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The role was originated by Madeline Duggan , who first appeared on 3 July Duggan played the role for four years until her exit on 23 June Three months later, on 27 September, the role was recast with Jacqueline Jossa. In August , Jossa announced that she was expecting her first child. Lauren made a permanent return on 27 May

Max returns to Walford, and when Lauren learns that Tanya has stopped her treatment, begs him to stay and reveals her illness so he stays. Lauren's rebellion continues and she reunites with her old friend Lucy Beale at Pat Evans' funeral. After getting drunk at the funeral, she is berated by her parents and given a private consultation with a GP. Lauren withdraws from school, and is employed at the car lot.

She resumes drinking and tries to conceal this from her parents. Her drinking is so heavy that, on a night out, Lucy tells her to go home but Lauren ignores her, insisting that she is fine. Lucy loses her and she is found passed out in the street.

Lauren tells her parents her drink was spiked before stating she is mature enough to make decisions. She then decides to move out. On her 18th birthday, a drunken Lauren belatedly arrives at a family party, organised by Tanya. After being sick, Lauren admits to her parents that she is uncontrollable and promises not to drink any more.

She moves back home after not being able to cope with the laziness of her housemates. Lauren and Lucy go out where a drunken Lauren shares a kiss with a stranger, Dan, who drags her into his car.

After Lucy manages to drag her out, they argue and Lauren storms off. Lucy finds her unconscious and takes her to hospital but Lauren discharges herself. Lauren returns home to find Lucy has already told Max, Tanya and Ian everything. Angry, Lauren argues with her family and leaves, meeting Dan. After she rejects his advances, Lauren goes to Lucy's house and Lucy tells her that she does not want anything more to do with her.

Lauren meets her cousin, Joey Branning, and is attracted to him. Her friendship with Lucy begins to improve after Lucy's father Ian Beale disappears and Lauren helps find him. Joey and Lucy start dating but Lauren learns that Joey had cheated with Whitney, and urges her to tell Lucy. Lucy ends the relationship and the girls take revenge by handcuffing him to playground equipment.

Lauren decides to free him so he does not lose his job, and he tells her she is jealous that she did not get a kiss, so she slaps him. Lauren drunkenly kisses Joey but he rejects her. The following day, Joey explains that he rejected her because she was drunk and they kiss again. Lauren realises she cannot be with her cousin, so resists. Eventually, sexual tension mounts between them and they start a secret relationship.

Joey's father Derek Branning finds out when he sees Joey and Lauren passionately kissing in the car lot office. Derek threatens Lauren so she and Joey plan to leave Walford. As they drive away in Derek's car, a drunk Lauren loses control of the car and crashes into a shop.

Whos lauren from eastenders dating

Derek helps rescue them from the burning building and makes Joey take the blame for the crash. At the hospital, Lauren tells Tanya about her relationship with Joey and Derek blackmails Joey to end it. Heartbroken and distraught, Lauren continues to drink and Tanya realises that Joey is still in love with Lauren. Lauren later drunkenly reveals her relationship with Joey to the rest of her family.

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Joey leaves Walford after Derek dies but returns and reunites with Lauren, where Lucy witnesses them kissing. When trying to justify her relationship, Lauren is shocked when Lucy calls her selfish and undeserving of Joey's love, so Lauren considers telling the police the truth about the car crash, but Joey convinces her not to.

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Lauren and Joey's relationship is publicly revealed, though people start to accept it. Lauren discovers that Tanya has lied about missing a hospital appointment, and as Tanya refuses to talk, Lauren starts drinking again. Lauren destroys her mother's wedding gown and cake before Tanya and Max remarry.

She later bonds with Max's secret wife, Kirsty Branning, upsetting Tanya. Lauren finds out that Kirsty is pregnant, unaware that Kirsty is lying. At a party, Lucy spikes Lauren's drink so she drunkenly reveals that Kirsty is pregnant. Lauren falls out with Joey, who breaks up with her over her behaviour.

