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I need to feel some type of connection to him. You only feel bad to reject them. Vote A. You are so desperate to find love that you accept even if you have no feelings towards them. Vote B. Vote C.

Is it possible to stay with someone out of pity?

I would like to refer you back to the first reality check: you are not doing anyone any favors by going on a date with them. By agreeing to go on pity dates, you create a situation in which you are unavailable for someone you are interested in.

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When they realize that you only went on a date with them because you felt bad or saw them as a project, they will be crushed. People want to go on dates with people that are actually interested in them. End of story. Reality check 4: A pity date is not a chance for an ego boost, for either of you.

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You might tell yourself that going on one date with you will make them feel fantastic about themselves. How could you not offer them that ego boost? I reiterate, a pity date is not a chance for an ego boost.

Sure, they might feel good about the date and themselves for a while. That is, until they realize you only went on a date with them out of pity, and you just crushed their soul and ego in one quick swipe.

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You can be flattered without getting their hopes up, spending their money, and wasting their time. Nobody likes being used. Dates can be fun, but most of the time pity dates are not.

3 Signs You Should Leave a Man

Think about it: Would you have fun on a date if you realized they only went on the date because they felt sorry for you? On the other hand, one person might have fun while the other person is wondering why they agreed to this date in the first place.

Are you okay being the one to break the truth to them when they want to go on a second, third, fourth, or eighth date? It is better to tell them now that nothing is going to happen between the two of you than to let them believe that they have a shot. Money: No. That to me would be a recipe for disaster.

Pity: I don't think so. Boredom: possibly.

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Life has been a bit boring lately, so who knows! Loneliness: yes. But I would have to be attracted to them.

Oct 14,   Now I've never been on one, or maybe I have, who knows, but it could just be that part way through the date, they found they weren't as interested as they originally thought, or there wasn't that spark or connection. That happens all the time, and. Jan 16,   Now whether you are considering agreeing to a pity date, have been on a pity date, or know someone who has done one of the two, it is time for a reality check. Here are 6 reasons NOT to go on a pity date (and why we should put an end to pity dating for good): Reality check #1: You are not doing anyone any favors by going on a pity date with them. Pity definition is - sympathetic sorrow for one suffering, distressed, or unhappy. How to use pity in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of pity.

I don't know how people date someone who they aren't even attracted to. Money: no. I mean, it would be a plus if a girl was rich, but that wouldn't be my primary deciding factory whether or not I date the girl.

BluMac81 Xper 5. I would have to say B You are so desperate to find love that you accept even if you have no feelings towards them because feelings are something that can develop over time, you might not have feelings for the person right away, but you may later upon getting to know them better.

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As far as being 'desperate for love' goes it's more so 'giving love a chance' because really, how often does love at first sight occur? I would be wasting both of our time The longer I waste time with him the one he was meant to have is missing OUT on him.

Pity dating isn't a favor it's self serving. Who am I to take "pity" on someone Arrogant much? I will step aside and let the one that was meant have him while I go find mine. Nickishguy Xper 5.

Dating out of pity

I normally would put E in this situation, but the problem is, I actually have dated sumone because I felt terrible for wanting to rejecting them. She had a lot going on and she needed me, so I was there for her, whatever she wanted me to be.

Xper 6. What I mean is that guys are a thousand, million, billion, trillion times more likely to give a girl chance when she is feeling like that. The chances of a girl giving a guy a chance who is in that situation, heck, a guy is more likely to win the lottery than a girl giving him a chance.

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I would only date someone who I was attracted too. Its the only way I could date someone infact. I can not even imagine kissing, hugging and especially having sex with someone who I didn't find attractive. It grosses me out that people will actually do that. No Way girl! Thing is in the end, you strangely enough will feel resentful torwards this person cause you'll have felt somewhat manipulated into being with them.

Don't do it cause in the end, everyone just gets hurt and you've wasted a part of your life that could be filled with a real honest relationship.

Don't sell your self short, cause you will get what you want. Plus its not Kind, or loving.

