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Life-Is-Magical is a 33 year old, spiritual male. Living in London , UK Vegan diet. Living in Worthing , UK Vegetarian diet. Hi my name is Pablo from Sunny Worthing where I have lived for nearly 2 years. Working 3 days a week and 1 day a week at college.

Start messaging singles today. Our platform is safe and secure and we have a customer service team to help with anything you need. To help maximise the chances of meeting the right person for you, Vegetarian Dating Online is part of a shared romance dating network of members and sites. This means that by joining Vegetarian Dating Online you automatically get access to members who are part of this shared network, who may have alternative interests, characteristics and lifestyle choices, significantly increasing the chances of finding what you're looking for.

By joining Vegetarian Dating Online, your profile will also appear to members of other sites on the shared network. Click the image above to register a profile. Obviously this comes with restrictions. You will need a membership to contact and IM instant message potential dates. It's pretty affordable though, and certainly cheaper than a night out.

Here's a comparison of the features you get with paid membership verses that of the free membership. Originally launched online inthis site has been serving spiritually-inspired singles ever since. The site has over 85, members worldwide, and provides a progressive dating environment for conscious people such as vegans, vegetarians, and those who advocate for animal rights.

A typical member sees personal growth as a priority, and values holistic health and is interested in environmental issues. The membership is fairly small compared with Match, but at least here you will immediately be surrounded by like-minded people.

Interestingly, the owner, Jill Crosby, started out dating on mainstream sites but found she didn't share much in common with those she was matched with. So she followed her heart and set up Spiritual Singles. Veggie Connection is a not-for-profit site supported by volunteers and the financial subsidies of its founder, Ken. It has a smaller user base than Spiritual Singles but is targeted more specifically to plant eaters.

On Veggie Connection you'll find vegans, raw-foodists, fruitarians, and vegetarians for romance and friendships. The site is user friendly, albeit a tad out of touch with modern design expectations.

As ofthere is an app too. Veggie Date has been online since In addition to vegans and raw vegans, the site caters to lacto vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, semi-vegetarians and macrobiotic eaters. It's worth a mention that Veggie Date was a nominee for best niche dating site, but looking at the site design it probably hasn't been ated since then. The lack of maintenance lets it down somewhat because it affects the user experience and makes it pretty much impossible to use on mobile.

Despite this, they claim that more than new members join the site each month. Premium members can upload additional photos and send any member - even free members - a message, who, in turn, will be able to read and respond.

You should be aware that dating sites do not conduct background checks on every person that registers. And this is one reason I am a fan of Match. Companies like Match have investigators read and approve profiles before they are posted. So if you are harassed, threatened, or subject to inappropriate behavior, you can report it and be sure it will be taken seriously. Smaller sites simply don't have the budget or staff to handle such complaints and liaise with police if necessary.

Like everything in life, there's a way to do online dating that generally results in greater success. In fact, research shows that the secret to success in online dating is to aim high, keep it brief, and persevere. Finding a vegan date isn't easy. Even being a vegetarian makes you a minority in a world dominated by meat eaters. And if you're a raw-foodist or fruitarian, the dating pool gets even smaller.

With forums, Facebook groups and dating sites, you can cast your net further than ever before. But as noted above, keep your wits about you and put your personal safety first. That aside, online dating is responsible for hundreds of thousands if not millions of successful relationships. When one lives on the bleeding edge of evolution, i. Never tried online dating so I'm now trying for the first time, don't really know what to tell you about me.

I did my degree in Sports Mannagement and I'm now working in my area, played tennis most of my youth, and every possible sport you can imagine. I also love to be a volunteer in sports events, went to Azerbaijan for European Games and to lovely Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic Games.

As for more, music is indispensable, I like almost every type of music, as to go to concerts, I ussually don't go because from a few years from now all you can see are mobiles filming the show and I'm not that tall so I can never see the show properly haha.

I prefer to go to techno festivals where all going is just good vibes. Vegan for 1. Living in Sheffiel UK Vegan diet. Compassionate, Kind, Friendly, Happy, Caring, Empathetic, Passionate, i hate these word reduction sections, really, 15 to words? Louisa is a 40 year old, Atheist female. Living in AberdeenUK Raw food diet.