She applies for a job as a waitress with Whitney at Ian's new restaurant but Lucy gets Joey to be Lauren's test customer so Lauren will fail. Whitney gets the job but purposely withdraws so that Lauren gets the job instead. She tries to make Joey jealous by kissing Tyler, who is engaged to Whitney, but it fails and Whitney ends their friendship and Lucy offers the job to Whitney.

Whitney Dean

Lauren's drinking gets worse, though she believes she is not alcohol and tricks her step-grandmother Dot Branning to give her money, which she uses to buy alcohol.

Tanya is angry when she discovers this. Disgusted, Lauren attempts to buy more alcohol but Kirsty refuses to serve her, following Tanya's wishes. Lauren is arrested but Lucy decides not to press charges. Ian gives Lauren her waitress job back, but is sacked on the opening night for getting drunk and spills drink on a guest.

Tanya and Max find bottles in Lauren's bedroom and decide to keep her locked in the house. She believes Lauren is showing no signs of withdrawal but Lauren reveals she has been drinking vodka from a water bottle, so Tanya realises she is addicted. Tanya keeps Lauren locked in her room but her withdrawal leads her to climb out of the window and Lauren says that nobody can stop her from drinking if she wants to.

The next day, Tanya tells Lauren to leave after she destroys Abi's revision notes, and she stays with Max and Kirsty. Tanya asks Peter to spend time with Lauren, but their date is sabotaged by Lucy, so Lauren gets drunk again and leaves with a group of strangers. When she returns, her skin and eyes are yellow and she collapses in pain, so she is taken to hospital and diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis.

She is warned that she could die if she doesn't stop drinking. Lauren returns and sees Joey so tries to find him. She confronts Lucy over her relationship with Joey, but Lucy refuses to answer, so Lauren concludes that they are together and tries to get a drink but is refused service. Tanya takes her home, where she admits that she cannot cope with her parents' constant arguing. Ultimately, Tanya blames herself and takes Lauren to a clinic in Exeter, believing a change of scene could help.

Lauren, now a recovering alcoholic, returns to Walford and dislikes how people treat her, until Abi reminds her of the hurt she caused. Lauren reconciles and is heartbroken to discover that Joey slept with Whitney while she was away.

Lauren leaves, taking a drink with her but chooses not to drink it. She attends counselling and meets Jake Stone. She sees that he is married but learns that is separated. Lauren falls in love with him but finds out that he is still married to Sadie Young, they split up but resume their affair, Max catches them and orders Lauren to end the relationship. Later that day, Joey asks Lauren to leave Walford with him but she decides to stay and resumes her affair with Jake. They are caught by Bella Young when she walks in on Lauren getting dressed.

Lauren Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera role was originated by Madeline Duggan, who first appeared on 3 July Duggan played the role for four years until her exit on 23 June Three months later, on 27 September, the role was recast with Jacqueline August , Jossa announced that she was expecting her first kokusai-usa.comd by: Simon Ashdown. Who's dating who in eastenders in real life - Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time .

Understanding how Bella feels, Lauren ends the affair. When Sadie learns of this, Lauren attempts to apologise to her but learns that Sadie and Bella have left. She tries to persuade Jake not to drink again but he angrily throws a bottle of wine at Lauren and injuring her face; however, she forgives him before he leaves Walford.

Lauren is stunned to see Stacey in The Vic, Stacey tells Lauren she is not staying but they meet again at Dot's house. Cora decides to call the police, but Lauren stops her and makes amends with Stacey as they talk about Bradley. She overhears Max and Stacey talking about a recent kiss they had and is agitated, asking her to stay away from Max.

She overlooks what she heard when Stacey reveals she is waiting for the police to arrest her for murdering Archie because she wants to clear Bradley's name. Lauren avoids Jake when he returns to Walford as he has fallen off the wagon and is staying on Ian Beale's sofa. Lucy asks Lauren to go into business with her.

Although initially reluctant, Lauren agrees and they set up "LB Lettings". Lauren becomes suspicious that Lucy is dating Jake when he sets up the website for their business and Lucy begins arranging secret meetings.

