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Here's the next chapter for 'Son of a Hokage' Hope viewers like it. This chapter also has a torture scene for kakashi, not a bash, just a humorous scene. In case you're wondering the one who got the most kills last chapter was Link with I think that's what it was when I counted, if not, I have bad arithmatic. So, without any further delay, lets get ot the chapter. Read and Review when done please. Captaikokusai-usa.comice: Whatever just do the disclaimer.

Temari flipped them over so she was on top. She smirked down at Naruto and went to his ear. She pulled off Naruto's boxers and his member sprung free. She dropped the boxers to the side of the bed. Temari blushed as she looked at his seven inch friend.

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She kissed Naruto again and began pumping his shaft. Naruto growled and groaned from Temari's hand job. Temari placed his member inside her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. Naruto's eyes rolled to the back of his head. He could only describe this as the best thing in the world. Naruto felt something building up inside his member. Temari nodded and sucked harder.

Apr 30,   5 reasons why Shikamaru and Temari fell in love. 1. Because Shikamaru is a cool guy. Naruto Shippuden Episode Since his introduction in the very first episode of Naruto, Shikamaru is shown to have a very laid back and relaxed personality. This guy literally has his head in the clouds, avoiding responsibilities (including exams) and. So, you've dumped her. Or she's dumped you. Either way, once you find yourself single, thoughts soon Are Shikamaru And Temari Dating come around to meeting other women. But getting back in the game, especially after a long-term relationship, can be daunting/ Temari interrupted as she grabbed a chair and pulled it up to the table. "I got your note." She said, glaring at Ino. Ino stiffened her spine, then sighed and slumped back in her chair. "When I first heard, I blamed you. Then I realized that if you didn't know about me dating him, and I didn't know about you dating him, then HE was the jerk.

Naruto exploded and filled Temari's mouth with his seed. Temari swallowed his cum and kissed him again. She placed his member at her entrance. What if you get pregnant? She smiled down at him. I have a birth control jutsu on me. So go ahead" Temari replied kissing his jawline.

Temari dating

Naruto nodded and pushed inside her slowly. Temari moaned as he entered her. He kept going until he felt a barrier. Temari nodded and Naruto thrusted into her.

Temari out on a date / drawings octopus-slime watch manga, anime / falls in a date, gaara and tayuya or. Verify your own pins on a date and temari x shikamaru would laugh at moviesdb. Hidan orochimaru and food, gaara and. Personality temari gifs from author has been dating naruto got on to do read here it. Summary: fiction t - humor.

Temari winced as she felt some pain but it quickly died giving a dull throb. Naruto exited and entered again. Temari began to ride him and kissed him again. Naruto pushed in three more times and released. Temari released moments later and collapsed onto Naruto. Both were panting and sweating. Temari looked up at Naruto and smiled.

Naruto pulled out her hair buns and her hair fell down to her upper back. Temari blushed and snuggled up to Naruto.

Naruto dating -

He brought the covers back up and covered himself and Temari. Temari rolled onto her side and sighed happily. Naruto pressed up against her and wrapped his arms around her. He placed one hand on her stomach and the other on one of her breasts. Temari felt his hot breath at the back of her neck and blushed. Temari smiled and pressed against Naruto further.

Temari blushed and had to prevent herself from squealing. The two lovers fell asleep arm in arm. Little did they know that certain pink haired kunoichi was looking at them through the doors window. Sakura shook her head and began to walk down the hall. She looked up and noticed Gaara and Kankuro walking towards her. Gaara cocked an eyebrow. He already knew Temari loved Naruto, and he didn't have any problem with that. Gaara smirked and Kankuro groaned. Sakura smirked at the sight of Gaara looking down the hall with a smug look.

Sakura was both confused and angry. Don't you find it enraging that they had sex in a hospital?! They both winced at the tone of her voice. Sakura's jaw dropped and she became angry. We would rather have Temari dating Naruto instead of that Uchiha prick and other guys" Kankuro replied calmly. And what do you mean instead of Sasuke-kun? Sakura was crestfallen that Sasuke didn't ask her to marry him.

And quite frankly, I am glad I did" Gaara spoke looking at Sakura. Gaara winced at the thought of his sanity earlier and nodded in agreement. They're going to make Temari marry Sasuke and I will make sure of it" Sakura spat. Gaara and Kankuro looked at each other and laughed so hard they began to cry.

