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It is difficult dating a junkie. You need more patience, tolerance and love than ever. But sometimes you feel so sorry for the other person it becomes difficult to walk away. Somewhere in between you want to help them, you want to try to make them better for you. There are certain times you have to get them legal and medical help too. It is either you are with them or not.

A high-functioning addict is someone who appears to be successful at life in general, but struggles with addiction and its many related problems behind closed doors. These individuals may have great jobs, loving friends and family, and a long list of hobbies and interests, but rely on substances like marijuana and alcohol to make it through the day.

5 Telltale Signs of a High-Functioning Addict

Many times, a high-functioning addict is skilled at hiding their addiction from others, and at navigating daily life without allowing drugs and alcohol to negatively interfere. These individuals tend to be in denial about their substance use disorders, and are unknowingly putting themselves at risk for serious physical and psychological health problems down the road. Could you or a loved one be a high-functioning drug addict without knowing?

There are six main stages of addiction : initial use, experimentation, regular use, dependence, addiction itself, and recovery. After initial use, those who eventually go on to become high-functioning addicts begin experimenting with drugs in social settings, and may start using drugs and alcohol regularly to help them wind down after having taxing, busy days.

These regular behaviors can often lead to tolerance and physical dependence.

Sep 07,   Seven signs you're dating a sex addict "Whether people are addicted to sex the way they're addicted to cocaine is not well enough established yet." Here are seven signs you might Author: Lisa Kirchner. May 01,   When these signs begin to add up, they create the portrait of an addict, which can be difficult to admit after you have begun dating someone you truly like. But addiction is a serious problem, and it is important to understand how you can protect yourself from ending up in a codependent relationship or from worse issues occurring in your life.

Tolerance is when the brain and body adapt to regular drug use - requiring a person to use higher amounts of drugs and alcohol to achieve the same effects. Physical dependence is when a person requires a certain amount of drugs and alcohol to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction occurs when people become physically and psychologically dependent on drugs and alcohol, and require these substances to fulfill cravings and the euphoria they can no longer achieve on their own, naturally. Since addiction occurs gradually over time, high-functioning addicts are able to make minor adjustments to their lifestyles as needed to continue abusing drugs and alcohol while also staying functional and maintaining an overall sense of normalcy.

Signs youre dating a cocaine addict

Addiction can affect anyone, and should never be viewed as a one-size-fits-all condition. People become addicted to drugs and alcohol for different reasons, under varying circumstances.

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For instance, a professional athlete can suffer an injury and unintentionally become addicted to painkillers after misusing their medication. Or, a university student could start using stimulants like Adderall to improve their focus and concentration so they can achieve better grades in school. A high-profile criminal attorney may start abusing benzodiazepines to self-medicate for depression and anxiety, and to help themselves sleep better at night.

It can be difficult to spot a high-functioning drug addict, since these individuals are expert at showing the outside world that they are happy, and that they can maintain successful professional lives and relationships. Addiction is considered a chronic brain disease, and when left untreated, can eventually lead to financial problems, domestic problems, worsened health, and a lower quality of life.

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As you continue using drugs and alcohol regularly, you may find it increasingly challenging to control and limit your use. For instance, you may plan on limiting yourself to only three alcoholic beverages or one joint of marijuana, but end up exceeding these limits over the course of the night. High-functioning addicts will often look for excuses to justify drinking and drug use.

For instance, someone who works in politics may say they need to consume alcohol at important work parties and events to win over new supporters.

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The District of Columbia, which is the number one drug addicted state in Americais populated with successful and high-profile professionals who commonly consume drugs and alcohol at special events and parties. Experts say many business professionals tend to use special events as crutches when explaining drug and alcohol use, and could be considered prime examples of high-functioning addicts.

Drugs and alcohol often cause people to demonstrate uncharacteristic behavior, depending on the substance being used. For instance, those who abuse alcohol and opioids may exhibit slurred speech and lack of coordination, while those who abuse club drugs like MDM or Ecstasy could display unusually friendly and warm behavior.

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High-functioning addicts will often look for valid ways to explain their uncharacteristic behaviors. They may blame the effects of opioids and benzodiazepines on simply being overly tired and fatigued, or they may blame the aggression triggered by cocaine on being angry and upset about something that happened at work.

If you find yourself lying about how drugs are not the root cause of your uncharacteristic behavior, you may be a high-functioning drug addict.

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Those who suffer from addiction tend to spend more time with other people who also use drugs and alcohol. Spending time with friends who also use substances can negate feelings of isolation and loneliness commonly associated with addiction, and make people feel less guilty about their drug use.

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Mothers may treat themselves to a bottle of wine at the end of the night to reward themselves for making it through another busy day of homework and childcare, while top-level executives may abuse painkillers after stressful conference calls and meetings to reward themselves for a job well done.

Many high-functioning addicts can successfully manage their everyday lives while suffering from addiction. But at some point, addiction catches up and triggers countless other issues that lead to more serious problems. Being in a relationship with a recovering alcoholic or addict certainly comes with unique challenges. Use these tips to make having a relationship with an addict in recovery a lot easier for you both.

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Sobriety takes determination and commitment as does being in a relationship with a recovering addict. Recovering alcoholics and recovering addicts know the key to relationships is honesty and openness.

Five Signs of Cocaine Abuse

Use the early stages of your relationship to get to know one another, discuss triggers, and even boundaries. Recovering alcoholics and relationships can be a lot of work, but the intimacy and love of a partner can be worth the effort, just like being in recovery. Any relationship requires sacrifice and compromise, especially in the sense that there is a give and take flow to relationships.

Feb 12,   Dating a drug addict, as with dating anyone, comes with pros and cons. Con: Lack of trust Drug addicts, even if they have been clean for months or years, are difficult to Tatiana Baez. May 16,   Cocaine According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), "Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug made from the leaves of the coca plant native to South America. Although health care providers can use it for valid medical purposes, such as local anesthesia for some surgeries, cocaine is an illegal drug. Oct 05,   The Dos and Don'ts of Dating a Recovering Alcoholic or Addict Written by McCarton Ackerman | last ated 5 October It can come as a surprise when you're dating someone who reveals that they're a recovering drug addict or Mccarton Ackerman.

But you can have a healthy relationship with a recovering addict or if you are in recovery yourself by reaching out for professional support and help. Call Who Answers?

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Accept the Baggage: Addiction leaves behind some pretty unique baggage. Some people in recovery may have accrued debt, legal problems or fractured family relationships.

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These are all issues that you will have to discuss at some point, especially if it is a long-term relationship. Loving a recovering alcoholic may mean that your date or dinner plans also need to be worked around group meetings or support groups.

In all likelihood, your partner will encourage you to do the same.

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