Lucy soothes her anxieties but she is seeing Max. Soon after, Lucy is found dead and Lauren is devastated. She leans on Peter for support in her grief, and is tempted to drink again but Cora talks her out of it.

Determined to overcome her grief, Lauren starts up the business again and finds an email from someone wanting to meet on the night Lucy died. Believing Lucy went instead of her, Lauren tells the police but is not taken seriously, so she arranges to meet them herself. She is shocked when the person is revealed to be Jake and he chases her through Walford to try and stop her from going to the police.

However, she does and he is arrested, although Lauren clearly has doubts if he did kill Lucy. When Peter falls out with his girlfriend, Lola Pearce, Lauren comforts him and they kiss. However, Peter feels bad for cheating on Lola and leaves, but it is clear Lauren has feelings for him. Jake is released when evidence clears him of any involvement and makes peace with Lauren before leaving. Lauren starts dating Dean Wicks after they have a one-night stand but is shocked when Peter breaks up with Lola and tells Lauren he loves her after kissing her again.

Lauren tells him that she wants to be with Dean and Peter vows to wait for her. Lauren and Peter later begin to get paranoid when they are followed. When they get a car registration, DS Summerhayes finds that it is a police car signed out to DS Cameron Bryant but she tells everyone that the registration number belongs to a reporter.

On Halloween night, she encounters a mysterious person in a Halloween mask who follows her throughout the evening. This is later revealed to be Abi.

Peter asks Lauren to marry him. Lauren accepts, but after finding out that Peter was selling drugs to Lucy, she tells him that she cannot marry him. On New Year's DayMax's girlfriend Emma Summerhayes is killed in a car accident after meeting someone who she thinks killed Lucy. Although Max tears up Emma's case notes, Lauren finds most of the pages and puts them together, suspicious about who killed Lucy. Lauren asks Peter to marry her and he accepts However, after finding a previously torn off piece of a page from Emma's case files and trying to use Emma's phone, Lauren starts to doubt if she should marry Peter and drinks most of a half-bottle of whisky in Max's office.

When Lauren nearly faints, Stacey buys her a test and discovers that Lauren is pregnant. Stacey confronts her about it but Lauren reveals that she knows who killed Lucy, but refuses to divulge the identity to the police. When Stacey calls the police, she is upset at her inability to keep a secret but hands in most of Emma's case files, while keeping the torn-off piece.

She writes a card addressed to Jane, saying that Lucy was killed at home, and abruptly leaves to book an abortion. However, during the consultation, Peter interrupts her and offers to support her through all her issues. Lauren says she is confused and that she knows what happened to Lucy, leading him to discover the truth about the murder at home.

When Peter decides to emigrate to New Zealand, he asks Lauren to go with him. She initially refuses, planning to join Tanya in Devon but after he tells her that his brother Bobby Beale is Lucy's killer, she changes her mind and decides to go to New Zealand.

They dispose of Emma's remaining evidence and SIM card, deciding not to tell the police about Bobby being Lucy's killer. She says goodbye to Max and Abi and leaves with Peter, taking an outfit for their unborn child with them. A heavily pregnant Lauren returns for Max's murder trial, saying she knows who killed Lucy. As she threatens to tell everyone about Bobby, her waters break.

She later gives birth to a baby boy who she names Louie, in honour of Peter's great-grandmother, Lou Beale. Lauren convinces Abi to stop Max from going to prison and tells Jane Beale that she is going to tell the truth but Max is found guilty, thanks to Phil bribing the jury foreman. Max is sentenced to 21 years imprisonment. Max discovers Lauren knew that he was innocent and disowns her. Lauren makes a statement to the Police claiming that Bobby killed Lucy but they do not believe her and she returns to New Zealand with Louie, vowing to come back and clear Max's name.

Lauren tries to reconcile with an angry Abi, who is furious that Lauren did not tell her that Bobby killed Lucy. Lauren and Steven try to make Ian understand their relationship and why Peter has not returned.