Tom is a 33 year old, Atheist male. Living in PortsmouthUK Vegan diet. Hi, my name's Tom. I'm currently living in Portsmouth. I'm a private tutor for Maths and Emglish. I love to travel and see the world experiencing different cultures and ways of life.

Anona is a 59 year old, Catholic female. I'm single, independent and like to enjoy life. Helen is a 70 year old, spiritual female. Living in mid-CornwallUK Raw food diet.

I am English, Piscean, Jewish by birth and pantheistic by inclination. I seek to tread lightly on this beautiful Earth. I am uncompromisingly vegan and I eat mainly raw and organic food. I avoid drugs and prefer to use gentler methods of healing. I enjoy yoga, walking, reading, cycling, learning and communicating.

I prefer to be out of cities, but I enjoy visiting them from time to time. I would like to travel some more and to build an autonomous, curvy, organic house in a place of quiet beauty, near woods and water.

I am passionate about injustice and I would like to be more engaged in trying to help bring about peace in the world. Artist, free thinker and free spirit Living in LondonUK Vegetarian diet. Hi - I'm just a happy glove looking for a hand that fits me!! Poetaster is a 46 year old, Atheist female. Living in LincolnUK Vegan diet. Underneath my capable exterior is, hopefully, an interesting somebody who is ready to find a partner to share life's ups, downs and one-liners.

I may not be everyone's cup of tea - I don't even like tea - but I might be your cup of tea or whatever it is you want on a daily basis. I have a 23 year old son who is a talented web developer and an all-round cool person, and I have a 8 year old dog who is only one of those things.

My interests include: edible gardens, psychology, cycling, reading, music, singing, playing guitar, piano and songwriting. I'm also very fond of people, animals and laughing too loudly in public. I love music. I have an eclectic music taste and will give anything a listen.

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I've played bass and guitar for years and have been in a number of different bands. I'm currently in a part time covers band with my two best friends. I've been Vegetarian for 25 years and Vegan for the last year. Green eyes. SpartanAnimalLover is a 54 year old, spiritual male. Living in WalesUK Vegan diet. I aim to help change as much as i can while living life on this beautiful planet and gently like to hint or influence and help inform the masses or people i meet about ways to lessen the cause hurt n pain to all living things If you got any questions come say "Hi" and please ask!

Tata -x. Andrea is a 53 year old, spiritual bi-female. Living in WarringtonUK Vegan diet. Michael is a 53 year old, spiritual male. I'm a very youthful and fit 49 I'm often told I look 10 years younger by paid admirers!! I'm generally very happy and love life, however, there is a vital dimension missing: YOU!

I'm looking for someone to adore, miss madly when she's not around, to hug, to hold hands with, to talk with about anything and everything - someone who matches me intellectually and passionately.

Green Vegan Dating | Vegetarian Dating

I divorced 8 years ago and only had a brief relationship 3 years ago. I'm not desperate and will wait as long as it takes. I'm very affectionate, kind, reasonably well educated, cultured, creative, curious, adventurous, romantic, sensual, tactile, practical, good company so I'm told! I love knowledge - I'm very curious and very few things disinterest me.

I'm getting back into designing and making beautiful hopefully! I love children and I like to think they love me! I'm monogamous and completely faithful, hard-working - but not too hard!

I think someone has to be happy in their own skin before they can be really happy in a relationship: you have to love yourself before you can truly love someone else? You won't be disappointed Allan is a 37 year old, spiritual male.

I am 37 years old and live on my own in a flat in Bognor Regis West Sussex. I spend a lot of my time looking after my Mother who is disabled. I like cooking and socialising and am interested in music and astrology. I am very sensitive and am quick to pickup vibes off people and situations. Living in PaigntonUK Vegetarian diet. Hi, I'm outgoing, happy in my own company but would love to meet someone who would share mutual respect and trust.

I have 2 dogs and enjoy walking them on the beach close to where I live, Have in the past owned several classic cars and took them to showsso someone who is a bit of a petrol head would be great, but that's not obligatory.

