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I got a link back this week from another backwater blogger who was critical of my, or really a Red Pill, take on an abundance vs. When a high profile woman like Sheryl Sandberg suggests ,. But do not marry them. The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner.

There is an understandable confusion for guys in this respect. On one hand women present a constant facade that the fear of being perceived as a slut i. So in order to facilitate this women must practice a kind of calculated hypocrisy that is socially reinforced by the gender as a whole as well as some men usually those so optionless as to excuse the behavior in order to get to her sexuality, or guys so conditioned that they overlook it as normal.

Does this sound outrageous? And it makes little difference in terms of available options which she chooses at any given time, the very fact that she has five or six of them pursuing her is enough to boost her sense of self-worth, her social status within her same-gender peers, and give her the confidence to drop any one of her plates at a moments notice for any reason knowing that 2 or 3 more guys or 20 more on facebook stand ready to take his place, no questions asked and prepared rationalizations at the ready.

Spinning plates dating

In addition, this practice is socially reinforced by women doing the same thing and the social conventions constructed to excuse the behavior. In either instance, the feminine prerogative is socially reinforced. Also, this is a good example of the first principle of power - when you have power, always feign powerlessness. So, with a firm understanding that their behaviors will for the most part be excused, they are free to practice the feminine form of plate theory unhindered by social reprisal.

The feminine plate spinning involves much more than sex though. Remember that attention is the coin of the realm in female society. This dynamic and these factors are what makes women natural plate spinners.

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This is the rudimentary psychology behind hypergamy. This serves the latent purpose of keeping him in a kind of stasis. If he assumes women will only be sexual under the precondition of commitment she is free to spin plates essentially weighing options as she pleases and sample at will what she sees as in her hypergamic best interest at the time. If the carrot looks good enough the guy will patiently pull the cart until such time as another, better carrot comes along.

Lastly, this social dynamic serves as a very effective weapon for women against each other. As I stated in the last Plate Theory post, competition anxiety between women is something men can exploit for their own plate spinning, but the reason it is useful is because women so readily use it against each other.

Think of how many times an exceptionally attractive woman, that is completely anonymous to a group of women you happen to be with, berate her based on appearance alone.

This is feminine competition anxiety. Ask a woman to name the most attractive female actress they can think of. They may not fuck you, they may not fuck me, but they will fuck someone. All women are sexual, you just need to be the right guy at the right time for the job.

Whenever a guy uninitiated to the concept of spinning plates reads the theory for the first time his first response is usually rejection of it because it conflicts with their monogamy-as-goal mindset. Monogamy-as-a-goal is a feminine imperative social contrivance, but it also has roots in our natural desire for security, so it makes anything even remotely like plate spinning counterintuitive.

This then leads the more option-less individuals to develop and practice AFC methods and rationales in accordance with what they believe and have been told by women is required of them in order to achieve their monogamous intimacy. The very idea that any man would be better off with more options in this arena of life, or could feasibly and logistically pull it off seems foreign.

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As a counter to this he makes up rationales as to why it wont work or wont work for him. If you are indeed spinning plates in a healthy, upfront, non-exclusive way this should never be an issue. There are Game-aware Men with less time than most who manage different girls in a week without having them consume all their leisure and business time.

This is evidence of a scarcity mentality that is a result of their monogamy-as-goal preconditioning. Plate Theory necessitates an attitude of fearlessness - not carelessness, fearlessness. I could never do that to a woman. How can anyone be like that? This rationale is a common one and not limited just to AFCs.

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Women would rather share a successful man than be saddled with a faithful loser. This perfectly sums up Plate Theory vs. Monogamy-as-Goal mindsets. Men in general gravely underestimate the power of female competition anxiety and how useful it really is. Anxiety in women is good for men. Everything a woman does on a daily basis is colored by competition anxiety.

Bear in mind that monogamy is a dictate of the feminine imperative.

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It is the social contract that the feminine ultimately needs in order to quell a constant desire for security in a very chaotic world. When you are predisposed to monogamy-as-goal thinking, or trying to break yourself of this, understand that this is a tool of the feminine imperative. Men who find themselves in a state of internal conflict about abandoning monogamy-as-goal are really confronting a fundamental shift in their prior conditioning. They are always lucid, logical, and insightful.