When Max is due to have a court hearing following Bobby's confession, Lauren and Abi write a letter saying they will wait for him in the pub, asking Stacey to deliver it. Stacey returns, saying she missed the hearing but passed the letter to his solicitor. Max is released but does not meet Lauren, so she goes home. The letter is returned and she runs outside to see Max leaving in a taxi. Lauren helps Abi get her job back in The Vic and decides to party with her friends.

Lauren catches Abi and Lee and assumes that Abi is making a move on him, however Abi drunkenly reveals that she and Lee previously had sex. Lauren promises not to tell Whitney even though Steven tells her to. That same day, Lauren helps Whitney do a pregnancy test, which is positive.

Lauren later warns Lee that she knows about his sex with Abi but says she will not say anything because it would mean ruining Whitney's happiness. When Whitney does eventually find out about Lee's unfaithfulness, Lauren supports her.

She later starts a business as a web designer, with her first client being Belinda Peacock. Steven is annoyed when Lauren buys a new laptop, following a burglary at the Beales' restaurant.

Steven tells Lauren he needed a way to pay debts and she promises not to tell Ian the truth about the burglary as long as they are honest with each other in future. Lauren is excited when Louie says his first word: "mama". Steven gets him to say "dada" and records a video. Lauren sends it to Peter, which upsets Steven as he sees himself as Louie's father, but Lauren says Peter will always be Louie's father.

Feb 12,   Eastenders star Shona ­McGarty's love life is about to become as tangled as one of the soap's plots both on and off screen. Next week Albert Square fans will see her ­character Whitney. Feb 10,   Oh, Lauren (Picture: BBC) Never mind who killed Lucy Beale, tonight we just want to know about Lauren Branning. Like, is she pregnant? We know she Number Of Seasons: 1. Jan 29,   Soap land is a busy place, with characters coming and going across all of the four big shows - EastEnders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Author: Charlotte Tutton.

When Jane discovers Steven has been stealing money from the restaurant, he explains he borrowed it to pay Peter's debts as he is drinking heavily and getting into fights, and Lauren does not know the whole truth. When Lauren learns this, she is angry that he was not honest and considers visiting Peter.

She moves in with Janine Butcher and gets a work trail at the Queen Vic, however, she is fired for stealing. Whitney soon attracts the attention of Rob Grayson. Rob gains Whitney's trust and when she falls out with her family she turns to him for help. She runs away to stay with Rob, throwing her phone away as she goes. Lauren and Janine try to find Whitney, however, when they do she refuses to go with them, claiming she and Rob are in love.

But things are not all they seem at it unfolds that Rob is forcing Whitney to have sex with people to pay off his debts. When Whitney finally comes to terms with what is happening, after meeting another girl named Chloeshe is not allowed to leave and locked in a room. Whitney escapes by jumping out a window and flagging down a car for help.

The next month, she messages Lauren and meets her outside the police station, looking rough, as she has been arrested for shoplifting. Whitney opts to live with Dot Branning instead of her close family, but Dot convinces her to move back to Ricky's.

When Ryan returns from a holiday, he learns of Whitney's ordeal and urges her to go to the police and get tested for sexually transmitted infections. She claims to be unready to go to the police but agrees to the test, which proves positive for chlamydia. When Whitney starts a relationship with a man named Leeit is revealed that he is a friend of Rob's, and when Whitney agrees to meet Lee by text, Rob takes control of Lee's mobile phone. She allows Rob to take her home but then tells him to wait outside while she escapes through the back door and gets a lift to with friends.

She leaves him a voicemail message not knowing that he's following her. He finds her in her hotel room and professes his love for her, but when Fatboy comes in, Rob attacks him, so Whitney tells him to leave. Fatboy calls Ryan, who comes to Southend looking for Rob. When he finds him, they fight and fall over the edge of the pier. The next day, a body is recovered from the sea, and is revealed to be Rob who has died.

Whitney thinks Ryan may also be dead until he appears. She tells him she has told the police everything about Rob, including Ryan's fight with him, and Ryan tells Whitney he has to leave. They say an emotional farewell. Whitney takes an interest in Tyler Moon but refuses to date him. Whitney applies for a new work experience at the local nursery which she later gets.