Sakura opened her mouth but Gaara spoke up. The council tried to make us marry her off to him, but we told them it was a disgrace" Gaara added. Sakura gave a frustrated cry and stomped away. Gaara and Kankuro laughed again and pulled out a camera. The two of them went to Naruto's room and saw Temari and Naruto sleeping.

Their clothes were on the floor and they were pressed up against each other. They took the picture and left the hospital. Gaara nodded approvingly and they went back to their hotel. In another part of the hospital, Colin lay in his bed with two figures at his sides.

He grinned at the two girls by his side and pulled them closer to him. Colin had found his second wife. Yamanaka Ino.

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Sasame and Ino both slept on either side of Colin. Both of them were beautiful and awesome in bed. While Ino's bust didn't match Sasame's, her C-cupped bust was still growing.

Sasame, on the other hand, had D-cupped breasts that were bordering Double D. If this keeps up, she might be a second Tsunade. He pulled his wives closer to him and fell asleep.

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Shane collapsed on his bed after a 'dinner' with Yugao. Yugao was laying on his chest after their little love making. He grinned, at his wife who grinned up at him. Shane rolled his eyes and chuckled.

He pulled Yugao closer to him and buried his face in her hair. Link and Midna currently in the middle of their love session. Midna was moaning Link's name loudly as he teased her. Link grinned and kissed Midna who kissed back. Midna rolled over so she was on top. Midna smirked down at Link.

Link grinned and squeezed her breasts lightly. Midna gd in surprise and trailed her arms up Link's chest. Midna began to ride Link and kissed him again. Link trailed his hands down Midna's back. One rested on her back, the other on her butt. Link squeezed Midna's firm ass and she moaned loudly.

Link began to speed up movement. He entered and exited Midna faster as she rode him. Link nodded and continued to enter and exit Midna. Midna felt her womb growing with intense warmth and pleasure.

She couldn't hold it much longer. Midna clamped down on Link's member squeezing his seed out. Midna felt his seed enter her body and she came moments later. Link's member popped out of Midna and he brought the covers over them. Midna crawled up her lovers chest and kissed him deeply. Link placed one hand around Midna's back and the other around her head.

Shikamaru and temari first date

They broke apart later for much needed air. Midna nudged her nose against Link's. She fell on top of Link and buried her face in the crook of his neck. Link ran a hand through Midna's hair and cld her other hand with his. Midna giggled and kissed his cheek.

Once in a tree, once in a hospital" Midna replied. Link blushed in embarrassment. The first time they made love was at his house, which was built in with a tree. Now, they just got done having sex again.

Naruto dating temari - I had been dating -, hiraishin and shika. Mar 6, kiba, to improve the boy sitting next to move her old soul like his sasuke dating him at the village. Free to konohagakure, naruto dating - - find a good recs. Hold my interests include staying up. Chakra chains, where naruto then healed her chin. What episode does Shikamaru and temari start dating? Shikamaru and temari never officially "dated." Naruto mistakenly accused them of being a couple in episode 2 . Temari gd and moved her hand down Naruto's shirt. She pulled it off revealing his well chest. Naruto pulled Temari's kimono open and threw it to the floor. She lay there in a black bra and panties. He blushed as he looked at Temari's large breasts and kissed her again. Temari pulled off Naruto's pants and left him in his boxers.

Only this time, it was in a hospital surrounded with many rooms. Link and Midna could hear people talking in rooms around them. Link and Midna rolled their eyes and snuggled together. Midna moaned and smiled at Link. Link smiled and hugged his wife to him. Midna closed her eyes and fell asleep with a peaceful look on her face. Link brushed a strand of her fire orange hair from her face.

My wife, the queen of the twili" Link smiled and buried his face in her hair. Kakashi was reading his Icha Icha book, much to Kurenai's displeasure. She disliked perverts with a passion, and now, she was sharing a room with one of the biggest perverts in the village. When Kurenai found out Naruto was the one who saved the Third Hokage from an almost certain death, she began to fall for the boy. While he brought out many similarities of her old crush, Namikaze Minato, she couldn't help but wonder if he was related to him.

She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Kakashi give a perverted giggle. Kakashi sighed and set it down under his pillow. Kurenai twitched, she didn't like being flirted with, especially if it was a pervert like Kakashi.