I discovered the community about 5 months ago after yet another failed relationship characterized by highly AFC behavior on my part. I am 27 years old. Based on your posts I would really appreciate your advice on two issues: 1 how to make the best use of my impending return to school in May for a second undergraduate degree and; 2 how to overcome the cognitive dissonance I feel about pursuing women outside the confines of a committed relationship as I still suffer from social conditioning that tells me I will hurt women by pursuing primarily sexual relationships with them and so it is immoral to do so.

If you would like to post a reply on the forum, rather than by a PM, for the benefit of others that is fine with me. I wanted to direct these queries to you though as I believe I could benefit from your worldy wise opinion.

I can only assume certain things from the very brief description of your life so take what I write with that in mind. I can be more accurate and avoid assumptions this way. One of the biggest obstacles most men have with accepting the fundaments of a positive masculine mindset is the attitude that personality is static and uncontrollable by them.

Understand now that personality is ultimately what YOU determine it to be. However, it is you who determine what is comfortable for you and what will constitute the traits that makes your personality your own. This all depends on what your own personal goals are. The best use you can make of this time is to devote yourself completely to achieving the purpose for which you decided to pursue a second degree in the first place. I can only assume you are working for this degree with a set outcome in mind, but is this what you truly want?

Only you have the hindsight to assess why you made certain decisions in your life. Some Mormons practice open polygamy in a similar fashion. Some men marry and divorce multiple times and support them congruously. All of these practices are considered, to a greater or lesser degree, moral. The dissonance occurs when the rationalizations for a behavior conflict with the motivations for it and the associative psycho-social stigmas that get attached to it.

Recognizing this is the first step to progressing beyond it and actually using it responsibly to your own advantage.

Spinning Plates and Dating Multiple Women. Whether you are a man or woman, it is in our nature to want what we cannot have. As a man trying to catch the eye of a woman or multiple women, you need to understand this. You always hear, "why doesn't she like me, I am such a nice guy." Those very words may have come from your mouth. Mar 22,   It's not about dating multiple "people" it's about stringing along multiple women and it's sexist and misogynist. I'm out of the dating game now, but there's no way I'd have stuck with a guy who treated me like those guys treat their "plates". The. doing many things at once, dating many people at once, being a whore, friendly; like in the variety shows of the 70s where the performer puts a plate on a tall thin stick mounted to the stage and spins it puts another plate on another stick and spins it doing more and more to see how many he can keep spinning without falling.

As men, our biological impetus is to have unlimited access to unlimited sexuality with females bearing the best physical attributes. This is a rudimentary fact and on some level of consciousness both men and women understand this.

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No amount of proselytizing or social conditioning will erase what God and evolution hard-coded into our collective bio-psychological desires and behaviors. Admittedly, social conventions have historically made a good run at limiting this drive, but it can never nor should it ever purge this, because in essence it is a survival-ensuring attribute for us.

I wont argue against the utility in the latent purpose of absolute monogamy. No other method proves more valuable in parental investment and developing a strong masculine and feminine psyche in a person than that of a committed, opposite sex, two-parent family.

What is Spinning Plates? - #therationalmale #rollotomassi

The genders were meant to be complimentary, not adversarial. I certainly would never condone infidelity based on just this principle alone since it seems the most beneficial for healthy adults.

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Adopting this mindset broadens his selection of opportunities for monogamy to his greatest advantage prior to committing to monogamy. The downside of this proposition is twofold.

Mar 22,   What is the concept behind "Spinning Plates"? Why is it called "Plate Spinning"? Why do most men have trouble with non-exclusive dating? Jun 09,   "Plate spinning" and "orbiting" aren't synonyms; they're as different as night and day. "Plate spinning" means balancing multiple sex partners (a.k.a. "plates"), with no pretense of exclusivity to each one. It's something naturally desirable men . May 29,   The analogy of dating multiple women and spinning plates is better than anyone un-ironically using the term realizes. Notice the complete lack of utility of this trick for the spinner. The ability to spin a plate is benefiting his life outside of spinning plates very little.

In fact the odds are she wont. All of this makes betting your biological imperative on monogamy critically important and thus deserving of the widest possible selection.

Men literally live and die according to their options, so it stands to reason they ought to entertain a prolonged period in their lives where they are open to exploring the most options they have access to while concurrently developing and improving themselves prior to making a commitment of this magnitude.

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And this is precisely where most men fail. They buy into and internalize psychological social contrivances i.