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What goes around comes around, and you yourself know you woul'dnt want to be where that person is now with someone contemplating what you are now. Just be patient, and fill your life with friends and Laughter.

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Its always the best medicine for loneliness. You can do it. Pity - Nope, I follow the methodology of Mr. T; I only pity fools. Someone I date will need to have the inteligence to hold a conversation, so fools are out of the question. Boredom - We've all done weirder things when we've been bored. For example; spending an hour trying to fold a single piece of paper in half, 8 consecutive times.

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Money - Well, I " ain't nothing but a goldigga' ". I do think that they figure it out cause of the way I respond and thus they back off.

I try my best not to be put in such a situation. You can do that with a car or maybe even a piece of clothing but human beings have emotions and it only confuses people further Portraitra Xper 3. No to pity because that's not fair on the girl. It's cheesy but their is someone for everyone and she would be better off with someone who doesn't feel sorry for her in any way. I would and have gone on a date because I was bored and lonely and I would date for money too as long as it was clear it was a date she was paying for and not any other services!

That would totally use him, and cause me hassle later when I have to break up with him. Break up is inevitable if you don't have any attraction to the person.

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I would pro make friends with them or try to help them depending on whether I could or nt :. WovenEclipse Yoda.

That's just mean on you're partner. If I'm not attracted to them in any way, then I'll let them know I just want to stay friends. It'd be too awkward for me, and him. I would only date someone I like. I don't date unless I have some amount of attraction for the guy. I have dated a woman because I didn't want to be alone. It was a rebound relationship and turned out to be a bad relationship. I'm just wondering, is it possible that someone stays with you out of pity and not love?

Granted that both people involved have no children and not married and no other obligations, etc. This has been a topic of my friends a while ago and most people said that there has to be love present for that person to stay.

What do you think? The convenience thing is very common, it also explains why many people appear to have moved on after leaving someone - they often think about leaving a long time before they say anything. Especially if the person isn't in love with the other one, but loves them more like a sibling, etc. Not wanting to be lonely It depends on what makes that person content, and what he or she needs out of a relationship.

I've seen folks stay together all of their lives and not be in love. They just didn't want to be alone Once that fades only the other factors are left convenience, attachment, habit, pity, etc.

What I find greater then being in love is being in a "willing to work it out" state of mind. This mind set entices people to make conciencious efforts to respect and care for the other person. Arguably the desire to respect and care for others comes naturaly but so does the desire to disrespect and to cause harm. So if you expect love to come naturally you should also expect it to fade naturally.

And yes people stay through the motions of the relationship hoping something will change - not necessarily "finding some one new". It's possible that they are staying hoping the love will come back.

By Chad, 7 years ago on Dating. 28, K. Is it possible to stay with someone out of pity? I'm just wondering, is it possible that someone stays with you out of pity and not love? or someone is just going through the motions of the relationship and is just staying with you until they find someone better?. A date where you don't really like the person who you're with, but you didn't want to turn them down. You said yes out of pity. Turns out she wasn't ever physically attracted to me, and she tried to make it work but she wasn't feeling it. Oh ok. I gave a girl a pity date because I, for some reason, thought she wasn't going to be as loopy as she was the first couple dates.

The way I see it is that love is always there you just have to find ways to ignite it into "being in love". The simplest not necessarily the easiset way to do it is to change yourself into what that other person wants.

Pity -> If you ARE attracted to them, but you pity their low-self esteem. Yeah I could see it happening (to date them). But in the end this is gonna leave a HUGE burden on the relationship. That's why a lot of people prefer to avoid dating someone out of "pity" Boredom -> Most people don't get in relationships for boredom.

If you are not willing to change then you are not "willing to work it out". Again, to me willing to work it out is far greater then being in love. I got married had children and I stayed for the kids but Im so unhappy with him and now hes hurting and I never wanted to hurt him Im just so unhappy with him and he wont let me go There is a traditional interpretation in society at large of what love is or should be.

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