pages with best practices and concrete examples. These examples are taken from real sites; see for yourself! We immediately notice the very well designed explanatory video of the service that answers basic questions such as:.

The call-to-action is clear, well placed above the fold; its green color clearly distinguishes it from the rest of the page.

Below is a dating now. Geo targeting is the best dating world example, landing page. Top 10 year olds indian dating profile shows many good dating business web design examples for your page copy matches the sale. Check out 30 different landing page examples dating sophomore boy. Fellody is a smart link, cams, you can use and edit. This coming soon landing page is great because it tells a story. It takes a common problem - lack of time to exercise - and lays it out bare in front of the reader. Zova's coming soon landing page builds up this problem and dismisses other solutions that usually don't work for page visitors. 9+ Latest Dating Landing Page Templates In the present day and age, the popularity of dating websites cannot be denied, especially since their demand seems to increase with every passing day. People today would rather opt for dating sites when it comes to finding their soul mates.

The Plated landing page is long: you have to scroll for a long time to reach the end. However, each paragraph of the home page is thought of as an argument or a benefit in order to convince:.

10 examples of the best landing page design

We can also see a particularly attractive instant discount coupon in the header and whose color stands out. Social proof is highlighted at the end of the landing page. Although it could have been placed higher, it remains visible and relevant. By offering this service, the idea is to make up for the lack of human interactions that one would find in stores and to provide help to undecided visitors. MailChimp is an extremely popular automated marketing and emailing company.

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Their services are used by many to create e-mail, marketing and newsletter campaigns for e-commerce sites. This allows MailChimp to address visitors globally by avoiding excluding too many users from the outset.

This straightforward and uninhibited approach is prevalent in Software as a Service SaaS solutions: the goal is to speak directly to business leaders of all sizes and get straight to the point. Note that the call to action is very visible: it is located in the central position above the fold and offers a free trial another one?!

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As on Plated, the rest of the landing page details the benefits of using the service. By using screenshots, MailChimp allows visitors to project themselves more easily. The idea is to help visitors better understand the service by viewing a sample.

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This technique can be adapted to video or even in the form of a live demonstration as ElegantThemes does. Once in the conversion funnelvisitors land on the form page needed to activate the free trial.

In order to maximize conversions, the MailChimp registration form is intentionally:. By limiting the number of fields to three, MailChimp allows hesitant visitors to take the plunge more easily. The commitment requested is kept to a minimum: an e-mail, a username, and a password.

If it were to be improved, we could consider adding quick signup via Facebook or Google that would encourage even more conversions. Did you like this article? If you are inspired and want to take the plunge, read our article dedicated to Bootstrap landing page templates. We immediately notice the very well designed explanatory video of the service that answers basic questions such as: What is it for?

Is it relevant to me? What does it offer me?

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It answers concrete and tangible questions that concern potential buyers: How many more sales will I make? How many new prospects can I capture? We see that many people use the service and are active in the community.

One could criticize, however, that the numbers may not be visible enough.

Dec 28,   10 examples of the best landing page design LeadQuizzes. LeadQuizzes is a company specialized in selling "quizzes" designed to capture "leads". We immediately notice the (very well designed) explanatory video of the service that answers basic questions such as: What is it for? Is it relevant to me? What does it offer me?

Shopify Shopify is a CMS that allows you to quickly and easily create e-commerce sites without programming knowledge. The rest of the landing page focuses on the features of the Shopify service.

Dating landing page examples

A major argument in the CMS sector, the widespread use of the service is highlighted with two elements: The graphical representation of the number of users and the income generated Testimonials from real customers whose sites are online. Salesforce Salesforce needs no introduction.

The approach is always very direct and focused on results and benefits. UpWork UpWork is a world-renowned freelance platform. CodeCombat CodeCombat is an interesting example. Plated Plated is a company specializing in delivering recipe ingredients: you select inspirations for recipes, and the company delivers all the ingredients needed to make the dish.

However, each paragraph of the home page is thought of as an argument or a benefit in order to convince: Save time Large range of choice No more shopping Quality products Save money We can also see a particularly attractive instant discount coupon in the header and whose color stands out. Plated offers chat support, something we find more and more on landing pages.

MailChimp MailChimp is an extremely popular automated marketing and emailing company.

Feb 27,   How to Make Great Landing Pages That Convert. You'll see plenty of great landing page headlines in our examples below, and you'll see that some invert this so that the value proposition is the headline. Contain engaging copy. Kiss Metrics suggests using specific "hypnotic" words to entrance visitors. Using the word "you" makes. dating responsive landing pages. Download appealing and effective dating landing pages to promote your dating website with lots of traffic and kokusai-usa.comt your visitors into real customers with our eye-catching and responsive dating lead capture landing pages. (The examples below were displayed as shown at one point in time. Some examples have since changed but the critiques are still valid for the screenshots. Keep in mind, for shorter pages, we've shown the entire page. For longer pages, we only displayed above the fold.) Post-click landing page examples 1. Cr. What they did well.

