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Can my ex is dating a convicted felon sorry, that

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Why would someone choose to marry a felon - much less a convicted murderer? I grew up in California, in very normal almost boring , middle class family. During the day I am an auditor for a large company. On the weekends, I have a small hobby business to feed my creative side. We camp, hike, mountain bike, attend local events. Kids are active in school and we are just trying to create the fullest life we possibly can.

He is always been very upfront and honest. Even knowing that what he is going to tell me I probably do not want to hear. Most of the time he is right. I struggle with just accepting his past. I probably always will. For many of us, a murder conviction would be a deal breaker. I found this incredible man that I had such a strong connection with and he turns out to be the polar opposite of how I have lived my entire life. He was the opposite of what I believed in. I am so glad that I decided to.

Your dad worked in law enforcement and your first husband was a cop. Do you think that affected how you reacted when your husband told you about his conviction? I grew up and lived a very law abiding life.

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I have never done drugs. Attended a Christian college. My dad and ex arrested people like him. My cousin worked undercover with the drug gangs. My other cousin works in the prisons. Other than a few friends with DUIs, all my friends were straight as could be. Your husband was in prison for almost 25 years.

How does this affect him on a day to day basis? In the beginning it was hard and there were days I did not think I had the strength to make this relationship work. Emotionally it was draining. You have to have a lot of patience - A LOT - and also realize that most of the issues have nothing to do with you.

He was starting from nothing and was always confused and frustrated. Social media did not exist. Computers were barely in schools, not homes. Kids did not wear helmets, spanking was a form of discipline, skinny jeans did not exist. If you wanted something you worked hard for it, nothing was given to you. Now, you cannot do anything that is not driven by a computer.

Learning how to operate a cell phone, especially texting. He finally has figured out the TV, but has yet to try to figure out how to work a computer. For almost 25 years, he basically did not exist.

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He had no credit, no work history, no savings, and no job experience. He struggled to find a job. I think we have hit a point now, where present life has taken over his past life. He is still on parole for another three years. He cannot leave the state without permission, has to report in once a month. We are subjected to random house visits and he cannot get a passport. To him this is just normal, I struggle with this, not having the complete freedom to do what you want and when. Why have you chosen not to tell them?

And how do you work around that 25 year gap in his history? When we first started dating, I was so afraid of people finding out. I have children and his past coming out could have put us in a custody battle. And, how do you start a conversation? When people ask about his past, they ask where he grew up, where he went to school - those are easy questions to answer.

It actually has been very easy to work around those 25 years. Our only plan was that if it comes up, we are honest about it. The first night I met him, I called my girlfriend and told her everything. She had a husband that was abusive, into drugs, in and out of jail, so this was a lifestyle she knew something about. She has been great in helping shed perspective on situations as they come up and supporting both of us in our struggles.

I have one other friend that I have told. She was visiting me with her husband and the parole officers showed up. Never a good time for a random house visit. I remember being so scared, more that they would reject me and our friendship, but they were great. They had questions that I tried to answer best I could.

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In my circle, someone like my husband is not easily accepted. It was uncomfortable, but it was such a relief to have finally been able to tell someone. In being completely honest, I know my dad knows he spent time in prison. It is very evident just by looking at him. The only plan we do have is to tell the children when they are of age. Right now, they are young and love him for who he is.

They would not fully understand and it is not the right time, but it will come out.

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They deserve to know and his story needs to be heard. I have learned so much from my husband. I also know this is his past. He spent 16 years in prison getting clean, finding God, working programs. He spent that time changing his life so he could be the man I fell in love with. Three years ago I would have never even talked to a man like him, now half the people I know have been in prison for life and they are some of the most amazing men I have ever met.

People can change, sometimes we have to be willing to give them a chance. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Nancy. Do you guys have any questions for her? Respectful, articulate disagreement is always welcome here, incendiary comments will be deleted. This is an amazing story. Your husband seems like a great person and you really brought hope to him by trusting him. He must be overjoyed to have you in his life!

Depends on the details of the murder. Then he beats her to near death. Hiding that from the dad makes her a liar. There is much of this I agree with. If there were even a small chance I felt in harms way, I would not be here.

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Nor would I ever put my kids in harm way. You were able to look at the facts to make your choice though it appears not all of them, not sure I would make the same choice towards wilful ignorance, but I can guess why. Are you worried you would feel differently if you knew all of the details?

My ex is dating a convicted felon

How would you feel if someone kept something of that magnitude around your children from you? What if their school hired someone who killed a kid- but hey, It was twenty years ago! Would you not want that information as a parent? It must be difficult. She seems really naive.