When Michael Moon tells his brother, Tyler, about Whitney's recent ordeal he rejects her but later gives her his special Moon pendant to make up for it.

Whitney agrees to go on a date with Tyler and they agree to have sex but Whitney is unsure as she remembers her past and runs out, telling Tyler she never wants to see him again. He later tells Fatboy she needs a shrink which Whitney overhears.

She runs out and kisses Fatboy and starts a relationship with him. He publicly declares his love for her, but when he is unable to give her a driving lesson, Lucy suggests that Tyler does it, because she knows that Tyler likes Whitney. Whitney starts to feel smothered by Fatboy's affections.

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Lucy teases Tyler by telling him that Fatboy plans to publicly propose to Whitney, so Tyler tells Whitney he likes her but Whitney says it is too late. Tyler then surprises Whitney by kissing her. Whitney, feeling guilty, refuses to go on holiday with Fatboy, and tells him to kiss her.

He does, but she says it is like kissing her best friend. She then admits she wants Tyler, leaving Fatboy heartbroken. Whitney then goes to see Tyler but finds him kissing Lucy. She then tells Tyler to leave her alone. However, Tyler later tells Whitney that he cannot, as he loves her. Whitney admits to feeling the same way, and they begin a relationship. Whitney believes she is pregnant, and when she tells Tyler, he seems reluctant to take on a child.

However he comes round to the idea, but Whitney discovers she is not pregnant after all. The rest of Whitney's family move to Suffolk to be near Bianca, who has been sent to prison in Suffolk. However, Whitney stays and looks after the house, along with Bianca's uncle Derek Branning. Soon after, Tyler moves in. Whitney is angry when Joey Branning kisses her. Several months later, after Bianca and the rest of the family move back, Whitney and Tyler plan to get their own home.

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Whitney tells Tyler about the kiss with Joey, so he breaks up with her. However, he regrets it and proposes to Whitney; she accepts, Bianca disapproves of the engagement. When Lauren kisses Tyler to make her ex-boyfriend Joey jealous, Whitney ends her friendship with Lauren. After several weeks Lauren and Whitney make up. She receives a letter from a stranger, the letter is from Tony asking Whitney to come and see him in prison. Whitney then goes to the prison to visit Tony but is told that he has committed suicide.

Trying to come to terms from Tony's death, she goes out for lunch with Tyler at Scarlett'sbut they later argue which leads to Whitney ending their engagement and storming out. She then goes for a drink and Joey tries to comfort her which leads them to start flirting with one another.

They then share a kiss and go back to Joey's house to have sex. She tells Tyler, and they both realise that they will not work out, and Tyler leaves Walford. Whitney gets a job as a teaching assistant at Walford Primary School. During one breaktime, she warns Denny Rickman not to run in the playground. He ignores her and falls over, grazing his arm.

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Whitney does not react in the professional manner she is supposed to, causing Denny's injury to be ignored. When Sharon questions Denny about his injury he says Whitney assaulted him.

EastEnders - Peter Asks Lauren Out On A Date (20th June 2013)

Sharon complains and Whitney is suspended, but appeals for her job and is allowed to keep it. Whitney later sets her sights on newcomer Johnny Carterunaware that he is gay.

Johnny's parents, Mick and Linda Carterhope that Johnny and Whitney will become an item, but his sister Nancy reveals to them that he is gay.

A few weeks later, Johnny comes out to Whitney, which hurts her as she feels that Johnny has been using her. They later become good friends and Whitney forgives Johnny. When Johnny's elder brother Lee returns from serving in Afghanistan, Whitney takes an instant liking to him and they share a kiss. She discovers that Lee had sex with Lucy, which upsets her greatly and she spams Lucy's Facebook page with horrible comments.

The next day, Lucy is found dead. At her funeral, Tamwar Masood discovers a condolences card with 'Rot in Hell' written on it, and realises the handwriting matches Whitney's.

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When he confronts her, she tells him that Lucy was sending her abusive texts about her looks, and that she completely despised her. Feeling sorry for Whitney, Tamwar rips up the card, but it is later recovered by his suspicious sister, Shabnam Masood.