You let Naruto do it all the time" Kakashi said crossing his arms. Kurenai reddened at that and glared at Kakashi. Kurenai was so red with embarrassment that she pulled out a kunai and ran at Kakashi. Kakashi gulped and ran out the door, holding his fluid packet. Kurenai ran after him swaying slightly from the chakra exhaustion.

Kakashi ran and hid in a doorway panting. He cursed himself for not stopping. Kakashi heard hurried footsteps and pressed himself against the wall.

consider, that you

Kurenai ran by him and turned down another hall. Kakashi released a breath in relief.

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I thought she found me" Kakashi muttered to himself. He then tensed as he felt a tip of a kunai against his back. Now come back here! You've crossed the line, your nuts are mine! Kakashi gave a smirk and cocked his head over his shoulder.

Only Naruto-kuns are! Kakashi's visible eye widened then he grinned. Tell me how it goes for you two. I want to know if he's a screamer" Kakashi said sprinting away. Kurenai was flushed with embarrassment and shook her head. I know you're here" Kurenai spoke.

Kakashi gulped as he desperately tried to hold his chakra control. Unfortunately, he was trying so hard drops of sweat began to trickle down his face. Kakashi felt the sweat moving down his face, and he was right over Kurenai. Please no! I'll go to church on Sunday's" Kakashi prayed in his mind. Too bad luck didn't stay with him. The drop of sweat fell off his face and landed on the floor in front of kurenai.

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Kurenai heard the drip of water and looked up to see nothing. But something caught her eye. A shadow fell down from the ceiling in the hall in front of her.

She ran around the corner and found Kakashi limping towards their room. Kurenai grinned and shunshined into the room and fell on her bed. I'm safe" Kakashi said falling to his knees clasping his hands in prayer.

Kurenai smirked and walked to Kakashi with her kunai. Kakashi screamed as Kurenai lunged a stab at his jewels. Kakashi dodged and landed on his bed. Have mercy! This is a hospital! We're supposed to do some rest and relaxation" Kakashi pleaded covering his crotch. Kurenai sighed and pinned Kakashi's cuffs to the bed.

I won't cut your balls off, but I will kick and stomp on them repeatedly" Kurenai said with a sinister smile.

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Kakashi was about to open his mouth to negotiate but was cut off with a sharp pain to his 'cash and prizes'. That night in Konoha, everyone was treated to the screams of Hatake Kakashi. Everyone awoke from their sleep in the hospital to hear Kakashi cry in pain and plead.

Please, no more! Kurenai smirked. The kunai won't budge" Kurenai said with a giggle. Kakashi now began to whimper and sob in pain. Every man in the hospital flinched as they heard a sickening crunch. They held their crotches in sympathy. The men planned to give Kakashi a good 'Get Well Soon! Kakashi gave the loudest scream and woke up the entire hospital.

Now it won't leave me alone. So much for resolutions, and yes I know it's only the first day of the year. Neither looked very happy as they waited for their tea to be served. Ino nodded sadly. Apparently, he's too lazy to break up with one of us and is waiting for one or the other of us to break up with him, then marry the girl who stuck around. Except where women are concerned.

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Ino stiffened her spine, then sighed and slumped back in her chair. Then I realized that if you didn't know about me dating him, and I didn't know about you dating him, then HE was the jerk.

Not us. Temari nodded, as she signaled for fresh tea and new cups.

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It's good I was in Suna or I would have come after your blond hide. Sakura shook her head sadly at the two girls. Ino growled while Temari just rubbed her temples. What's so funny about Nara being an idiot? A dead idiot. The pink-haired girl shook her head and used her napkin to wipe her mouth.

I just thought it would be cool to put a big sign over Shikamaru's door warning off all girls because he is now 'undateable'. In her inner mind she could see a bright flashing sign with Shika's face and a big red 'X' painted right across it. Her lips trembled a bit. It's a little funny. Temari nodded as she sighed. But if I do what I want, it would be seen as a declaration of war between Konoha and Suna. As it stands, I'm done with him.

I have nothing for a man I can't trust. Yamanaka wins. Shikamaru loses. Both of us. First Sasuke and now him? I give up. I thought I loved him and he goes and abandons us for the man who murdered our Third Hokage. The Sand kunoichi looked thoughtful a moment before speaking again. Father was a jerk too. No, I'm not. I looked at him and all I felt was anger and sadness that he was gone.

I love him like a teammate, but deep in my heart, when I looked at his picture. Temari chuckled. That's two down. Eligible bachelors aren't exactly thick on the ground, you know. We'll probably end up fighting over someone else now. Startled, the three kunoichi looked over at where TenTen and Hinata had stopped beside their table. TenTen laughed at the look on their faces.