Rowantree is a 64 year old, spiritual male. Living in LancashireUK Vegetarian diet. Unmaterialistic man with green outlook, spiritual, and in awe of nature. I enjoy walking on the seashore, through woodland and by streams. I live in a small town, but visit the countryside frequently, doing practical conservation, cycling, walking or watching wildlife. FoE member of long-standing.

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Re-use and recycle as much as I can, developing interest in permaculture, and would ultimately like to live in an eco-house. Likes: live music, barn dances, cinema, theatre, art galleries, museums, old churches, stone circles, rugby, Radio 4, BBC 7, Classic FM, massage, pub quizzes, Dr Who though never watch TV at home Belgian beer, honesty, openness. Dislikes: materialism, tobacco smoke, inconsiderate people.

Caring, honest, committed some have also said I ought to be! Now for the honesty I tend to be pedantic, talk too much, hate ironing, shopping except bookshops. A "normal", middle-aged, fairly classy lady who has a good life. Divorced, works hard, loves music, quiet times and walking her dog.

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I am someone who definitely sees the world through rose-coloured spectacles. If you want to borrow these spectacles sometime please do get in touch - and perhaps we can look through them together.

Welcome to, a free online dating site for Vegans and Vegetarians. Conscious Dating Network (CDN) is the oldest, largest, exclusively "Green/Eco-Friendly" and "Spiritual/Conscious" network of online dating sites with almost 20 years experience. Many of our sites . Bragging Rights: Largest user base of vegetarian singles With more than million people visiting the site every month and over million paying members, is an active dating site with many .

I would love to meet a like minded fellow to be a friend and the person I trust!. I am a strong, independent lady who likes to laugh and to make people smile.

I have spent what feels like an awful lot of years fully committed to bringing up my daughter on my own, whilst at the same time trying to build and sustain a reasonable career, living a full life, caring for elderly parents and loved ones, adopting rescue pets and surviving a mid-life crisis perhaps? Fairly well educated post grad. Securely employed regional manager and well travelled - most latterly spending my married years in California.

I adore the great outdoors and the absolute beauty that nature can offer. Animal welfare is very important to me - which resulted in me becoming vegetarian when I was Having now arrived at a point when my caring responsibilities have come to an end, I am looking to do things for "me" - just because I can, and not because I am a mother, daughter, sister, work colleague, etc.

I am open to trying new and different things once again and looking for the next big challenge I would like to meet someone to share some of the fun in this next chapter of my life. Neil is a 55 year old, Atheist male. Living in LlantrisantUK Vegan diet. Fit, all my own teeth, no debt, no drugs, no psycho ex. My children have flown the nest but occasionaly come back to roost.

I am not just looking for looks, looking for intelligence and compassion too. I am not interested in serial dating, a 'good time' or dirty chat - I'm sorry if that sounds crude but I want to forestall any such activity.

Makes me sound boring - I'm not, just know my mind, I find the concept of dirty chat so rediculous and laughable that I wouldn't be able to write a single sentence. I'm not looking for a carer - I've been cooking for myself since 11, ran the house with three teenage kids and a dog all now leftthe house is quiet and relatively tidy, the garden could do with a shake up though.

I'm very good at DIY, love music, films, don't read as much as I once did. I love wordplay, written and spoken. I am sociable though I can be content in my own company.

Would rather walk along a riverbank than a crowded city street. I used to surf for years, maybe it's time to take it up again. I was a vegetarian for 30 years then went vegan in Haven't looked back since. I'm not a hostile or evangelistic vegan, live and let live. Actress-dancer-scientist-actress again.

Keen interest in animal welfare and health and wellbeing. Mostly vegan at home. Dabble in raw food and spiritual ideas. Love nature, love the city, love the sea, love my rescued house rabbit. From London, England. Paula is a 68 year old, spiritual female. A friend once described me as a person of many faces. We had recently met at the local Buddhist group, and she was pleasantly surprised to discover that, as well as having a keen interest in meditation, I also danced tango.

There is a part of me that loves tranquillity, and another that is lively, outgoing, fun-loving.

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These days I only occasionally go to the theatre, but when I do, it still stirs something in me. As is music. I find peace in Nature too. I love walking by rivers, through woods, over moors. I can be spirited and playful, and very much appreciate the sort of friendships where we can bounce off each other.

