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But Kris is still uneasy about how close you and Chanyeol are. But thank you all the same for sending it in. I personally love writing OT12 scenarios : Hope you like it and please let me know what you think! Feel free to send in more OT12 requests, too :. AlsoI may have gone a little overboard with this towards the end. Hopefully you like how it turned out anyway :.

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Love & Friendship Exo Boyfriend Sehun Suho More. Kris Tao Chanyeol Baekhyun Luhan Kai Lay Chen Xiumin Kyungsoo. Add to library Discussion Follow author. A-yo waddup peeps. (Since there are 12 results, this quiz is going to be longer than expected. Don't hate on me, just enjoy. Ok?:D) Yo wassuuuuuup XD. I'm a unicorn XD. sex with exo sex with sub!exo dating minseok would include aftercare with sub!exo dating krisyeol lazy day with exo dating chanyeol and minho dating junmyeon and joohyun jealous jongin dating chansoo dating the beagle line dating chanbaek dating exo dominating krisyeol soft spots dating suyeol.

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EXO Dating Door Game(Scenario, location, and boy)

Show more notes. EXO ruling the fashion industry.

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YG talking about kai and jennie: SM talking about kai and jennie:. IM MAD!!! I swear. Chisaki Kai is a hot piece of ass.

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Requests are open :. A lot of his kinks have to do with a display of dominance and control-he enjoys some pretty heavy bondage, pet play, spanking, hair-pulling, and orgasm denial.

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He makes sure to study the expressions you make the whole time, sometimes prodding you by the chin and outright demanding you stare right into his amber eyes.

Sex usually happens because he wants it, and it happens the way he wants it to.

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You were in the library during one of your free periods, studying across from Chanyeol, when Sehun approached you. Asking politely if he could sit by you, you nodded.

Sehun was in the same year as you, Chanyeol being a year older.

Welcome, EXO-L to the official EXO dating game! In this game, our 9 lovely contestants will answer our writer's questions, and you just have to pick your favorite answer (it can be the one you relate to the most, or the one you find the funniest, or the one that seems the most husband-material. whichever one feels right.). Exo Scenario: Dating a Jealous Kris Ah EXO has gotten. And it's because of Chanyeol that you met and started dating Kris. Exo Scenario: Secretly Dating Chanyeol Also if you don't mind, I would like to request a scenario, possibly a typical school scenario where chanyeol is secretly dating you, but another guy for example sehun likes you and he gets all jealous ^-^ keep up the good work!

You had never seen the two interact, but when Sehun sat down, he nodded politely at his hyung. It was a few minutes of Sehun talking to you kindly, asking how you were doing, when Chanyeol shot you a knowing look.

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You knew that because he was the youngest in his family, as well as his group of friends, that he acted childish. And you knew that most girls found it endearing and adorable - which was why Sehun was never shy of admirers around school.

Chanyeol kicked you lightly under the table, but you ignored him. It took you a while to realize that Sehun was asking you out on a date, and though it was a little uncalled for, you felt like laughing at the offer.

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