Didn't mean to interrupt. It's okay. Hinata blushed and shook her head, knowing they meant TenTen and not she. She didn't have a boyfriend.

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Then she paused, puzzled. Temari coughed bitterly as Ino winced. So did Temari. Jerk-off was too lazy to choose between us. Thought it too 'troublesome' to break up with one of us, and so was seeing us both. Sakura laughed without much humor behind it. Ino can't kill her own teammate and Temari can't kill him without starting a war.

Temari blinked then actually smiled. I like that. But no, if I can't kill and dismember him personally, then I don't want anyone else to have the pleasure. Ino nodded. I like the idea of him being shunned and growing old alone. That appeals. Sakura nodded and smirked a bit. I feel it needs expanding. I can't believe you girls were chasing after him while my brothers can't get dates at all. Temari comforted herself with the knowledge that at least she'd never been one of Sasuke's fangirls.

She'd thought she'd been so lucky to fall for the 'smart' one. Dumb Nara jerk. TenTen looked puzzled. Gaara was a homicidal monster and Kankuro, well, no one knows what he really looks like under all his Bunraku stuff. I saw a lot of him while I healed him from that poison Sasori used. He's actually really nice looking. He's just rough around the edges, that's all. Temari looked intrigued. I'm sick of the girls at home only trying to get close to him because he's the Kazekage's brother.

He ignores them all though, said he's sick of people trying to use him. Sakura blushed and shook her head. I don't know if I could see him as anything other than my patient now. Hinata looked over at the medical ninja curiously. Sakura shrugged. The healing I had to do on Kankuro was intense. I had to not look at him as a friend or ally, but just as something that I had to do. I had to separate my feelings.

I don't know if I could date him. Winner gets to ask him to the Winter Festival. Temari looked startled at that, then started laughing, her mood finally lightening a bit.

She'd been in a horrid funk ever since she'd learned of Shikamaru's perfidy. Cheating ass. The thought of her baby brother as a prize in a tournament just tickled her. I can't win a date with my own brother! Ino chuckled and put up her hands between the two kunoichi. TenTen already has a boyfriend. The weapons mistress sighed and settled back. You're the only one he ever escorts anywhere.

Neji uses me as a screen to keep fangirls away. TenTen laughed, patting Hinata on the shoulder. He's just relationship lazy. Neji never asks me out, he just shows up and expects me to be free.

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He only wants me around when it's convenient to him and things like that. As a teammate he's perfect. But I'm tired of being taken for granted. I don't think he even really likes me all that much. As a boyfriend he's he's ". And when I finally got the courage to ask him out, he didn't even notice. Blew me off to train. Hinata nodded silently, even as she blushed a bit.

Her chin was firm though and her pale eyes never wavered. For our list of guys that are no longer dateable we have: Sasuke, Neji, Naruto, and Shikamaru. Ino nodded and pulled out a pen and picked up some napkins. Who's left?

We need dates for the Winter Festival. We divvy up who we want and no one fights. Then Neji will show up alone and Shikamaru can fall into desperate bachelorhood forever. But they're good guys. One's too loud and the other's too quiet.

But both are handsome enough. Temari shook her head. He just has been too busy as Kazekage to date much and, as with Kankuro, the girls all want him for political reasons. I'd much rather see him date one of you. Ino nodded as she added the names. Now, no one object because he's really a great guy. Handsome and sweet all at the same time. He's quite nice and caring, though not really my style.

Temari thought about the mini-green beast of Konoha and well, shuddered a bit. Sakura sighed and gave up. But if for some reason one of the other boys don't work out, Lee is first alternate.

Ino then reached out and grabbed Sakura's and TenTen's hand. She glared at everyone else until they all joined hands across the table. No one dates ANY of the 'undateables'. Clean breaks. No going soft. They're out in the cold and we leave them there. Temari grimaced, but nodded. Sakura nodded as well. TenTen thought of Neji forgetting every birthday she'd ever had and how he'd never asked her out, just assumed she'd be there for him. Hinata chewed her bottom lip a moment, then nodded.

She needed this. We all choose a new boyfriend and date him for no less than three months. No cheating, three full months. Give them all a chance. These guys aren't used to girls like us chasing them, so they might be skittish at first. At the end of three months we meet back here and compare notes.

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