Living in YorkUK Vegan diet. I am a retired teacher and have been vegan for nearly 2 years after being vegetarian since I turned vegan after an amazing vegan holiday in India where I met lovely, inspirational people who, over a week, changed my life. I have had a couple of hip replacements but this doesn't stop me enjoying life to the full, although long walks and hikes are out of the question!

If I can't walk to a place, then I will drive! I don't know how I ever had time to work as I look after my 2 grandchildren, play table tennis weekly and travel as much as I can.

I have been on a few cruises and have visited countries worldwide. I lived in the Middle East for 13 years and then we decided to be nearer to family and so moved to York in I also volunteer at my local community centre weekly. I love going out for drives, meals, to the theatre, the cinema and any new experiences. My sister lives in America, my brother lives in Kent. We are very close and see each other as much as possible. I enjoy watching all sorts of programmes on TV, including documentaries, dramas and current affairs.

This might put you off but I am also a big Corrie fan. However I would never force anyone to watch it ith me! Politics is interesting me at the moment but I have no particular affiliation as I don't find any of them particularly trustworthy!

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I lost my husband 4 years ago which has been very hard but I know that he would want me to carry on and enjoy my life. Although I am very busy and am happy with my own company I would like to share new experiences with the right person.

Living in DerbyUK Vegetarian diet. I'm UK based but prefer to be seldom at home, traveling as much as my bank will allow, and have an unhealthy love for big creatures, particularly tigers, Asiatic wild dogs and Asian elephants! I studied ecology at uni, surprise surprise.

I like city nightlife but Salisbury, where I currently find myself, has little of that. I also love the sea, and particularly the Cornish coast in a howling Autumn gale. Living in NottinghamUK Vegan diet. I feel most myself when I am skiing, playing tennis, or working with kids.

I love learning and supporting others. After over a decade working and competing in sport, I have retrained to work in child psychology. I am naturally shy but that sometimes surprises people who dont know me. I enjoy meaningful conversations over smalltalk and would love to meet someone to share my life with.

Fabio is a 42 year old, spiritual male. I am currently living and working in Sao Paulo city, Brazil. I regurlarly travels to London and Zurich where my siblings and friends live.

I speak Portuguese and English fluent plus understand Italian and Spanish. I had lived for more than 10 years abroad mainly in London, studying and working in media and arts. Luckily my qualifications, skills, and my job as a real estate agent today allows me to work from anywhere, learn new skills and take training, travel, appreciate a variety of art and culture, and meet lots of people. I want so I am up for relocating should I meet the right person. I was a professional dancer and teacher, so you always be well led on the dance floor and outside as well too!

Having been vegan and wheat free recently and vegetarian for more than 7 years. I am good at cooking, my parents were chefs; I feel confident discussing about hair, fashion, decoration, politics, debating any matter, these female touches I learned a lot from my sisters who are hairdressers and the matriarcal, political and assembly style in my family. Due to my upbring I never smoked, drunk alcohol or took drug ok, sugar but had lots of fun dancing, travelling and eating chocs.

Lisa is a 48 year old, spiritual female. Living in YorkshireUK Vegan diet. I understand people all have their own quirks and idiosycrasies, of which I have many.

I enjoy spending time in the countryside and much prefer to be where the crowds are not. I like mooching about flea markets, antique shops, boot sales and second hand book shops. I read a lot and various types of books.

I also like music, going to museums, art galleries and stately homes and gardens, but again prefer it when they are not too busy.

I do gentle yoga and practise new vegan creations in the kitchen. Sarah is a 52 year old, spiritual female. Living in SudburyUK Raw food diet. I am a new raw vegan, having been working at transitioning from high raw vegan for some time. A healthy low fat diet is important to me, as through a healthy body, we can appreciate life more, as we perceive more through a healthy body.

I have dedicated almost 2 years to the Medical Medium diet by Anthony William, and this has been great to become a health conscious vegan. I successfully managed various cleanses, but now my focus is on sustaining a healthy diet after living, breathing this way of life obsessively. Needless to say, my love of cooking and now food preparation has increased exponentially!