Dating a Felon: Pros, Cons, Things to Know in

Why not? This is ridiculous. This is insane. No matter what the crime was and whether or not he was innocent or guilty, anyone charged with a felony will have a stigma associated with him, and by extension, that stigma carries over to you. The people around you will wonder if your partner has changed since being in jail.

May 12,   Can my ex take my children away from me for dating a felon? I currently have joint custody with my ex of our two children even before the custody agreement he has made my life impossible to live and now that I have moved on and started talking to another man that yes is in prison for assualt two and robbery two he wants to take my kids away. Dating An Ex-Con: 3 Questions To Ask First. Married, single or somewhere in the middle, people break laws every day. And getting into a relationship with an ex-convict can seem like a big red flag. It isn't always, though. There are three major questions to ask before letting a guy go from one ball and chain to another kind entirely. Jul 15,   I used to think like this before I witnessed someone dragged through the mud of the system of "justice" overseas & started looking at what's going on closer to home. May our system of justice, never destroy your sense of justice like it has for s.

Felons often have trouble finding work after getting out of prison. The problem comes with job applications that ask whether the applicant has been charged with a felony. This often leads to trouble finding work.

'He's The Love Of My Life,' Says Woman Dating Man Who Served Prison Time For Violent Crimes

Not being able to get a job can also make it darn near impossible to secure a place to live. If you can deal with the pitfalls, then your relationship should be fine.

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Disclaimer: Efforts are made to maintain reliable data on all information presented. However, this information is provided without warranty. Users should always check the offer provider's official website for current terms and details. Our logic tells us, "don't be attracted to a dangerous man! I don't know Meeks personally - he could be a terrible person - but I do understand the tendency to fetishize a "dangerous" person.

After all, I once fell in love with a convicted felon.

Ex-wife is dating a felon My ex-wife and I (we'll call her M) divorced in August of last year after I found out she was having an affair with an old ex-boyfriend. She came up pregnant at the time of the affair with our 4th child. Having a convicted felon around would tend to not be a good thing. Your interests are secondary to the children and their needs. If your former husband brings a petition for change of custody, consult with an attorney's office right away in the meantime don't give him lifestyle opportunities to bring such a claim. Dating a felon comes with a great deal of challenges. Though the assumption here is that the felon has served his time for whatever crime he was convicted of and is no longer a threat to society, the problem comes with the stigma attached to being with a convict.

As relatively minor as the crime was, the danger of the word "felon" lent a distinct flavor to our long-term rendezvous. The overall experience taught me that there's a very real difference between people and their societally-appointed titles - the notion of peril that envelopes the word "felon" is not always applicable to those it describes.

May 01,   True Story: I Married A Convicted Murderer. 1 May true story. Why would someone choose to marry a felon - much less a convicted murderer? Many women who marry inmates or felons are deemed 'crazy' but people who've been incarcerated are - of course - still people. This is the story of 'Nancy,' her husband, and their marriage. After all, I once fell in love with a convicted felon. As (relatively) minor as the crime was, the danger of the word "felon" lent a distinct flavor to our long-term rendezvous. The overall experience taught me that there's a very real difference between people and their societally-appointed titles - the notion of peril that envelopes the word. My ex is dating a convicted felon. Amazingly, the suspect that i'm talking to have a probation and even. Released from people convicted felon dating consultant salary dating and certainly. Meeting someone convicted criminal and falling in my biggest issue with a .

I was 18 when I met Zangeif. His black shirt set off the blue of his rakish Russian eyes and I was instantly captivated. As luck would have it, he was our waiter. Forty-five minutes later, my friends and I were at Zangeif's cramped apartment watching his roommate show off his DJ equipment. We talked about camping and other PG-rated activities.


Months later, he would tell me that he was shocked that I wanted to see him again. We got coffee not long after. Zangeif's charismatic smile, the one I grew to crave and love, drew me in and had me giggling stupidly. Then, things got serious. I'll be going to jail for 31 days. I was a night auditor at a hotel.

I was two months late paying rent, so I stole some TVs from the hotel. I planned to sell them and get back on track with my life from the money I got. I just sat there nodding like a bobble head.

Current me at the ripe age of 25 would have thrown the table over and run straight to my dilapidated Toyota.

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Being Batman would have been so much better. You're so honest! I bet you'll change your ways just for me and everything will be peachy forever and ever!

Zangeif got in a work-release program.

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This meant that he was allowed to work while in jail. At every shift, I drove to his restaurant and had sneaky makeout sessions with him.

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