Men Who "Spin Plates" Are Wasting Their Lives

ONEitis that are little more than effective means of inculcating a self-expectation of accountability and liability to make this commitment, irrespective of maturity level or personal success not simply financial success. The saddest ones, the AFC ones are the pitiable men who carry these contrivances into marriage and even old age without ever understanding that they had more potential which they squandered due to an inability to see past these contrivances and learn to be selective based on experience.

A truly powerful Man jealously guards his most precious resources; his independence and his ability to maneuver. In other words his options and his ability to exercise them. When you step through one door, a hundred more close behind you.

You can always quit a job, divorce a wife, change your school, etc. Are they free to quit? Sure, but not without an impact on their families and relationships. So where does this leave you? You have 2 paths as I see it. Natural Selection As I illustrated in the fishing net analogy, spinning more plates allows you more opportunity to select from the largest pool of prospective choices and date them or drop them as you see fit.

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Disagree Agree. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Notify of. For the most part, Plate Theory covers a multitude of AFC sins, but my concern was with understanding why these questions come up Loading Vote Up 0 Vote Down. I want Loading Vote Up -1 Vote Down.

Vote Up 1 Vote Down. How do I Loading As much as people want to take issue with me about Plate Theory, women have been employing it for centuries and the tool that is ASD has only made them better at Loading Dirt Man Offline. Maybe Loading Male Offline.

Aug 19,   Plate Theory, written by Rollo Tomassi, entails that this person needs to have simultaneous prospects (or plates) spinning together. Think of each plate as a separate person you are pursuing. Some of them will fall and break; some you'll wish to stop spinning, and some may not spin as fast as you'd like. SPINNING PLATES is a documentary about three extraordinary restaurants and the incredible people who make them what they are. A cutting-edge restaurant named the seventh-best in the world whose chef must battle a life-threatening obstacle to pursue his kokusai-usa.coms: Non-Exclusive Exclusives. I got a link back this week from another backwater blogger who was critical of my, or really a Red Pill, take on an abundance vs. scarcity mentality.I haven't really felt a need to review Plate Theory for a while now, but ever since Holistic Game's coffee house protests went down it seems that picking and pulling various bits from my Plate Theory series is some.

Vote Up 3 Vote Down. TheMale Offline. Uncomfortable Numbers? And just like Plate Spinning, it requires a woman to keep a covert stable of potential Loading Plate Theory Compilation Information Offline. This may or may not be the case, but the impression of it and the covert communication of it is Loading GenuinelyCurious Offline. Rollo Tomassi Offline. Vote Up 2 Vote Down. Vote Up -2 Vote Down. R Evoluzione Offline. Ornamentalwomanhood I spin plates.

Alpha Quiz: Whoops, wrong shirt! The Alpha Persona Offline. If you had other potential women interested in you it would make no difference whether she wanted Loading Brandon Offline. This is simple pragmatism, if not a bit introverted, but the end Loading How Many to Date At Once?

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Smooth ReEntry Offline. In a masculine imperative, this would seem perfectly Loading Be alpha, be authentic rivsdiary Offline. And yes, I will spin more plates Loading Alex Zhukov Offline.

Tales of Hypergamy - Recursive Game Offline. Usually this Loading Sunshine Mary Offline.

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Fortis Offline. Rollo Tomassi Online. Game and Circumstance Offline. In het begin voelde ik me Loading Ryan Offline. Teoria dos pratos O Cavalheiro Cafajeste Offline. Ara Offline. Hypergamy Knows Best Offline. Open Relationships Offline. Kelmu Kalamazoo Offline. Bt Offline. Mutual cooperation, tribalism, monogamy and even small-scale polygamy have been beneficial social adaptations for Loading Am Fcking Confused Offline.

For heaven's sakes. You are too smart for this.

Originally Posted by CatzPaw. Holy God, yes! Originally Posted by ThisTown I'm taking the Red Pill talk has no place here? Last edited by MillennialUrbanist; at PM. Orbiters are the exact opposite of plate spinners.

If one online dates, the only way to do it is to plate spin. Women have multiple options at all times, so guys should be emulating that to their best of their abilities.

Originally Posted by RJ Ain't nothin' new. I use it with a serious dose of. These guys have been complaining here a lot longer than they've been running people over and shooting them. Spinning plates though, that's a new one to me.

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