Upon Lee's return from the army, Whitney gives the relationship another chance. She struggles with the prospect of making their romance sexual, but eventually agrees to when he talks about his feelings for her.

Ryan's young daughter Lily comes to live in Walford when her mother Stacey Slater is sent to prison. Whitney begins to babysit her and is shocked when Ryan contacts her, under the alias of 'Simon Parker' after placing a photo of herself and Lily online. After speaking with Johnny and Lee, she decides to reply. Stacey is granted her appeal and freed but Whitney worries it will ruin her relationship with Lily. Whitney tells Lily about Ryan saying she could possibly meet him. When Stacey finds out, she argues with Whitney and says she will not be seeing Lily again.

Whitney then messages Ryan saying she needs to see him urgently. Whitney then arranges to meet Ryan at the park. Stacey and Lily visit the park whilst Whitney is waiting for Ryan. Stacey apologises to Whitney and she accepts. Whitney thinks Ryan has stood her up, so leaves with Stacey and Lily. Ryan turns up late and hides on seeing Stacey, and remains unseen as a result. Bianca tells Whitney she is moving to Milton Keynes, and wants her to move with her and the children.

Although originally agreeing, Lee persuades her to stay and she moves into the pub with the Carters. Lee develops depression, and when Whitney finds out, she struggles to support him at his lowest points. At Mick's stag party before his wedding to Linda, Lee knocks himself unconscious and is carried upstairs by Mick and Whitney.

Whitney confesses to Mick that she intends to break up with Lee after the wedding, unable to handle his depression. However, she is unaware that Lee has overheard her via the baby monitor. On the day of the wedding, Lee goes missing and Whitney and Mick find him drunk at the park.

Lee tells Whitney that he blames himself for her wanting to break up with him, and she promises him that they will work things out. Whitney later thanks Mick for helping her with Lee, but accidentally kisses him on the lips in the process.

While Mick and Linda are on their honeymoon, Whitney invites Ryan back to Walford to see Lily, but while at the pub, he steals the cash from the safe, causing Whitney and Nancy to fight, just as Mick and Linda walk in on them. The next morning, Whitney contacts Ryan and he asks to meet in the park. Mick accompanies Whitney and assures a scared Ryan that he can trust him.

It then emerges that Whitney told Mick that Ryan killed Rob, so Whitney and Mick convince Ryan to return the money and hand himself to the police, and Whitney will back him up in the hope of him being charged with manslaughter instead of murder, to which Ryan agrees. Whitney shares an emotional goodbye with Ryan as he heads into the police station. On the ride home from the police station, an upset Whitney tells Mick that she has feelings for him and kisses him again.

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Mick tells Linda what happened, so Linda tells her to stay away from Mick and not to give up on Lee. Whitney eventually tells Lee about the kiss causing Lee to have a one night stand with Lauren's younger sister Abi Branning.

Whitney gives her relationship with Lee another go and is shocked when he proposes to her. Whitney then tells Abi that she should thank Lauren for getting her the job back and Abi isn't very happy that her sister had to ask to get her a job. Abi then becomes really drunk and Lauren catches her flirting with Whitney's boyfriend so immediately grabs Abi.

Lauren then tries to talk to Abi but she is clearly to drunk so Lauren grabs the wine glass out of Abi's hand and tells Whitney that she is taking Abi home. When Abi tells Lauren she can't tell her what to do, Lauren tells Abi to go and throw herself at Lee and that will give her another reason to mess up her job before its even started.

Abi doesn't say anything and Lauren tells her to move because there going home. When they arrive home, Abi then falls in the door and she smashes their grandma Dot Branning 's house phone. Lauren then helps Abi take her clothes off and Abi trips on the coffee table. Lauren then tells her that Lee loves Whitney and would never go anywhere near her and Abi drunkenly confesses to Lauren that she slept with Lee by saying "Well he already did, me and Lee had sex, so maybe they aint a perfect coupe after all".

Lauren urges Abi to confess to Whitney as Abi gave Lee chlamydia which he gave to Whitney as Abi's boyfriend Ben Mitchell cheated on her numerous times and he gave it to Abi.