I'm excited to try new recipes and like ti share with others and see there joy whilst testing! I love to be out in nature. I love mountains, lakes and the sea. I feel at home in these surroundings. I'm a long term meditator, having begun at the age of So, I enjoy thirty minutes of meditation, twice a day, every day. It resets my mind and refreshes me for the day. It is part of my routine, although I don't connect with the Transcendental Meditation community. I previously spent years in spiritual exploration, and learnt the art of healing.

After years on the path, and my father becoming ill and then passing away, I felt drawn to ground all I had learnt and begin learning how the diet can heal the body. Hi, i'm Lissie, a 32 year old vegan residing in west London.

I am interested in yoga, meditation, photography and travel. ShiningShona is a 51 year old, spiritual female. I've been single for a few years now,and would love to find somebody special to share fun times with, including making dinner for each other!!!

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Vegan Gardener is a 51 year old, spiritual female. Living in CambridgeshireUK Vegan diet. Hoping to meet a guy who is caring and likes exploring, takes an interest in history and enjoys debates on the Planet.

Michael is a 49 year old, Atheist male. Veganism i. Non-monogamy whether that's poly, RA, open relationship, theoretical non-monogamy, occasional playmates, or just radical non-jealously of other people in our lives is negotiable and I suspect always has to be. Novelist, atheist, feminist 1veganist. Certified health nut, exercise junkie, long-distance trekker, adventure hound. Autodidact, obsessive reader, student of the perfectibility of humankind, militant grammarian not of MA 2.

Enjoy thinking of myself as honourable, well-mannered, literary, intellectual in the proper sense of 'being interested in ideas'. Poly, sapio, genuinely extravagantly fond of women, romance junkie.

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I believe in Honour - and other careworn Romantic values - and that art and love are the two best palliatives for all your existential aches and pains. I basically organise my life to maximise the production of art and the experience of love. Not that other thing. Though the other thing is nice.

And VEGANISM isn't about felicity of dining choices, it's about basic shared values - specifically the belief that killing, torture, rape, and enslavement are wrong, which you think would be pretty uncontroversial But here we are.

Nicci is a 63 year old, spiritual female. Living in BrightonUK Macrobiotic diet. I like to live a simple life, seeing good friends, going for walks, eating great food. I try to be as conscious as possible, buying organic foods and ecological products. I do like to travel and would really like to live in a warm, sunny place with someoneone who is into a similar lifestyle. I am mostly light hearted though can be serious. I like to sing, occasionally go dancing.

Ilove picnics by the beach and exploring new places. I write poetry and also have written a few stories for children. I am a bit of a dreamer: Hoping for world Peace Imagine all the people Ajay is a 41 year old, Atheist male. Living in LondonUK Veg at home diet. I am seeker to recover from depression and severe alopecia through improving nutrition, I need a friendship which can help towards this.

Summer is a 59 year old, spiritual female.

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Living in DurhamUK Vegan diet. Lorraine is a 51 year old, spiritual female. Living in DerbyUK Vegan diet. I've been a vegan for 36 years and I'm passionate about animal welfare, although not fanatical. I'm going through my own spiritual awakening and realizing that there is another chapter ahead of me.

I appreciate all things spiritual,including dowsing, Crystal's and natural healing. Love to dance. I'm seeking a kindred spirit to love, to laugh and to grow with. Classical music loving vegetarian. Living in FarehamUK Vegan diet. I love snowboarding and the out doors action holidays. Just started yoga i maybe not as bendy as I thought i have a 12 year old German Shepard so love long nature walks.

Living in Ringwoo UK Vegan diet. Robin is a 43 year old, spiritual male. Living in TotnesUK Vegetarian diet. I am a sensitive gentle and caring guy. I prefer the more quite things in life like going for a nice walk in the countryside a nice concert or resteraunt and prefer to get to know someone one on one. I am 6ft tall have green eyes and brown longish hair. MY main passion is music and i love classical music and folk and play instruments like the lute.

I also love nature and the countryside and do yoga and meditation everyday and lead a spiritual life. Lots of other things but im not really sure what else to say about myself here, so please get in touch to say hello if you would like to. Ruby Tuesday is a 47 year old, Atheist female. Living in KirkintillochUK Vegetarian diet.

