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Discussion in ' Celebrity Zone ' started by Candykiss , Oct 11, Tags: redvelvet yeri irene joy wendy seulgi. Candykiss Newbie. Who do you think is dating in red velvet? This thread is just for speculations and means no harms to any of the members.

The latest rumors are linking Red Velvet's Seulgi and BTS' Jimininto lovers. According to netizens, the two idol stars showed signs of dating at an .

Wendy will probably end up with a full size anime pillow at this point. Irene has been in a relationship for a while. Seulgi is pretty normal dating wise. Yeri is 'adventurous' but not as much as joy.

JunJiHyunsEscort likes this. LovenRose likes this. I read lots of tea that all red velvet members are chased a lot but are also quiet distanced So saying certain members have a dead romantic life is definetly wrong.

Jul 10,   Complete Information About BTS's Ji-min & Red Velvet's Seulgi. Any K-pop fan knows about the hottest boy-group of the times, BTS, and about its member, Jimin. At the same time, there's also the popular girl-group that came from SM Entertainment, Red Velvet, and one of its members, Seulgi. Yes, it's most probably Seulgi Red Velvet (Together, they are called Seulmin). I won't be surprised if they announce their engagement in a good years after RV contracts is done. Jimin has had a crush on her since , and she's reciprocated h. Oct 12,   Seulgi is dating jimin cuz i ship (i aint the annoying delulu fan, i'm just stating my hopes and dreams xD) Joy is dating sungjae, that couple deserved more love but idk what happend honestly.

I wonder if we might get red velvet dating news soon from dispatch before the year ends just because they're the only girl group from big 3 they haven't revealed yet Multiwhispersplatelmint and mimi-l like this. Candykiss likes this. Justthetwoofus Newbie.

BTS'S Jimin is dating Seulgi from Red velvet. Big hit confirmed.

Irene for sure. Holly Newbie.

BTS' Jimin and Red Velvet's Seulgi have been reported to have been dating for a long time now. However, what makes all of these reports interesting is that neither the two of . Now it seems K-netizens are fabricating another rumored relationship between two different members of BTS and Red Velvet. This time around, they are pushing that Jimin and Seulgi are in a relationship which in turn is causing a chaos among K-pop fans, especially those who are A.R.M.Y. and Red Velvet fans. Again, BTS' Jimin and Red Velvet's Seulgi are involved in dating rumors with more "evidence" dug up by netizens. Last month, netizens created a hot issue by claiming that the two idols showed signs of dating at an award ceremony. Their dating rumors have once again surfaced; this time with more evidence. First is the 'wink' evidence.

Holly likes this. I just hope they are able to have normal lives like everyone else.

Dispatch new couple 2020 : BTS jimin & Red velvet Seulgi dating !

Celinegirls and Holly like this. In my delulu world Irene : dating for a long time. Same age or a bit older. Seulgi : just broke up with Jimin. She instead went to her Twitter account.

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In her Twitter account, she says that she's not good in winking, which is why she closed her eyes. With this, one can clearly see that there might really be something going on between the two.

Jimin dating red velvet

Whichever the case is, knowing that there is still no confirmation coming from the two that they're a couple, it still isn't safe to assume that they really are. What people have now are a few hints that lead them to believe in speculations. But then again, there's that possibility of them really dating. Nonetheless, they look good together.

Following the announcement of BLACKPINK's return that will be going to take place this upcoming June, fans and netizens can't help but think about the anonymous account that sends death threats to the group's member, Lisa. In addition to this, BTS fans, are also worried about the new death threats that Jimin received recently during his Vlive broadcast with Namjoon.

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