But Abi doesn't want to tell Whitney and asked tells Lauren that she's her big sister and who she would choose over her or Whitney. Lauren chooses Abi. Babe Smith emotionally blackmails Abi, forcing her to resign. That same day, Lauren helps Whitney do a pregnancy test, which is positive. In mid- July Whitney found out she was expecting Lee's baby. She attempted to tell him by putting a bun in the oven however it was overcooked and was found by a confused Mick.

Linda clocked in on what was going on and went to see Whitney.

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At first Lee didn't want the baby and prepared to tell Whitney that he wanted her to get an abortion. After having a heart-to-heart with Mick, Lee had second thoughts.

Whitney Dean

A few days later both Whitney and Lee were told they had Chlamydia due to Lee's drunken one night stand with Abi A distraught Whitney blamed it on her past with Rob.

In early August Abi admitted to sleeping with Lee. Whitney ended her relationship with Lee however she decided to give him another chance as she wanted a happy ever after. On the 16th of SeptemberThe couple attended their first scan and bumped into Kim and Denise. The couple were told the baby will be due in March Lee brought her a pregnancy kick bracelet. However, in October a heartbroken Lee and Whitney found out the baby had died. Whitney accepted the fact that the baby has gone, however, after her operation, she realises what's happened and breaks down in Lee's arms.

Wanting answers, Whitney confides in Lauren and thinks the chlamydia caused it. Whitney tells Lee it's nothing to worry about however Abi tells Lee she looked it up online and there was a possibility it did.

Lee confronts Whitney and the pair agree to never keep secrets from each other. Before the wedding Whitney tells Lee she wants another baby. In December Whitney thinks she is pregnant but is left disappointed when she isn't.

In Novemberher fiance, Woody Woodwar is offered a job at a bar in Spain and takes it.

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He worries about breaking the news to Whitney, and initially they argue, however she eventually agrees. He leaves, telling Whitney to meet him at Walford East Station at half three. When she arrives, she cannot find him, so leaves him a voicemail, but soon notices a note on the window of the station.

It says that Whitney would be better in Walford and without him, and that he has left without her. Whitney is devastated.

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On Valentine's Day, Whitney rejects Halfway's surprise but she is touched when Halfway talks about how his grandfather brought him up to treat women with respect. Whitney apologises for her attitude, but Halfway has to leave for the Army. They then continue to stay in touch via video chat. Halfway returns from the Army and they resume their relationship, eventually trying for a baby.

Whitney threatens Ben, but agrees to continue with the wedding after a discussion with Halfway. Bianca returns on the wedding day and convinces Whitney not to marry Halfway. Whitney insists that she loves Halfway, but jilts him at the altar and encourages him not to live a lie with his sexuality.

This causes Whitney to start drinking and Bianca suggests that Whitney go on her honeymoon alone to clear her mind off Halfway. Whitney returns from her solo honeymoon and soon announces that she has met another man. Whitney and Leo continue their fling, but Whitney struggles to move on from Halfway and attempts to kiss him, but is rejected. Whitney decides to put her fling with Leo on pause.

In December Leo takes Whitney to a hotel for her birthday and Tiffany finally calls and asks Bianca who Leo really is. Leo angrily attacks Whitney but she gains the upper hand and he leaves the hotel room upset at finding out the truth about his father. Callum and Tiffany arrive at the hotel but Whitney says she is fine and took care of it. Leo later starts stalking Whitney, telling her he believes her about Tony and that he loves her because of their both having a connection to Tony.

One day Whitney agrees to speak with him at E20 and he tells her he wants to continue their relationship. Whitney tells him that will never happen. He then opens a stall at the market to be close to Whitney and even goes on a date with Dotty imagining that she is Whitney.

Kat offers to trade jobs with Whitney for a week so she can have a break from seeing Leo at the market.

Jack advises Whitney to start writing down everything Leo does as evidence which she does in a notebook. She rushes to call the police but Leo arrives on the balcony and pushes her, causing her to drop her phone.

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