Introverted animal lover! Love music, books, socialising, cinema, quiet times to recharge, and the beauty that is life and nature! About to begin the third year of a Degree! Sometimes attempt the gym, mostly don't! Celine is a 41 year old, spiritual female. Living in LondonUK Raw food diet. Hi there, people tend to describe me as calm, intuitive, creative, sensitive, caring, determined, passionate.

I have been vegetarian for 18 years and currently exploring raw food, really enjoying it! I love travelling, nature and outdoor activities, so always up for an adventure when I get the chance. Mimi is a 42 year old, 7th Day Adventist female.

I am a cheerful and optimistic woman who will find an excuse to be happy. A little shy sometimes. Enjoy art, music and poetry. Like to write, read, listen to selected music, nature, learning new things, nutrition, healthy food and lifestyle, administration, technology I take care of myself inside and outside.

Like good things but prefer a simple life. Caring and retailer, empathetic, intimate. I love a God and have unbreakable values. Romantic, affectionate, love to smile, laugh, being silly sometimes and I believe in an upright, loyal love?

welcome to Vegetarian Dating Online. Looking for your idea partner can be difficult. You may have tried other sites before but now try one that has members who are all looking for the same thing! At . The 4 Best Vegan Dating Sites (& Vegetarian) 1. You might be surprised that Match is at the top of this list. Well, while there are some niche vegan and vegetarian dating sites below, the reality is . UK Vegetarians singles ads. UK vegan singles ads. UK raw food singles ads. Pablo is a 50 year old, other / not disclosed male. Living in Worthing, UK Vegetarian diet. Hi my name is Pablo from Sunny .

Jan is a 66 year old, spiritual female. Living in SurreyUK Vegan diet. Currently into Yoga, after a long break, and enjoy walking, in particular along the river. Someone with whom I can enjoy going out with, but can also make staying at home together a real pleasure. I'd like a 'friendship' that could become more given time.

So it would be nice to make friends along the journey, and hopefully find 'the one'. Pineapple is a 41 year old, Catholic male. Living in europeUK Vegan diet. Skin is such a powerful way to express yourself and to truly sense another.

I am very talkative and good in listening. I speak italian, french, spanish and bit german. I love music of Chopin. Samantha is a 44 year old, spiritual female.

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Jules is a 44 year old, spiritual female. Living in BirminghamUK Vegan diet. I am a 43 year old vegan who enjoys hiking in the great outdoors and equally loves being at home relaxing at the end of the day. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am keen on self development and like being around people with good energy.

I am someone who enjoys the outdoors and in, who respects nature but enjoys the benefits of ethical civilisation. I love travelling and meeting new cultures, making a decent attempt to expand my mind to new things. My dream is to create a vegan community at least the size of Surrey, to create a good standard for the world to measure itself by.

Best vegetarian dating sites uk

Rose is a 48 year old, spiritual female. Living in SomersetUK Vegetarian diet. Gavin is a 40 year old, spiritual male. Ok so, I am a reserved yet confident person, calm but energetic, adventurous, and fun - an honest, loyal, kind, and creative young man I love everything natural and spend my time working with children and nature, and travelling about a lot I'm a companion to all and absolutely love being around people, animals, and nature.

I'm quite deeply into metaphysics and spirituality and have been on a journey of discovery for some 15 years Things I like to do - walking anywhere in the natural world, meditating, permaculture gardening, dancing, biking, canoeing, river rafting, camping, and sitting around a log fire I love to spend time laughing with friends and family, visiting vibrant new places, and staying at home writing and drawing, watching a great movie like kung fu panda 3 or man up.

So, even though I'm not convinced that people actually meet in real life on these sites I guess I'm gunna click on profiles and see Nik is a 45 year old, spiritual male. I now know I need to meet someone with similar ethical values to consider on a long-term basis. I run my own business, have no kids, accepting of others children and open to having kids but not essential.

Various other numerous and random interests! Deepak is a 43 year old, Hindu male. Living in LeicestershireUK Vegetarian diet. Living in EdinburghUK Vegan diet. Ambitious, empathetic, easy going.

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