The value proposition is as simple as possible: build your brand, sell more. In order to maximize conversions, the MailChimp registration form is intentionally: Short Clear Specific By limiting the number of fields to three, MailChimp allows hesitant visitors to take the plunge more easily. Share on linkedin Share on Linkedin.

Share on facebook Share on Facebook. Share on twitter Share on Twitter. You might also like How to Create Better Pages. November 27, By using the AB Tasty site, you agree with our use of cookies. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so if your competitors are doing something that works, you should go ahead and follow likewise.

Who is my audience? And what are their hopes, dreams, and aspirations? Unless you know who your ideal customers are, it will be very difficult to write persuasive copy in the voice of the customer. How did they get to my landing page? Consider changing your message depending on where your users come from - a different message might be appropriate for users who arrived at your landing page coming from Google vs.

Try beginning with one custom landing page per campaign, and add from there for individual ad groups when resources allow. Great landing pages. Are short, sweet, and uncluttered.

A landing page should offer all the necessary information, but not so much as to overwhelm and as a result, drive away the visitor. Provide the essential info that will interest your audience and nothing more check out this post for some landing page inspiration. Provide high-quality content that inspires confidence. Good, confident content inspires trust. Have all roads lead to Rome. Great landing pages keep careful note of all pathways entering and leaving their page.

The goal is to funnel visitors down a desired pathway, and if links serve as points of departure from the funnel, they should be used sparingly.

A different, more delicious kind of funnel. Image from Holder Concessions. Make it easy to convert. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for visitors to convertproviding as little distance and as few barriers as possible between points A and B.

The next step should always be obvious. This strategy varies depending on what your desired conversion is. Have a flawless design. Navigation should be obvious and simple, all required information should be provided, and nothing should come between the visitor and the conversion aka no pop ups! If at all possible, visitors should be able to convert in one click. Let every additional click weigh on your conscience like a heart beating beneath a floorboard. Have a clear call to action.

There should be no question as to what next steps are necessary - tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do in big, bold text. Create eye catching headlines. Most good landing pages use the main headline to confirm the offer and use a sub heading for more explanation or value proposition aka why your offer is awesome.

Landing Page Examples: get over 103+ landing page templates... (best landing pages)

Contain engaging copy. Try these mind-bending words on your landing page. Make it about the visitor.

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Showcase what you can do for them and how you can improve their life. We are selfish creatures after all.

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Make use of video where appropriate. Video landing pages can make complex products more accessible and entertain your visitors at the same time. Have an awesome offer. The easiest way to get conversions is to simply have an offer that is incredible.

Make sure your offer is enticing enough to users and that it is something they actually desire.

25 Best Coming Soon Landing Page Examples You'll Want to Copy

Are easy to scan at a quick glance. When building a landing pagemake it easy to scan by highlighting your main point in the headline while using sub headings and bullet points for added info. Use fonts and colors to indicate information hierarchy.

As Jakob Nielsen notesyour page visitors are wild, frantic animals looking for a quick meal, so serve it up fast! Contain relevant, quality images. Bright, eye-catching images make for a more attractive page and a better user experience overall.

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Consider adding visual cues to clue the visitor in to what they should do next. You can go the obvious route with arrows, or try something more subtle such as making a bright button the focal point of the page. Look gorgeous and act classy. Looks may not be everything, but they do count for something in landing page design. Your landing page should not come off creepy, it should come off super classy. If the visitor is a chick in a bar, you want to wow her and take her home. Match the corresponding ad text.

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Only ask for the information they need. The more fields you ask visitors to fill out in your form, the less chance you have of them completing your offer. If your conversion requires a form, get the bare minimum of what you need - you can always ask for more info on the thank you page once the deed is done. The rule of thumb is not to include more than seven fields in your lead gen form on your landing page. Use color to their advantage.

Any Intro to Art student can explain the power of color in swaying human perception. Interior design books will often suggest different colors for various rooms and moods - energizing red for a dining room to inspire dynamic conversation, yellow for a cheerful, relaxed kitchen.

This same color theory should be implemented into your site design. Many marketers claim that certain button colors like green or red increase landing page conversions, but ultimately you want to focus on the contrast of the button color in relation to your background color.

Paul Olyslager has a nice guide on CTA buttons worth checking out. Test various colors, placements, and sizes to see what works! Have clickable share buttons. Many people are more than happy to post about a recent purchase or share a resource they have found helpful.

Adding share buttons increases your chances of getting your content shared across the social spaceand great landing pages make generous use of these buttons. Show raving testimonials.

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